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04 Jul '18

Nail Designs to Stand Out This World Cup!

Score A Sure 'Gol' With These 6 Gorgeous Nail Designs

Woman Holding The World In Her Hands | ISA Professional

For anyone who loves soccer (or futbol, as it's more commonly referred to around the world), the wait to the next World Cup is a long one. Sure, there are other, big competitions like the Euros or UEFA Champions League and you can watch all your favorite players play for their clubs, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing all these players come together and represent their nations at the largest sporting event on earth. Not only is it exciting to see the players give it their all, it's also beautiful to see different countries that come from different backgrounds, forget their differences out of love of the game and their country. The unity doesn't just end there though, let's not forget the fans in the stands! Those that come in large groups to have an unforgettable experience together, wearing their country's flag or even a fun costume in support of their team. This is the time to show off your creativity to show your love of the sport and while hats, face paint and flags are common sights, why don't you take it up a notch and show your pride on your nails? To celebrate 2018 Russia World Cup, I've chosen some of my favorite nail arts that you can take inspiration from. Let's show everyone that sports brings us together and get ready to shout 'Goooooollllllll!!!' with these gorgeous looks:



A post shared by МАНИКЮР✨ЭПИЛЯЦИЯ✨БРОВИ МОСКВА (@clubnails.ru) on


Russia was chosen to host 2018's World Cup. From the minarets at Moscow to the beaches at Sochi, the competition has been amazing and their team has done extremely well in this underdog's world cup. This nail art by @clubnails.ru is perfect for those who love red nail polish. The accent nails with Russia's flag colors and soccer ball completes this patriotic look.



A post shared by LARISSA LEITE🦄 (Lalá) (@lalarileite) on


When someone mentions soccer, chances are the majority would think of Brazil and with good reason. So many huge soccer stars have been born and raised there, and they've given Brazil the impressive title of scoring the most goals since the first World Cup (227 scores to be exact). This nail art by @lalarileite is so detailed and well thought out, who wouldn't be proud of their country with these nails to show off?



A post shared by Tip Top Nails (@nails_tiptop) on


England is a classic choice for soccer fans since the oldest football club, Shefflied FC, was founded there in 1857. With the incredible determination of this years' English team, you're bound to hear the fans scream "Football is coming home". These nails by @nails_tiptop are glossy and lovely to look at as you watch your team play!



A post shared by Sewing is Life (@slower.living) on

Even though Belgium has never won a World Cup, this year feels like they have a shot. All eyes are on them, as expectations with this years team are high and winning would be historical in the World Cup books. This nail art by @slower.living is lovely, you can't go wrong with a soccer ball accent nail.



A post shared by K.H (@nailskh) on

Sweden is another country that has never won a World Cup but they did get to host it in 1958. This years team is very strong in their defense and you can tell they know how to communicate effectively with each other. Perhaps it's Sweden's turn to bring home the trophy? I love how @nailskh used pointillism to create these amazing nails, they're perfect!



A post shared by Be Beauty By Irena (@bebeautybyirena) on

Another underdog to look out for is Croatia's team. Even though Croatia also hasn't won a World Cup yet, they have qualified 5 times in the past, making them hungry to reach the finals and win it this time around. If you're one of the many that feel that this your year to shine, then try out @bebeautybyirena Croatian nail art now! That white and red checkered accent nail is on point, don't you love it?

27 Jun '18

5 Bridal Updos Perfect For Your Special Day

Get Perfect Pictures With One Of These Bridal Updos


Bride With Bouquet- ISA Professional


Your wedding day is a special occasion that you deserve to enjoy and plan according to your preferences. While many of us have had to endure a pushy friend, mother, mother-in-law or anyone opinionated in their circle, doesn't mean you have to. Even though your loved ones are important to you, that doesn't mean you should feel pressured to make everyone happy (because let's be honest, that never happens). Understand that this is your big day and if you want to wear those boots or rock that purple lipstick, you have every right to! Your wedding day should be filled with happy memories and small details of your relationship together, not whatever magazine says is the new trend. Now that you can be guilt free in your big day planning, what's next on the agenda? Your bridal makeup and hair, of course! You know that not only the bridal photographer will be there, but that your guests will be taking snaps all night, too! You want to look into that mirror and see that perfect hairstyle that will be permanently recorded. After all, you'll be looking at these pictures in the future and you want to be able to say that your hair has never looked better! These bridal updos will make any bride look back at her pictures with pride. Which one is your favorite?


Voluminous Crown


A post shared by Hair and Makeup by Steph (@hairandmakeupbysteph) on


For those brides that want a hairstyle that adds volume to their look, this updo by @hairandmakeupbysteph is a wonderful option to go with. By teasing the top of the hairstyle, she created a crown effect that goes great with those delicate curls pinned inward at the nape of the neck.


Classic Bun


A post shared by Jennifer Trinh (@jayteehair) on


This updo is ideal for any bride that wants a classic look on her big day. You can never go wrong with a perfectly pinned bun and @jayteehair knows it. It needs to be tightly wrapped and secured, so the bride can enjoy her day without worrying about her hair coming loose. By placing that lovely hairpiece next to it, it adds more structure (not to mention beauty) to the whole look!


Pink Accent Braid


A post shared by HAIR ARTIST CHICAGO(@annette_updo_artist) on


Fantasy hair lovers will adore this soft pink hairstyle by @annette_updo_artist and can you blame us? Pastel pink is a great compliment to your white or off-white dress and this updo even has an extra cute detail: an accent braid! Add some loose strands to frame the face and you have a gorgeous updo for your wedding day.


Messy Perfection



A post shared by Chic Beauty (@chicbeauty.gr) on on


It's fun to paint outside the lines once in a while and a bridal updo doesn't always have to be super streamlined. This hairdo by @chicbeauty.gr is great because even though it looks messy, it's actually very detailed and planned out. The placement of those loose curls and hair accessories is nicely done. She also decided to finish this look off with loose strands to make it feel more romantic.


Floral Goddess



A post shared by Master Stylist @SalonFiftyFive (@headturninghair) on


Another factor a bride has to take into consideration for her wedding are the flowers for the centerpieces and bouquets, but what if you take it a step further? How about adding some flowers to your updo? This hairstyle by @headturninghair is amazing and I love the large roses she chose. I can definitely see this updo in a country or outdoor wedding!

08 Jun '18

Get Inspired With These Bridal Makeup Makeovers

Out Of This World Bridal Makeup Looks To Consider For Your Special Day

Beautiful Bride- ISA Professional

Every bride wants her wedding day to be special; some of us even start planning out our special day without meeting our groom yet! It's normal to look forward to the day you decide to declare your love to your significant other in front of friends and family. There's so much planning involved, but I think we can all agree that most future brides worry about their dress the most. Obviously, you want to feel gorgeous in your dress but other brides have other priorities: their makeup! Picking out your perfect dress may be important and a bit stressful but in the end, you just have to pick it out and rock it on your day. Makeup is different; it allows you to let a professional take over and give you a makeover like no other. It's not often you have a MUA tailoring everything to your facial features and knowing you're in capable hands definitely takes a huge weight off your shoulders. If you're the kind of bride that wants the true definition of a makeup makeover, then check out these looks to get you started:

Bronze Princess


A post shared by Imel Vilentcia (@imelvilentcia) on

This gorgeous bridal makeup by @imelvilentcia is paired perfectly with that sparkly tiara. She chose a darker lip color to go with the bronze smokey eye and I am in love. The bride was so happy with her makeover, she chose to pin up her hair and let the makeup be the central focus of her look.

Highlight To The Sky


A post shared by AngelWeddingGallery (@angelweddinggallery) on

Most of us love a well placed highlight but don't always know where to place it and let's face it, it can go wrong very quickly. That's not a problem when you have @angelweddinggallery on your side! I love how the highlight is so perfectly applied, it can be seen from space. This bride will definitely shine on her wedding day.

Soft Barbie


A post shared by Make Up Artist (@byclauds_) on

Barbie is a true icon that everyone knows and most, absolutely love. Let your love of everything pink and feminine take over with this makeup look by @byclauds_. Soft, pastel pink is the primary color in this look, from the blush to the dewy lipstick and it looks so lovely.

Sharp Cateye


A post shared by Athalia amelia soputra (@amell_s_mua) on

This bridal makeup look is perfect for anyone who has tried to get a perfect cateye for their whole life, gave up and decided to let the pro do it, instead. I can't stop looking at how perfect those lines are and those brows are also on point (note to self: must keep practicing my eyeliner skills)! She paired the look with a pink matte lipstick that will stay put all night long.

White Queen


A post shared by fadhilahally_makeup (@fadhilahally) on

For the bride that wants to truly stand out on her day, this makeover by @fadhilahally is the one for you. Extra voluminous eyelashes, rose smokey eyeshadow, thick brows and white eyeliner are just some techinques used for this outstanding bridal look. This bride also went with extremely detailed white nail art and she's glowing from happiness. There's nothing quite like a bride who is 100% happy with her look, it just makes the day more special than it already is!

02 Jun '18

Get Ready For Summer With These Nail Art Ideas

Have Fun In The Sun With These 5 Nail Looks

Waves Crash on Manicured Feet | ISA Professional

It's almost June and you know what that means: summer is coming! With it, it brings beach trips, BBQ's, short dresses and those sandals you love to show off every year. In addition to looking forward to social gatherings, you're probably planning out your outfits for your upcoming weekend getaway. You already know what bathing suit to wear but make sure you don't forget another important detail: your nails! This season is the perfect time to show off your toes but why stop there? Let the summertime vibe take you over and show your love of the sunshine with your fingernails! There are so many talented nail artists out there, you just need to trust in their experience and tell them what you want (showing them a picture will definitely help). I know it's hard to pick the right look to suit your style, so I've picked 5 different nail art looks to help you get started. Get ready to rock your new IG worthy nails; which one do you love the most?

Glitter Kiwi Nails


A post shared by Evelina (@nailsbywad) on


This nail art by @nailsbywad is perfect for the summertime. This neon green color paired with glitter will definitely shine in the summer sun. Plus, the kiwi inspired accent nails she created are so realistic! Just look at the detail in them, you can even see moisture droplets incorporated in them; now that's what I call commitment!

Bright White Nails

A post shared by Patrycja Kierońska (@patabloguje) on

One of my favorite colors to wear during the summer is simple but classic, bright white. This color choice is great because it goes with every color, so you don't have to worry about your nail art and outfit (or bathing suit) clashing. This nail art by @patabloguje is one of my favorites because she took the white and elevated it with a floral lace effect. I'm in love!

Tropical Dream Nails


A post shared by Modeláž Nehtů Brno 💅🏻 (@_by_ann_) on

Bright pink is almost always a safe bet: it's loud, feminine and beautiful to look at. Pairing the bright pink with some accent nails is also a great idea, and @_by_ann_ did just that with this stiletto shaped nail art! Her bright yellow designs remind me of a sunset after a fun day in the sun and who wouldn't want that feeling on their nails?

Mermaid Nails


A post shared by ⚜️ DeSigN ⚜️(@eliiz_design) on

Just because summer is perfect for bright nail colors, doesn't mean you can't go with a softer look. This nail art by @eliiz_design reminds me of mermaids in the sea. By using different pastel shades, jewels and a scale design, she was able to create a look perfect for the ocean! The color melt on the statement nail is also a wonderful touch.

Starry Ocean Nails


A post shared by Nina Park. Nail Art. Boston. (@ninanailedit) on

Not into brights, neutrals or pastels? Don't worry, dark colors are always in style and this look by @ninanailedit shows us why! The dark blue colors remind me of the ocean at night, reflecting the stars for us to enjoy. A beach nighttime stroll always brings relaxation to mind, but these nails would look amazing, no matter where you go!

15 May '18

Go To The Grey Side With These Platinum Hairstyles

5 Silver Hair Transformations To Steal For Yourself

Woman With Platinum Hairstyle

Maybe you started to notice a few grey hairs on your head. Or maybe you're obsessed with the silver haircolor that is taking over the internet. Either way, getting a new hair color is always exciting and choosing to go with platinum is a bold move. In our mother's and grandmother's time, a grey hair sticking out meant an emergency dye job; no one must know that you're aging! But thankfully, those days are now gone: now, many of us embrace our silver locks and rock the grey like your grandmother never could. Now, young women are choosing to go with the silver look as a fashion statement, looking gorgeous in the process. Another perk of going silver is how your haircolor will then match almost anything in your wardrobe, which is incredibley convenient, right? I used to have neon pink hair and didn't consider how difficult it would be to find clothes that wouldn't clash with my new fantasy hair look. After deciding to go platinum, my wardrobe time has been cut down and my piece options have gone up again. If you've been considering taking the platinum leap, then this is the right place to be. I am an avid IG addict and will share with you my top 5 platinum looks to steal for yourself. Which one will you snatch?

Platinum Braids

A post shared by Shayla 🇺🇿🇺🇸🏝 (@samirasjewelry) on


This intricate silver braided hairstyle by @sammirasjewelry is stunning! I love her delicate work and how she made the braid jumbo sized down from the neck. I can see this hairdo and color in a fashion show or a music festival, for sure.

Charcoal Waves


A post shared by sammi wang (@sammiiwang) on


If you want a darker grey look to match your style, look no further than @samiiwang. This charcoal mermaid look is so pretty, the way she joined two tones of grey gives it dimension and it's so shiny!

Smokey Unicorn


A post shared by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on

Do you love platinum but also feel like you need a bit more color? How about @guy_tang's smokey unicorn look? This hair makeover is awesome for the rainbow colored lover in you so stop stressing out and just go for it!

Minimalist Shots Of Color


A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

I love it when the hairstylist decides to add a hint of color to a look and @uggoff does it so perfectly. The bright, silver hair is accentuated by shots of different colors and it looks stunning! This is the ideal look for those who want a little brightness but more platinum than anything else.

Silver + [Insert Favorite Color Here]


A post shared by Hairstylist • Huntington, CA (@bleachedandblown) on

Not completely in love with completely silver or the unicorn and rainbow looks? This makeover by @bleachedandblown went with joining silver and pink together in a perfect color melt I can't stop looking at. The best part about this look is that you can replace the pink with whichever color you love: blue, purple and green are all great options to choose from. Just customize it until you love it!

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