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30 Nov '20

5 Blue Hairstyles To Get Mermaid Vibes

Posted by ISA Professional Blog

5 Blue Haired Makeovers To Get You Started

Ocean Vibes- ISA Professional

Even though the colder months are upon us, that doesn't mean we can't embrace a mermaid lifestyle and get a fun hair makeover to make these icy months more bearable. When considering such a huge change in our appearance, it helps to have some inspiration from the pros a.k.a. hairstylists. Luckily for us, these hair gurus share their amazing work with us and we have made it our mission to make you life just a bit easier. Fantasy hair colors are in style and for good reason; they pop life into any outfit and makes us feel like we can take on anything that comes our way. We are big supporters of stylists and their fantasy haired looks and for today, we'll be sharing some of our favorite blue haired makeovers with you. These looks are a perfect jumping off point, especially if you want to rock an ocean vibe. Sit back, relax and tell us which of these transformations you would jump into!

Periwinkle Blues

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt)

If you love pastel colors, then let stylist @kayla.blkhrt be your guide. This lovely periwinkle toned hairstyle is a pastel lovers dream and with good reason! A mix between a blue and a purple tone, this makeover looks great styled in soft waves, making it perfect for those mermaid vibes you want to much.

Blue Rainbow

A post shared by Chelsey Ruiz | Hairstylist (@bangmyhair)

Do you want blue hair but are also leaning towards other colors? Worry not, let @bangmyhair show you how you can have everything you want, without having to sacrifice anything. By choosing to join the blue with pink and purple hues, she was able to create this stunning blue rainbow hairstyle and we are in love! We love the sleek hairstyle she paired with it, the straight hairdo enhances her client's long hair perfectly!

Blue Curls

A post shared by Miranda Kaye || ℙ𝕌𝕃ℙℝ𝕀𝕆𝕋 (@mirandak_kolors)

Are you curly haired and are wondering how a fantasy color would look on you? Check out @mirandak_kolors and let your worries pass, because this curly mermaid hair look is pure perfection! She then styled her client with some beautiful bangs and combined the blue with green hues, making this ocean vibe 'do one to keep in mind.

Blueberry Ombre

A post shared by South Florida Olaplex Colorist (@hairbyjennyluv)

Ombre hair styles are very popular; even more so when they're done with fantasy colors. Also known as a color melt, stylists love using this technique to let their creativity fly, like @hairbyjennyluv did with this blueberry ombre styled look. After several sessions, her client reached a silver hued hair color, to which she then added a blue hue to the bottom half of the hair. The results speak for themselves; we're just obsessed with this icy blue look!

Dual Blues

A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe)

If you're one hundred percent certain you want a blue haired makeover but still can't decide on which blue hue to go with, then @presleypoe is on your wavelength. Why not just choose two blue colors and let your stylist work their magic? If you're feeling extra adventurous and want to up your new style even more, let them give you an awesome short pixie cut to go with your mermaid hairdo. We have to admit that this blue punk look is pure hair goals!

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