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08 Dec '21

Beautiful Purple Hair Inspiration

5 Purple Hair Transformations To Drool Over

A post shared by Cydney | Michigan Hairstylist (@hairbycydney)

It's no secret that we are absolutely in love with fantasy colors and smooth, healthy hairstyles. These two go go hand in hand and we are always on the lookout for any new styles that will bring beauty into our lives. Right now, we're focusing on purple colors and the stylists' that know just how to make this popular color stand out. If you've been wondering what color to choose in your next hair appointment, then keep an open mind and let us show you how great purple hair can make you feel. Once you've chosen the perfect hair color, don't forget to give your newly dyed hair some love with your trusted hair styling products!

Purple Split

A post shared by ЦВЕТНОЕ ОКРАШИВАНИЕ | МОСКВА (@toridar_hair)

This hairdo by @toridar_hair is the perfect look if you've been torn between purple and another fantasy color. For this client, she went with purple and blue colors split directly in the middle. This dual color choice allows her client to create interesting updos, as well as straightening it into a sleek and chic hairstyle.

Starlight Purple

A post shared by Vivid Color Hair Specialist (@michelle.zapanta)

Another good hair technique you can ask for is a color melt and stylist @michelle.zapanta shows us how it's properly done. It blends different colors together seamlessly, giving the lucky wearer this gorgeous end result. You can choose two different purple hues or two completely different colors but one thing is for certain: you will 100% love the way you look.

Purple Galaxy

A post shared by Mariah Walraven 😸 (@mo_raven)

Sometimes, choosing your next hairstyle can be a little overwhelming and that's totally normal. If you feel like purple hair would suit you but don't want to completely commit yet, then try @mo_raven and this stunning hairdo! She left her clients' roots her natural dark color and worked around it by using purple and other complementary hues to frame her face. You can ask your stylist to add more or less color to your naturally dark hair until you get the perfect look you've been waiting for.

Melted Purple

A post shared by JessicaPowersPaints 💕 (@jessicapowerspaints)

Feeling like you need a complete makeover? No worries, the talented @jessicapowerspaints is here to make all of your hair dreams come true. She not only made an incredible purple color melt, she also created an asymmetrical haircut that is selfie worthy! A haircut can seem a bit scary but it can take your hair transformation to the level you've always wanted but were too scared to try. Just ask your stylist for a cut that will compliment your face shape and let them work their magic!

Purple Rainbow

A post shared by Winnipeg, Canada Pulp Riot (@hairbymisskellyo)

Going to your next fantasy hair color appointment can make you nervous but excited at the same time and with good reason! You're in line to join a group that take their hair seriously and want to make a statement through their color choices. What if we told you that you don't need to commit to just one color? By allowing your stylist @hairbymisskellyo to embrace the rainbow, you can match your hair to any clothing item you can think of. This rainbow hair can be styled in soft curls that help each tone pop and we are obsessed!

14 Nov '21

Winter Hair Tips To Stay Gorgeous

How Our Hair Can Thrive In The Cold

A post shared by Los Angeles Hairstylist Encino (@vanessashairaddiction)

Winter can be hard; on us and on our hair, as well. Extremely cold temperatures can cause several problems, such as breakage, dryness and dandruff. All these hair issues can creep their way into our life, if we don't take steps to avoid them. As much as some of us would love to hibernate through this season, we must put our bear-like dreams aside and get prepped for the cold that's almost here. It's key to understand that summer hair is made through winter. If we look at it that way, then we're more likely to go the extra mile during these difficult months, to ensure that our summer is as on point as possible. So, let's take a look at exactly what we can do to keep our hair cozy, safe and beautiful.

Bring The Moisture Back

A post shared by 417 Stylist Courtney Gann (@cgannhair)

We all know that winter air can be dry and harsh but, unfortunately, there are even more things conspiring against our mane. Switching from the cold outside to indoor warmth and back again places great strain on our hair and accelerates breakage by dryness considerably. The best answer to this conundrum is to get the moisture back at the root level. Of course, deep conditioning is key and using leave-in conditioner can be extremely helpful. However, we've found that oil treatments prove to be the most effective at getting the job done from root to tip. Adding some argan oil, as needed, to your ends is a perfect way to upkeep those healthy locks. It's also a great idea to lightly massage argan oil into your scalp on those weekends were you plan to stay indoors. These long term scalp treatments do wonders to prevent breakage and dandruff, as well.  The last but probably most important way to keep the moisture on your side is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and your hair will thank you for it!

Tame The Fly-Aways

A post shared by MINNEAPOLIS COLOR & EXTENSIONS (@nyki_nechi_hairjunke)

Static is real and it's also a real pain. Should you rub dryer sheets on your hair, though? Probably best not to. If you keep up your moisturizing routine, you should already be on the right path to avoid fly-aways. However, your wash routine can also be key in keeping those wild hairs from cropping up. All hair is different and unique, so it's impossible to tell you how long to go between washes; the best rule of thumb is to go as long as humanly possible. Hair that is rich in its natural oils will not only retain moisture much better but will also stand up to static better. Dry shampoo and conditioner only washes can be a great way of extending that time, without feeling like a crazy person. Once you get a good idea of how long you can go before you absolutely must wash, then you will have a better set winter routine that will allow your hair to rest and repair for the summer to come.

What's The Deal With Styling Tools?

A post shared by RVA | Hair Colorist (@jacobhair)

Some will tell you to stop all heat styling for winter but let's get real for a second; there's no way that's happening. While you probably should cut down on how many times a week you use your flat iron during winter, there is absolutely no need to lock it up. In fact, a little heat can go a long way in winter. You want to make sure that your hair is absolutely and totally dry before heading outside. It's a good idea to use a heating hair tool, after a long air dry, to ensure complete dryness. This prevents you from freezing your head, will keep your hair from expanding too much with the cold and will ensure you keep breakage to a minimum.

Let's keep that hair looking great all year by following all of these helpful hair tips together! Which of these do you follow to keep your hair looking fabulous through the winter?

01 Nov '21

Match The Winter With These Blue Hair Colors

Blue Hairstyles To Get You Inspired

A post shared by RVA | Hair Colorist (@jacobhair)

The coldest season of the year is almost here and these winter months will have us reaching for the hot cocoa. Other fun activities that come to mind are snuggling up with a loved one, warming ourselves up next to a fireplace or baking a warm pumpkin pie. These are all great fun but let's not forget how exciting trying on our winter looks can be. Faux fur coats, thigh high boots and warm knit hats are always smart fashion choices but here at ISA Professional, we're obsessed with beautiful hair all year round. Why not let your hair match the winter months with a colorful blue hair color to your liking? Fantasy colors are a great way to boost up your beauty inspo and today, we will focus on blue hairstyles for your hair inspiration needs.

Blue Twist

A post shared by Sheree gaff (@therainbowhairartist)

Talented hairstylists know just how to make their client's happy and @therainbowhairartist is a pro at what she does. This already gorgeous blue hair color has the unique addition of rainbow roots, which boosts up the fantasy color meter to its maximum potential. We really like how the different tones of blue melt together into this unicorn inspired style.

Dash Of Blue

A post shared by Los Angeles Hairstylist Encino (@vanessashairaddiction)

This hairdo by @vanessashairaddiction is perfect for whoever wants a blue style that doesn't require a lot of time in the salon chair. This is a technique called shadow root and it's a low maintenance way to get that pop of blue you've always wanted but weren't sure you could upkeep. She kept the roots their natural color, as she worked the blue hue to the bottom half of the hair. Half dark, half blue, 100% gorgeous!

All In Blue

A post shared by Цветные Волосы (@raznoglazaya_hair)

If you're the kind of person that has decided to jump straight into the fantasy colored world and will allow their stylist to work their magic as they see fit, then look no further than the fantastic @raznoglazaya_hair. Not one to shy away from bright and bold hairstyles, this hair makeover lets the cobalt blue do the talking. It blends perfectly with several bold sunset tones in a sleek, straight hairstyle. The starry hair clip is a nice little bonus that finishes this look off.

Blue Rosebuds

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt)

With so many blue colors to choose from, it can be difficult to find a color that you love and looks good on you. Luckily, @kayla.blkhrt is great at finding the right look for you, as is readily apparent in this flowery styled hair look. Pastel blue colors remind us of the colder winter months and the rosebud accents remind us of the flowers that follow soon after the snow melts.

Snow Queen

A post shared by Bridal|OLAPLEX|Extensions (@mandishaircandi)

A popular hair coloring technique called color melt is another option to consider for your winter hair transformation. This gives you the freedom to choose two of your favorite colors for your stylist to blend together into one amazing hairstyle. For this client, @mandishaircandi followed her lead and joined two beautiful pastel colors to create a style fit for a queen. We're in love!

Which of these winter inspired blue hairstyles do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

07 Oct '21

Achieve Long Lasting Curls With These 3 Tips

Get Beautiful Curls For Days

A post shared by RVA | Hair Colorist (@jacobhair)

Keeping your hair looking great is, without a doubt, a rough and full-time job. However, there are some things we can all do to make our lives just a little easier and in the process buy ourselves some much needed time and peace of mind. This doesn't mean we need to settle into a routine of wash and straighten, rinse and repeat. Changing it up can not only be fun; it can also be easier than you think. After all, who doesn't want a little variety once in a while? An extra perk of change: we don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get it. Who wants to know the secrets? Follow along with these tips and you too will set yourself up for success and master curling with a little help from your friends here at ISA Professional!

Getting Started

A post shared by PULPRIOT HAIR SOUTH CAROLINA (@hairbyduhsavannah)

What we're about to say may seem a little counter intuitive but fear not; we will not lead you astray. The best way to start a good curling job is with a good straightening job. We see that look of confusion starting to build up already but in order to get your curls to look right and hold longer, we have to start here and work our way to our goal. A good straightening job is like the scaffolding to our beautiful curl construction. It provides a solid and firm base for us to work on top of; getting the job done faster and looking right from the get-go. We'll start,of course, with a good wash. Use your best paraben and sulfate shampoo, don't forget to rinse and repeat but don't reach for that conditioner just yet! It's a good idea to get your hair thoroughly clean but skip the conditioning treatment, just this once. We want smooth and orderly hair but conditioner can sometimes do too good a job at making your hair soft and supple, which can, in turn, make our curling job be harder, since you want that curl to really get locked in. After washing, straighten as normal and go live your gorgeous life with no regrets. Once a day or two has passed, depending on how quickly your hair develops its natural oils, you can then get ready for the magic of the curling iron. Having a bit of that natural hair oil will not only help protect your hair but will definitely aid in keeping it curled for longer, without using any harsh chemicals or nasty sprays that will make you lightheaded.

Curling The Right Way

A post shared by 💎Samantha Smith-Daly (@bottleblonde76)

I know we mentioned that your natural oils would help protect your hair and scalp but a little bit of argan oil is always a good idea before applying heat. We do mean a little though; after all, you don't want to end up looking too oily. Make sure you rub a small amount into your palms very well and spread it evenly throughout your hair. I also know we've championed partitioning your hair into manageable sections probably countless times on this blog and today is not different, dear friends. This step is crucial so you don't have to fumble while dealing with a hot barrel. This will also help you avoid any asymmetry, giving you a gorgeously uniform look. Awesome work, so far! Now that your prep work is all finished up, we can move on to the fun bit. Reach for that iron you've worked so hard to invest in. Remember, investing in quality tools like our hair curler is always a smart idea because if you don't have the right tool for the right job, then it's going to be an uphill battle that won't end as well as it could have. If this is your first time, then you may have to find the right temperature for you. This will require experimentation, so having temperature control at your fingertips is a definite must. Grab your preheated curler and get to work section by section and start from the bottom up. Work your way through each section and clip them or pin them up as you go along. Once you've done every section calmly and carefully, it's time for the finishing touches.

Keep A Cool Head And Longer Lasting Curls

A post shared by MINNEAPOLIS COLOR & EXTENSIONS (@nyki_nechi_hairjunke)

This is the part where many people fail. It's so tempting to remove those clips and run your fingers through those big curls to split them up and start looking glam. Don't do it! A little patience here will go a long way. Wait for those curls to cool off as much as possible. Blow some cool air in them if you need to speed things up a bit; you can even stand in front of your A/C unit for a cool few minutes if you must but just let those curls cool down and lock in place! This is a crucial step, you'll thank us later. After you're certain that your hair is nice and cool, then it's time for the big reveal and to free those curls! Gently tilt your head back and very carefully loosen the curls with your fingertips. Now, go admire your hard work in the mirror. We bet you look so gorgeous right now; don't forget to snap some pics!

19 Sep '21

Try The Soft Look With These Pastel Hairstyles

Five Pretty Pastel Hair Transformations

A post shared by PULP RIOT 🖤 HAIR VANCOUVER (@spacestef)

Changing our hair color can be a lot of fun and allows us to change our look, whenever the mood strikes us. Choosing the right color for our style is important; after all, our hair color has to match our makeup and wardrobe nicely, right? We're very lucky to have so many color choices to consider but it can sometimes feel like too much to process. Blonde? Brunette? Pink? Blue? The internet can be a helpful tool to find just the right color for this big decision and for today, we'll help you by hand picking some of our favorites. Let's focus on pastel hair colors and enjoy the soft touch they provide to anyone who chooses a delicate tone for their next transformation.

Pastel Opal

A post shared by CREATIVE COLORIST | BAY AREA (@hairpaintedwithlove)

When you can't make up your mind on which color to go with, just follow the rainbow! Artist @hairpaintedwithlove shows us her blending skills with this gorgeous unicorn inspired look. Her client chose pastel purple as her main tone and was extremely pleased with the opal effect on her makeover.

Pastel Butterfly

A post shared by (Zee-uh) Eugene Hairstylist (@ziabyrd)

Pastel pink colors are a very popular color choice for clothing and makeup but what about trying it as your new hair color? This gorgeous pink look embraces the pastel mindset and the butterfly accessory is the perfect addition, thanks to @ziabyrd smart thinking.

Pastel Ombre

A post shared by 417 Stylist Courtney Gann (@cgannhair)

If you're still debating which pastel color to go with, pick several complimenting ones and take them to your stylist. If they're anything like the talented @cgannhair you will get an amazing ombre look, like this one styled in soft waves! This is also a good opportunity to compliment your new hair color with a short haircut, like her client chose for her new look.

Pastel High Pony

A post shared by 💎Samantha Smith-Daly (@bottleblonde76)

Long hairstyles have their advantages, such as being able to style them in several different ways. One of our favorite styles is the high ponytail look and @bottleblonde76 took it one step further by adding pastel pink and yellow hues to the strands framing the face. She then polished the hairstyle by straightening the hair smoothly, giving us this stunning transformation.

Pastel Space Buns

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt)

After you've chosen your new pastel hair color, it's time to decide on a hairstyle that will compliment it perfectly. Stylist @kayla.blkhrt made her clients' dreams come true with this blue pastel hair color, styled in trendy space buns! She braided each space bun to give the look more texture and we are completely obsessed with the final results!

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