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26 Feb '18

5 Pink Hairstyles To Try In 2018

Pretty in Pink!

 Pink and Purple Dye | ISA Professional

I'm no color professional but if I had to guess, pink is one of the most popular colors in the world. It's flattering, easy on the eyes and is an option in almost every bra and clothing company. Pink also brings to mind the animes I watch from time to time; the heroine with the pink hair is always so cute! If you're a Hello Kitty lover, I don't need to say more on the topic because pink is just her signature style. The hue is all around us and while some may not love it, it's here to stay. Now, are your merchandise and clothes not enough to show your obsession with pink? Then, let me show you these stunning pink hair makeovers so you can really show the world how much you commit to your favorite color!

Rainbow Pink




Pink is the foundation to this look and the rest of the rainbow colors look so gorgeous! I can see this style in a music festival, dancing the night away as you rock your unicorn tresses! I have to say, @stylistricardosantiago really blew me away with these color combinations!

Orchid Pixie




If you love scrolling through your Instagram feed and can't get enough of hairstyle pics, then you already know the amazing @emilyandersonstyling. She is extremely talented and this short orchid pixie style is too perfect! This hue is a combination of pink and purple and immediately brings to mind flowers in bloom, love it!

Barbie Pink




It's hard to find a little girl that isn't obsessed with Barbie and all the accessories and dresses that come with her lifestyle. Barbie is a powerhouse when it comes to rocking pink looks and her pastel tone is known all around the world. This hair makeover by @styled_by_carolynn is perfect for the modern Barbie girl in 2018!

Electric Pink

 Deep Pink Hairstyle

Pastel and rainbow pinks still not what you imagined? Check out @jaymz.marsters awesome neon pink creation and look no further. This color is cranking up the brightness settings and refuses to be ignored; I need this hot pink in my life! This color would look lovely with a white dress and some black boots, what do you think?

Duo Pinks

 Duo of Pinks Hairstyle

Looking for more inspiration? Luckily, there are many talented hairstylists here to show us the way to our perfect look. One of them is definitely @cozmic.color; by choosing two tones of pink, she really gave it more dimension! Just tell your stylist the two pink hues you're into and let them work their magic!

14 Feb '18

Get In The Valentine Mood With These Nail Looks

5 Nail Art Styles Perfect For Valentines Day

Manicure- ISA Professional

Valentines Day is almost here and you know what that means: lots of heart shaped items on sale next to that fancy chocolate you've been meaning to try but haven't yet. For some people, it's just another day on the calendar but to others, it's a chance to show their loved ones they care with a small detail. It also gives you a chance to experiment with some Instagram nail art looks! One thing I love to do is give myself a mani and try something fun instead of just a solid coat of red. Here are some of my favorite looks that are perfect for Valentines Day or your next social outing! Remember, Valentines Day chocolate is on sale the day after the holiday, but go ahead and treat yourself to that chocolate treat before they run out!

Sugary Heart Art

 Pastel Hearts Nail Art

This nail look by @jesscnails is so cute, it really makes me crave some of those sweet, written Valentines candies. The white background is perfect for the pastel hearts to stand out. Did you ever wish your crush gave you one when you were younger? Or did you just open the box and eat them at random?

Soulmates Art

 Soulmates Nails

If you're looking for something a bit more romantic, then check out @nails_by_gnarty awesome couples nail art! They are giving each other their hearts and this style is perfect to surprise your significant other with!

Pastel Pink Art

 Pastel Pink Nails

When in doubt, go with a pastel pink for any occasion. It's such a classic look but @nailartbyml elevated it with a statement nail in black and white and black heart detail!

Black and White Art

 Black White and Red Nail Art

How cool is this black and white nail look by @enchanted_nailz? This is an intricate design and the hard work definitely paid off! Those small heart details and crystal placements are so perfect, I have to try this out soon!

The Perfect Red Art

 Red and Pink Nail Art

When you think of Valentines Day, your mind immediately goes to red and for good reason! Red is flattering on all skin tones and you should have fun with it. This classic red look by @nellesnails is gorgeous, just check out the different textures and techniques she used! I'm in love!

29 Jan '18

Colorful Curls Gorgeous Enough To Copy

Get Inspired With These Fantasy Curls

Blonde Curls- ISA Professional


I love having curls but it wasn't always that way. When I was little, I used to hate my curly hair. All it did was cause me stress, especially when my mom decided to give me a short hairdo (bangs included!). This was before flat irons were easily available and I counted the days until my hair grew out again. I always preferred long hair and with research and stylists advice, I slowly began to understand the best way to style my hair type. I finally got my hands on mousses, creams and leave in conditioners that would give my curls shape and form; for the first time in my life, I loved having curly hair! One of the perks of having natural curls are the possibilities. Depending on my mood, I can style my curls or style it smooth with my favorite flat iron. After years of rotating my looks, I fell in love with the colorful curls I've been seeing on Instagram. I love being blonde but am definitely considering changing it up to something brighter and bolder. If you're like me and want to find the right color for your curls or waves, then let me help you by sharing some of my favorites! Which one would you go for?

Rainbow Curls


I am in love with these multi colored curls by stylist @colormecurls! The color combinations are perfect; doesn't it give you a rainbow vibe? Having this hairstyle would make me feel like a unicorn!

Cotton Candy Pink


Pink is such a pretty color and this pastel look by @lorietherrien is perfect for those who want a softer look. This color reminds me of my Barbie dolls and those bouncy curls are just too perfect for words!

Mermaid Waves


Having been raised close to the ocean, blue has always been one of my favorite colors. This wavy hairstyle by @leysahairandmakeup screams mermaid with those blue hues! The purple to blue color melt just makes me want this even more!

Emerald Curls


This green haired makeover by @sydneyannlopezhair is great for those who love nature and the outdoors. These flat iron curls are so stunning that I am seriously considering copying this look!

Violet Coils


This hair transformation is for everyone that is obsessed with purple and honestly, who wouldn't be when @arosecheveux creates looks like this one? The violet tones are accentuated by those awesome tight coils. This look is definitely a winner in my book!

Which fantasy color would you try on your curls?

02 Jan '18

A Gorgeous New Haircut to Start 2018

Get Inspired For The New Year With One Of These Five Awesome Looks

Woman Gets Haircut | ISA Professional

Happy New Year! It's 2018 and we all know how soothing it can be to start a new year fresh, the possibilities and goals always on your mind. While it may be hard to stick to the more common difficult New Year Resolutions like exercising more, quitting smoking or getting a nice savings account; there can be other goals that are easily obtained!

Some ideas that come to mind are trying a new recipe or spending 30 minutes just reading a book. But the best way to start the new year feeling great is getting a new haircut! There's just something about a new cut that makes you feel ready to take on anything. After all, if you can get that gorgeous pixie cut you've wanted all these years, you can definitely finish that project in time. Luckily for us, Instagram is full of amazing stylists that show off their skills and these 5 are perfect sinpiration! Which hairstyle is your favorite? Do you agree with new year, new 'do?

Bangs To Frame


A post shared by Melanie  (@scissorette) on


Bangs are a great way to frame your face! It lets your cheekbones stand out and will make your makeup application much easier. These lovely bangs by @scissorette are the perfect example of a style you can try with your new haircut!

Textured Bob



Have you ever obsessed over how you would look with really short hair? Then maybe 2018 is the year you finally find out how gorgeous you'll look with this textured bob! This haircut by @emilyandersonstyling is so perfect, it just screams confidence and style!

Fantasy Tips



Are you willing to try a shoulder length cut but want something to make your look stand out? Then fantasy colored tips are your answer! This purple color melt created by @bescene is fantastic, try it with your favorite color for a fun look!

Mowhawk Chic



Already tried short hair or fantasy colors in the past? Feeling like you can take it up another notch for 2018? Check out this outstanding Mohawk look created by @stephygnarstagram! I especially love the glitter details in the undercut design, it's so pretty to look at and even better to try!

Side Cut Style



This haircut is extremely bold but allows you to add a personal touch to your new hairstyle. Some stylists are known for specific designs, such a lotus or a star, but I'm sure they would be willing to work with something you drew for your new look. This design by @glamiris is so smooth, I love it!

27 Dec '17

Be Merry With These Festive Nail Art Looks

6 Beautiful Manicure Inspirations To Try This Holiday Season

Manicure Time- ISA Professional

Who doesn't love a relaxing manicure? It lets you take a break from your daily routine and leaves you feeling refreshed. There's nothing quite like a freshly done mani; it looks clean, colorful and makes you appreciate them until the dreaded first chip comes along. Whether you have your usual nail bar you frequent or you prefer to do it yourself at home, it's just a confidence booster and honestly, who doesn't want that? Now that the Holidays are here, it just gives you another excuse to try something new and fun. Not a fan of the basic solid hues and reds? Then be adventurous and try these 6 nail art designs: it will leave you feeling merry and festive, no matter where you are!

Candy Cane Nails

A post shared by Tim Nguyen (@timnguyen_nails) on

One of the candies that we associate with the Holidays are candy canes and I don't know why they're not popular all year round! These delicious looking nails by @timnguyen_nails are awesome; just be careful wrapping your presents with these sharp, stiletto nails!

Neutral Shade Nails

Are you not the type that prefers a brightly colored mani? Do you want to try something new with shades that aren't red or green? Then these neutral shade nails by @alexandrias_beautyx are perfect for you! She uses black polish in this look and still makes them look festive with the rose and gold touches; so gorgeous!

Minimalist Nails

A post shared by Sophie (@sophiehwong) on

Trying to find something less intricate but still different? Check out @sophiehwong snowflake nails! This design is so delicate and cute, it makes me want to practice to be able to create a look like this too!

Reindeer Nails

Want to try something with a design that will stand out in your next Holiday party? These reindeer nails by @_multicolornails_ will be an instant conversation starter! The hand drawn art is so cute and impressive! I especially like the accent black glitter nails; they compliment each other so well!

Blue Snowflake Nails

How about these hand painted snowflakes on blue polish? The attention to detail in this mani is stunning, it's incredible how talented @sonia.czarnecka.nails is! Makes me want to take a plane just to get my nails done by her!

Chrome Nails

If you like texture in your mani, then you're in luck! These chrome nails have so much dimension and shine, it makes you want to wear sunglasses just looking at them! There's no doubt that @perfect10customnails is extremely talented and these nails will look great with any outfit you decide to rock!

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