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15 Jun '21

Get the Most Out Of Your Hair : 4 Awesome Tips

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Pop

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It's easy to fall into a bit of a hair rut. Wash, style, rinse and repeat. But even though the saying "If ain't broke,don't fix it" is usually true, there are still plenty of quick and easy things that can be done to make your hair have that extra edge. So, if you're interested in finding out how to leave bad hair days behind for good, then check out these upcoming simple and almost effortless tips!


Hot Then Cold

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Who doesn't love a steaming hot shower? I know I love getting that water as hot as I can stand! Nevertheless, your hair might not agree. Heat can be traumatic for our lovely locks and it's usually a good idea to follow up that hot shower with a cold or cool rinse. This will keep your cuticles healthy and prevent any further damage. The same goes for styling. It is also a great idea to let some cold or cool air run through your hair after any sort of heat styling or treatment. Whether its a simple cold blow or even standing close to the vent on your A/C unit during summer, that cold breeze will keep the flyaways at bay for longer and keep you looking your best.


The Right Stuff

A post shared by YYC BLONDES | PULP RIOT (@zunnyhair)

The optimal way to keep your hair from breaking and getting damaged is to keep it down and loose at all times. However, since we live in the real world, it's obvious that there will be plenty of situations where you are going to want to keep your hair up and out of the way. For these moments the best thing you can do is have a tie in hand that will hold your hair in the desired place without putting too much pressure on it. The looser the updo, the better. Stay away from tight hair ties and opt for a loose clip style that will still do the job without all that added stress. Another must-have is a brush that won't tear and snap the hair as it makes its way through with each stroke. Brushing is an excellent way to keep your hair looking great and it reduces the wild look but using the right type of brush is key. Experiment with different types of bristles in your brush until you find the one that fits your hair type. In fact, some hair types do better with less brushing than others. Get to know your hair by trying different brushing schedules and it will definitely show.


Soft And Sharp Maintenance

A post shared by Vivid Color Hair Specialist (@michelle.zapanta)

Maintenance is unavoidable but it doesn't have to be a long drawn out process. Keeping your ends trimmed is the best way to always look salon fresh. If you can go to the salon once or twice a month then definitely do so but if you can't, then it only takes a bit of practice to keep your ends looking gorgeous year-round. If you don't know where to start, you can always check out our past blog post where we share the best tips to keep your hair fresh and trimmed at home. An excellent and completely hands-off way to keep it looking shiny and soft between trims is to make sure you have a soft pillowcase. Silk is the ideal candidate for this but pima or a very soft cotton can also be your best nighttime ally. They will help you and your hair as you get some much needed rest.


Parting It Right

A post shared by Miranda Kaye || ℙ𝕌𝕃ℙℝ𝕀𝕆𝕋 (@mirandak_kolors)

Different hair types and even face types can make finding the right way to part your hair tricky. While a middle part is always a good choice, it may not always be the best choice for you. First, try to determine your face type and then try different parts like a side, deep side, and the classic middle to see what you feel the most comfortable with. Try taking selfies with different parts and see what you think looks best. It's always helpful to get a neutral third party or two involved, so get your friends or loved ones in on the action and have them take a vote. If you follow these easy tips then we know you'll definitely be feeling more comfortable and getting the most out of that gorgeous hair in no time!

31 May '21

Colorful Hairstyles For Your Bright Personality

Five Neon Looks To Strive For

A post shared by Miranda Kaye || ℙ𝕌𝕃ℙℝ𝕀𝕆𝕋 (@mirandak_kolors)

We're almost halfway through this year and with that knowledge, comes the realization that any goals we've had in mind should be in movement sooner, rather than later. These changes also apply to any mayor beauty changes we've considered but have been too nervous to see through to the end. Beauty allows us to change whenever we see fit; it gives us free reigns to try new looks with our choices in clothing, makeup and our personal favorite: hair color! Any hair enthusiast will know what we mean when we say that hair color changes can be one of the most exciting decisions we can make in our personal aesthetic. Let's go on a colorful hair inspiration trip and allow these stylists to do the talking through these five neon looks.

Purple Mermaid

A post shared by JO🕷🧿 (@josmariie)

This hairstyle by @josmariie is an example of how we can choose two different colors and let the stylist work their magic by using a technique known as color blending. This client went with purple and blue hues and the end result makes her look like she just walked out of beach in a fairy tale.

Ocean Pixie

A post shared by Houston, TX (@cutbyivis)

Anyone that wants their hair transformation multiplied by two is in for a treat with this next look. @cutbyivis changed up his client's hair color and gave her a chic pixie hair cut that will turn heads wherever she goes. Gotta love the pampering that comes with a fresh new cut and color!

Green Curls

A post shared by Anastasia Pavlova (@hair_pavlova)

When it comes to choosing the right tone and hue to your tastes, fantasy hair colors are ideal because the sky is the limit and you are in charge. Between your color choices and your stylist, you should be able to find the perfect hairdo for your next makeover. Here, @hair_pavlova worked flawlessly with her client and created a solid green look styled in beautiful curls.

Multicolored Prism

A post shared by Winnipeg, Canada Pulp Riot (@hairbymisskellyo)

If fantasy hair colors are the way to your heart but you want to crank up the volume to 11, then look no further than @hairbymisskellyo bright rainbow creation! Mixing a variety of colors and choosing the perfect placement for each one is only something a veteran stylist can achieve. This hair inspiration is one to keep in mind for your next salon visit.

Peek A Boo Rose

A post shared by Аскарова Алия 🦄COLORPORN mom (@aliyousha)

Are you wondering how you can get a unicorn colored hairstyle that can be shown off or hidden, depending on your mood? We think you'll be very interested in @aliyousha and her gorgeous smooth haired peek a boo idea. She placed a hot pink base color on the whole head, then added small streaks of colors in one area to add those pops of colors that her client craved.


What are your hair color goals for this year? Let us know in the comments below!

16 May '21

Washing Your Hair: How Frequently Should You Do It?

To Wash Or Not To Wash?

 Woman Taking A Relaxing Bath | ISA Professional

Washing your hair with every bath or shower is second nature to most people but is it even the right way to go about caring for our hair? The truth is that it depends on several factors. There are a various reasons on why you should and why you shouldn't wash every single day, so let's explore these together.


Do What Feels Right For You

Woman Looking At Herself In The Mirror | ISA Professional

Doing what feels natural is probably the best way to go about this conundrum. It is the rule of thumb that will work best for most people. But, what does that even mean? In short, if it feels dirty, wash it! Keep a close eye on your locks under strong overhead light and you will be able to easily notice how oily or greasy it really is. Taking a good look at freshly clean and styled hair or even snapping a selfie will give you a great baseline as to how your hair looks when it is freshly clean. Take another look or snap a quick pic a few hours after washing; this is best done on a day when you are going about your business but not doing anything heavily strenuous or being overly active. This second look will let you see your hair after it has recovered some of its natural oils. Remember, these oils are not dirt and they are actually quite beneficial in keeping our hair protected and dandruff-free. Now that you have a good idea as to what your hair should look like, it gives you a better idea of how it will look when it is not so fresh. Continue to keep a close eye on the level of oil and dirt; you will be able to tell because your hair will look heavy or overly glossy. Once you notice your hair looking like this, then it's a good idea to give it some TLC with a good wash and condition. Doing this often will help you become more familiar with your hair's needs and is a great way to get to know them well. Some people will be able to wash their hair just once a week and this is perfectly OK. After all, your hair is your friend, so listen to it intently!


Active Or Passive?

Woman Using Freshening Spray | ISA Professional

Some people do need to wash their hair more often and sometimes, daily. Those of us who have a very active lifestyle will have no choice but to wash the day off way more often than those of us that are less so. What is considered highly active? Working out is definitely a good example, but let's be honest: none of us are or should be working out every day, anyway. Exercise is of course an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but rest days are equally as important. The sweet spot is different for everybody but strenuous exercise 3 - 5 days a week is a healthy range to shoot for. If you work in an office or indoor environment with climate control and not much walking or general movement to speak of but do have an established workout routine, then it's safe to say you should wash your hair on your exercise days and simply let your hair recover on your rest days. Following this should help you keep your locks moisturized and happy. If you work outside or are required to work up a sweat in something like a warehouse environment, then by the end of the day, you and your mane will be aching for a good wash. In that situation, you should totally do what feels right and relax with a good wash from head to toe at the end of the day. However, if you do wash this often, it's a great idea to use a high-quality paraben-free shampoo, as well as a frequent deep conditioning paired with an oil treatment to help boost your chances of keeping your hair healthy. You could also try using a dry shampoo on alternate days and see if you can get the desired results. Finally, if at all possible, try to refrain from washing on your days off or days with lower activity; give yourself and your hair a break whenever possible. Gorgeous hair is possible if we pay attention to our locks and remember what they prefer!


Which is your hair washing routine? Let us know in the comments below!

30 Apr '21

Purple Hairstyles To Show Off To The World

Five Purple Hairstyles That Will Up Your Accessories Game

Woman Wearing Beautiful Necklace | ISA Professional

Choosing the accessories that go best with our outfits can be a lot of fun but daunting, at times. Should you wear that bracelet with those shoes or would they look better paired with that statement necklace that's been hanging  in your closet for the last couple of months? Sometimes, we overthink our fashion choices and should just follow our guts from the get-go. My grandma would always tell me that it was okay to be nervous and scared of new choices but to always face them head on. Ironically, this didn't just fit into mayor life decisions; it also included my beauty ideas. Whenever I'd try on new outfits, makeup or accessories, my grandma would be there to cheer me on and as soon as we left the store, would encourage me to show off my new item as quickly as possible to the world. I've never forgotten that bold spirit and I believe we all should do the same: staying true to ourselves. Later on, this spilled over into my hair color choices: I wanted a fun and bold fantasy hair color to go with my new accessories and my grandma suggested I try purple hair. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship between myself and my varied fantasy hair colors. I'm now here to pass on my grandma's beliefs and help you be true to your beauty choices, which can include gorgeous purple hair! Check out these lovely hairstyles and let me know if you also feel the need to change up your accessory game with a new hair color!

Soft Purple

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt)

Anyone that has ever loved pastels will adore this soft purple hairstyle by @kayla.blkhrt Subdued tones like this one will make you feel like a princess from your childhood stories and who wouldn't want to live that once in their life? This style will pair well with any other pastel outfit you want to show off with it; it's almost to sweet to be true!

Purple Ombre

A post shared by JO🕷🧿 (@josmariie)

Are you still wondering if a purple tone is right for your accessory game changer? Why don't you blending it with another color of your choice and have it all in one look? That's exactly what @josmariie did with this stunning hairstyle by mixing a dark purple color with a bright silver hue on her lucky client that day.

Twisted Purple

A post shared by Creative Colorist (@tiffanymhair)

A stunning hair look is just as important as the clothes you choose to wear; this is especially true when there's a special occasion that you've been looking forward to. This pink and purple twisted hair transformation by @tiffanymhair is one to keep an eye on for your next bold beauty move: it's sure to make you feel like you won the jackpot!

Braided Lilac

A post shared by Sarah Slays (@sarahslaysallday)

Braids are a wonderful way to upgrade an already awesome hair color and stylist @sarahslaysallday knows just how to make them both work in complete harmony. By using two purple tones and styling them into a braided halo, she made her client become the center of attention of every room she walked in.

Rainbow Queen

A post shared by 💎Samantha Smith-Daly (@bottleblonde76)

Looking for a purple look that will not only amaze those around you but will also make you want to take a million photos of yourself? Not many stylists can pull off such a feat but @bottleblonde76 is one of them. She chose to combine purple, silver and blue hues in her creation, trimming them into a smooth chic bob and finishing the look off with a royal crown headband. Who wouldn't swoon at such a sight?

18 Apr '21

A Guide to Efficiently Cutting and Growing Out Your Hair

Achieve Total Hair Independence

Woman With A Beautiful Updo | ISA Professoinal

This past year has been a total roller-coaster for the entirety of the planet. Luckily, we came out on the other side stronger, more resilient, and fiercely independent. We also came out with so many new skills to help us deal with a wide variety of situations we never thought we would have to face. Part of those skills, at least on our end, have been deepening our knowledge and understanding of all things related to TLC. Caring for ourselves first before helping others has become a mantra for many, in more ways than one. Without a doubt, having that extra time to make sure we are doing our best has been more than crucial to our mental and physical health. It has also been a convenient time to work on the health of our beloved hair and try a few different things to helps us be and look our very best; even when we can only count on being our stylist. We've gathered a few tips that our newfound experience has garnered. Hopefully, by sharing them with all of you, we can be of some help to your lovely locks and your peace of mind. So, whether you are looking to grow out your mane or desperately looking for a cut to try something new, you'll want to give this a read.

Facing The Cut

Woman Hiding Behind White Hat | ISA Professional

Let's face it, it has been a terrible time to go to the salon lately. Many of us have, understandably, been unwilling or unable to take the plunge back into that chair. Even though haircuts are best left to the pros, desperate times call for desperate measures and there are a few things that can be done to mitigate the risk of disaster. We can come out the other end with something more manageable that looks and makes us feel good.

Be Real With Yourself

Managing expectations and thinking small is the best way to approach this situation. This is not going to be a simple task because this a job for the pros and good reasons. Nevertheless, if we think small, such as trimming our ends or a small amount of layering, then our chances of success are going to be much higher. If you're thinking of getting bangs or going from long to a short bob or pixie, then it's gonna be a smart idea to wait and leave it for a time when you can safely get back in the hands of your trusted stylist. Starting small and simple is the way to go; learn to crawl before you go for a marathon.

Proper Preparation

Another way to make sure you start things on the proper footing is to have the right implements for the job at hand. An old pair of kitchen shears, your kid's safety scissors, or that random pair of cutters that have been in a drawer for who knows how long are simply not going to cut it, pun intended. The last thing you want is for your tool to hinder your work by not cutting properly, as you try your best to not lose your cool. Your best bet is to get a pair of sharp professional hair-cutting shears. This will be an indispensable and worthwhile investment to ensure you won't be hindered. Having proper technique is also extremely important. Granted, this can take a long time to master, so practicing before actually committing to a cut is definitely in order. Sectioning your hair by using ties or clips is a useful idea that can help you approach this task, allowing you to not be overwhelmed by your hair getting in the way or by the thought of over-cutting. A comb will also be a huge help, so you can comb out as you go and use it as a guide to ensure that everything is nice and leveled as you go along.

Growing It Out

Woman And Daughter Eating A Healthy Meal | ISA Professional

Some of us have already mastered keeping it short at home and to those, I sincerely offer a rousing round of applause. Is it time for a change though? Well, if not now, then when? This is also the best time to experiment with growing your hair out, for those who are accustomed to having short hair. Surprisingly, there are a few things you can do to speed this process along. If you have already mastered the cut, then keeping your ends trimmed is a must. Make sure you don't take off more than what has grown but it would be wise to keep those ends nice and even as you start to grow it out. Making sure your hair's nutrition, along with your own, is the most important factor here. Make sure you are eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods that include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, to ensure that you have the perfect platform from which to start your hair growth quest. There are some nutrients you can apply directly to your hair as well, to boost your success. Applying healthy oils, such as argan oil, to your hair and scalp can be way more helpful than you think. This will not only keep your hair looking good but it will strengthen it by making sure it is well hydrated and able to stand up to everyday stress. We wish you nothing but the best in your hair journey and hope you found these tips useful on your route to gorgeous hair!

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