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20 Sep '18

Feel Pretty In Pink With These Five Hair Makeovers

Try One Of These Pink Hairstyles For Your Next Makeover

 Woman With Pink Flower Crown | ISA Professional

It's always fun to try a new look and while most people would think of a haircut or a new wardrobe, I've been leaning towards fantasy hair colors. I've been noticing a lot more women (and men!) rocking neon or pastel hair and I can't help but want to try it out myself. I'll admit I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani in high school and when she premiered her new pink haired look, I was hooked. That magenta color spoke to me and convinced me that she was officially the coolest female musician ever. Here I am, years later, feeling like now is a good time to try this pink makeover my teenage self wanted so badly. It's such a fun color to go with but it's not as easy as just telling your hairstylist you want a pink look. The fantasy hair world takes its colors very seriously; you have to go into that chair knowing exactly what you want and making sure your stylist says it's possible with your hair type and current color. Now, join me in drooling over these five pink haired masterpieces that you'll definitely want to steal for yourself.

Pastel Pink Bow Braids


A post shared by Kansas City Hair Balayage (@shana_echavarria) on

This makeover is definitely for the pastel lovers here. The soft pink is just the right hue if you want a romantic fairy vibe. The extremely long hair, the braids, the soft pink color: what isn't there to love about this look? Even though I still don't quite understand how @shana_echavarria did those delicate bow braids, I do know I want them in my hair immediately, who agrees with me?

Peek A Boo Rainbow


A post shared by Парикмахер|Яркое окрашивание (@vlbr_pro) on

If you're a rainbow fan, then this hairstyle by @vlbr_pro is the one for you. Not only does this look have that beautiful, soft, pink color, it also has a hidden surprise in the nape of the neck that lets you choose when to show it off. It's pretty genius because, with this hairdo, you get to have a little of any other color you were leaning towards before you settled on your mostly rose look.

Neon Pink Rocker


A post shared by Danica Szczerba (@danicaszcz) on

This neon pink color is exactly what Gwen Stefani rocked years ago and @danicaszcz definitely knows how to make a hair makeover stand out! Vibrant pink hues are a lot of fun and thanks to its high pigmentation, the hair color lasts longer through washes. This style would look amazing curled like shown here or sleek and straight. Either way, I am obsessed!

Pastel Waves


A post shared by Saint Augustine Colorist (@valeriealexis_creations) on

I totally understand why pastel hair is so popular right now; it's pretty and lets you feel like a kind of heroine you looked up to when you were little (any fellow Sailor Moon fans here?). I'm convinced that @valeriealexis_creations has a strong pastel game; just look at this perfect pink transformation she styled into beautiful, soft waves. I probably couldn't stop running my hands through this hairstyle!

Color Melt Perfection


A post shared by Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist (@hairbykaseyoh) on

Are you torn between pink and another color for your new and bold look? Luckily for us, stylists like @hairbykaseyoh know how to make us happy and give us exactly what we want. As you can see, she is a master at combining two colors together and making them look like they're melting together flawlessly. I knew that pink and purple go well together but this hairdo just makes me want to try the dual-toned look even sooner than I thought.

22 Aug '18

Brighten Up Your Day With These Five Braided Hairstyles

Find The Perfect Braid For Your Next Event

 Crown Braid Hairstyle | ISA Professional

I can't count the amount of times I've wanted to create beautiful and detailed braided hairstyles but for some reason, I was barely able to learn the basic braid. Back then, it was because I was tired of my hair always getting in the way and I was bored with the basic ponytail I always turned to. I felt intimidated by the difficulty and decided to focus my attention to other things. But throughout the last couple of years, I've actually gotten the hang of several braid styles. Now, instead of just wanting to keep my hair out of my face, I wanted to learn to feel more confident and pretty. Since I have decided to embrace my newfound motivation to create beautiful hairstyles, I've decided to share the five braids I hope to perfect in the future. While these are obviously made by extremely talented professionals, that doesn't mean we can't learn too. Like you've always heard, practice makes perfect; let's admire the gorgeous results these stylists have earned with their hard work and go for it! Which one would you perfect and why?

Half Up Dutch Lace Braids


A post shared by 💞Anna Sofia💞 (@hairstyles_by_anna_sofia) on

This braided hair look by @hairstyles_by_anna_sofia is perfect for anyone that wants a detailed braid in the back and still leave some straight hair loose on the sides. This allows you to keep the front part of you hair out of your face, while still wow-ing others as you pass them by.

Mermaid Braids


A post shared by Shayla 🇺🇿🇺🇸FL (@samirasjewelry) on

It's no secret I used to be obsessed with mermaids and it has now spilled over to hairstyles that give off that beachy vibe. When I saw this heart braid look by @samirasjewelry, I was hooked. That pastel blue color is perfect all on its own, but pairing it with that braid style makes this mermaid hairstyle pure genius.

Knotted Infinity Braids


A post shared by Katie DeLuca🔸Braids🔸Foilayage (@hairbykatied) on

The black leather hair piece that @hairbykatied used for this polished braid look is awesome; I think it really adds to the style she was going for. I'm still stunned at how she was able to take the loose sides of the hair and join them to the braids to create that lovely waterfall effect. I need to up braiding my game, for sure.

Accessorized Fohwawk Braids


A post shared by Sarajane Maples-Buttner (@blushandmane) on

Remember those cheap neon colored plastic bracelets you wore as a kid? How you would learn to braid and join them together in an attempt to look the coolest in your school? Well, I'm pretty sure @blushandmane took inspiration from that childhood creativity to make this beautiful braided look. This updo is perfect for anyone who wants a mowhwak for a day, without the commitment. By braiding the hair upwards, and tucking it together on the sides, she was able to make a look that I seriously want to perfect!

Double Braided Space Buns


A post shared by Brittnie Dawn (@hairbybrittniie) on

Trying to find a look that screams music festival? Look no further than this electric neon hairstyle by @hairbybrittniie! This has everything you could hope for in a bold look: bright hair colors, glitter roots, hair buns and two braids tying the whole look together. I love how the braids and bangs look together, why have one braid when you can have two?

16 Aug '18

Sharpen Your Eyeliner Skills With These Five Looks

5 Eyeliner Looks So Sharp, They Cut!

Woman Gets Eyeliner Applied | ISA Professional

If you're anything like me, you spent a ridiculously long amount of time researching eyeliners and which kind was best for you. Not only did we have to figure out the difference between liquid, pencil, gel and the different brushes that came with them, we also had to see the pros in action. Nothing helps you learn more than watching tutorials and seeing the MUAs work their magic. After the educational part was covered, we needed to put it into action. I remember the frustration of trying to perfect that cat-eye look I was so obsessed with; it was brutal. Many, many, many makeup remover wipes later, I finally felt comfortable creating my winged eyeliner. I felt a real moment of accomplishment: being confident in styling my hair into beautiful curls and still have time to rock a cat-eye was something I always wanted to have in my beauty skill arsenal! Even though I finally mastered my perfect cat-eye, I still felt I could upgrade it by, once again, following my favorite MUAs. These artists show us how the cat-eye can be elevated and I know that with enough practice, we can create these looks too! Which one will you perfect first?

Cut Crease Cat-Eye

A post shared by Chelsea Tresidder (@chelseasmakeup) on

If you're a lover of earth tones, then this eye look by @chelseasmakeup is perfect for you. The copper and brown tones go so nicely with that black cat-eye and the hint of glitter on the inner lid makes the eyes seem bigger and brighter! You would have to practice the cut crease she created, but it would be so worth it.

Liquid Liner + Jumbo Lashes

A post shared by JoannaH (@_joanh) on

A classic smokey eye is a must if you're tuning your eyeliner skills and @_joanh really raises the bar for you to reach. This smokey eye has everything you could ever want: flawlessly blended eyeshadows, large falsies and liquid eyeliner skills that can be seen a mile away.

Stay In The Lines

A post shared by E L L A G R A Y (@el_makeupxx) on

My aunt taught me to love art by showing me how to paint and draw. I remember how she would always stay inside the lines when we painted in my childhood coloring books together and this eyeliner look by @el_makeupxx demands cleanliness, just like my old art books. I love how she created thick lines to create her cat-eye and the pink ombre effect inside is so much fun!

Jeweled Eyeliner

A post shared by Maria Victoria (@angelicbeautyxo) on

Are you feeling extra creative or looking for an eyeliner look that would be perfect for your next music festival? Look no further, this jeweled eye look by @angelicbeautyxo is here! Using a combination of glitter and skin friendly jewel stickers, she created a faux cat-eye that I can't get enough of. The glitter eyeliner highlighting the crease really ties it all together, don't you think?

Bold Rainbow

A post shared by Mariz_GMua💋👑🌙 (@mariz_garcia1) on

This look is purely for those who are bold enough to wear a full rainbow on their eyes, making a bright fashion statement in the process. The skillful way @makeuponpoint was able to blend those neon hues is somehow shadowed by that gorgeous, glittery cat-eye! This kind of eyeliner look requires glitter glue to be able to apply the glitter correctly but with enough practice, you can also rock this unique look.

26 Jul '18

Mermaid Hairstyles To Copy

Stunning Blue Hair Makeovers For Your Next Session

ocean water with swimmers | ISA Professional

I've become obsessed with following hairstylists that do magic with their hands. They are able to create beautiful hair color combinations and I really want to try something new with my hair. Can you relate? I have been known to change up my hair color every once in a while and even though I've had green hair in the past, I am gravitating towards blue tones right now. Hairstylists have really embraced the fantasy hair trend and have been able to put their own spin on their mane creations. It's really fun to see what new look they've posted on IG recently, you never know what kind of client will walk through their doors, asking for their help. I've also read of stylists that work with their clients creatively to achieve a look that is both beautiful and isn't harmful to the hair follicles. It's been difficult to choose but these mermaid hairstyles are the ones I'm leaning towards, which one would you choose?

Dark Roots


A post shared by nellieduclos⚡️(@nellieduclos) on


I love it when a hairstylist chooses to create a color melt effect with fantasy colors. This makeover by @nellieduclos is a great example of this technique; she decided to leave the roots dark and have the blue melt off into perfect curls. I think it looks awesome and it's a great choice if you leave the roots your natural color; that way, you can last longer between salon appointments!

Soft Blues


A post shared by Amanda Kimball (@amandajeank) on


Even though I used to love bright, neon colors when I was younger (my neon green hair is proof of this), I have really been loving the pastel hair trend that's been all over my feed. It's a way to show off your love of fantasy hair color but not blind them with your color choice. I've noticed a lot of brides going with pastel haired looks, like this one by @amandajeank and I can see why. Pair a soft blue with this messy braid and you have a very happy client.

Rainbow Surprise


A post shared by CHICAGO Hair|VIVIDS|Balayage (@electric.locks) on


One of the fun things about fantasy hair are the options, there are so many to go with, so many combinations you can choose from. If you're feeling like blue locks are not enough for you, then this transformation by @electric.locks will help you find your new hairdo. Placing streaks of various bright colors on the underside of the hair is a genius idea because it gives you a pop of extra color in your blue mermaid look.

Ocean Green


A post shared by Stateville Pulp Riot & Blondes (@themaneologist) on

Another option I was considering was a combination of blue and green because they just go so well together. This style by @themaneologist takes my two favorite colors and transforms them into this lovely messy updo. I'm sure her client was very happy with the hairpiece the chose to finish the look, she looks ready for any occasion!

Blue Side Braids


A post shared by Arizona Hairstylist (@emilyandersonstyling) on

I'm so used to having long hair, it had never occurred to me to get a haircut with my new mermaid makeover. This cute hairdo by @emilyandersonstyling has made me actually want to go under the scissors and that's a huge deal, since the last time I got a short haircut, it was a disaster. How could I not want to get a chic cut like hers? In this look, she chose to style it in three side braids and those different tones of blue really make it stand out! She really is the master of the pixie cut (or fohawk) and I want to take a plane to get my mermaid hair done with her this instant.

20 Jul '18

5 Green Hairstyles That Will Leave You Breathless

Get Green With Envy With These Hair Transformations

 Beauty Salon- ISA Professional

Fantasy hair colors have been gaining in popularity the last couple of years and if you've ever seen someone rocking this look, you would understand why. A quick internet search will leave you with so many beautiful makeovers that you never even knew were possible to create on hair! There are many talented hairstylists to choose from, all of which have their unique style and techniques to admire. While this is obviously, awesome news, it also makes it harder to choose a fantasy look to go with. There are all kinds of hairstyles and colors, but for this post, I've decided to focus on green hairdos. If you love the color green enough to let an artist use it on your head, then these looks will definitely make you green with envy. Which one is your favorite?

Dual Toned Green

A post shared by New Hampshire Hairstylist (@scizzorgal) on

This beautiful dual toned green hairstyle by @scizzorgal is amazing! Those curls she styled just makes this makeover even more perfect. She went with two different green tones, giving the look more depth and structure. This hairdo would look equally nice on long or short hair and will definitely turn some heads as you walk past!

Mint Green

A post shared by PULP RIOT /Grand Valley, Ont (@thehairsa) on

There's no doubt that fantasy hair is making waves around the fashion world but you know what else is, too? Pastels! It makes sense to go with a more subdued tone of color when dipping your feet in the fantasy hair world, or maybe you just prefer how it looks? Either way, this mint green hair makeover by @thehairsa is a great choice to go with. Her technique includes applying a pastel green dye to the client's highlights and with these results, I can see why she loves doing it!

Electric Green

A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe) on

Pastel colors not what you're looking for? Maybe you're a huge fan of everything bright and colorful and want your hair to reflect it? Were you a fan of everything Lisa Frank because you loved neon colors? This electric green bob by @presleypoe is the one for you. The neon tone she went with goes perfectly with that modern asymmetrical bob haircut and I am 100% here for it!

Green Mermaid

A post shared by Mermaid Hair Stylist (@kittylahairstylist) on

Still haven't found the right green hairstyle for you? You like the dual-toned look but want to add another color into you makeover? How about this ombre mermaid look by @kittylahairstylist? The various photos show the whole process to achieve this lovely hairdo. She merged gorgeous green tones with a hint of pink at the roots, making this a very unique and outstanding hair transformation!

Green Leaf Undercut

A post shared by 🦄Aliya Askarova (@aliyousha) on

This green undercut by @aliyousha exists for the purely fearless, who not only want to show off their emerald locks but also want to rock an undercut! Nature lovers will be especially happy with the leaf designs she chose to complete this look, they're so pretty. It's also a convenient haircut because you can choose to let the undercut shine by styling your hair in a loose bun or go more conservative by covering it up.

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