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15 Mar '21

The Best Ways to Keep Your Hair Hydrated

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Keep Those Gorgeous Locks From Drying Out

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Keeping hair looking just right can seem like a full time job. It's not just you trying to reach these lofty goals though; so many of us struggle with the exact same situation on a daily. Does that mean we're all just collectively doomed to fail? Definitely not. There are plenty of things we could all be doing that will get us on a track to hairvana all year round. For gorgeous hair, just read on!

Adapt To The Seasonal Changes

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Many of us have witnessed how temperamental the weather can be during the different seasons. Weather it's an unseasonably cold month or just the dampest day of the year, these variables can affect our hair in different ways. On those cold days when everything just makes your strands stick straight up from static in the air, it's a great idea to add a little extra moisture with some deep conditioning or a luxurious warm oil treatment. Skipping a wash day or two on these frigid days isn't a biggie either. In fact, this can be a huge help in keeping your scalp healthy. A healthy scalp is always the ideal base for healthy, strong and ultimately shiny hair. On those days when not washing is just not an option, do your best to rinse out with cool water, or as cool as you can stand; this will help the changes that your hair goes through post-wash be less extreme. Once you hop out, make sure to have an extra soft towel for your hair or even a nice soft t-shirt you can use, just for this reason. Try your best to pat the hair dry, being extra careful not to rub it, until it's as dry as possible. The trick is to get it to stop dripping with some soft pats and then let it dry as naturally as possible. Of course, make sure it's not too cold while you do this; we don't want you catching a cold!

Treat It From The Source

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As mentioned earlier, the scalp is always a solid place to start when you want to get your hair looking just right. But is there something else you could target when you want to add another prong to your hair care approach? Absolutely! Getting the right nutrients in your diet is also going to giver you a huge boost in this journey to a luxurious mane. The first step is always going to be water! Ditch as many of the drinks you tend to chug: be it juice, soda or energy drinks, and replace them all for water, sparkling or otherwise. No worries, we won't ask you to ditch your morning coffee though; we're not monsters. You would be surprised at how much of a difference simply drinking more water can make in getting your hair's moisture balance to be just right. The next step is getting your daily does of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds in balance. Many of us are guilty of simply not getting enough of these highly nutritious foods in our diet and our poor hair is shouting it at us from the rooftops. Getting more leafy greens, delicious fruit, lovely legumes, as well as nutritious nuts and seeds will give your hair the fortitude it needs to shine and sway in the breeze with the best of them.

Chill Out On The Hair Dye

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If you've been bleaching and dying constantly for years, then a break is definitely in order. No matter how good your bleach product is, there are plenty of good ones, they will all damage your hair to some extent. Using them constantly without a break is not going to do your hair any favors when it comes to dryness. The same goes for hair dye. Now, this is obviously a tricky one because for so many of us, dying is a must but we promise that there are alternatives. Try sticking as close to your natural hair color as possible, so the changes aren't as extreme and your hair isn't as shocked by going through multiple treatments just to get it looking perfect. If your goal is to cover up grays, then there are plenty of natural dyes that will get you there without abusing your lovely locks in the process. Going back to your natural hair color can be so freeing; not just for your wallet, but for the sate of your strands as well. Your hair will definitely thank you and you will certainly notice the difference.

Do you have any tricks you've learned from experience or maybe from previous generations? Let us know in the comments section!

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