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22 Aug '20

Don't Get Burned And Follow These Hair Curling Tips

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The Importance Of Temperature Control In Hair Tools

Gorgeous Curls Created By @skylerrae.hair With ISA Professional Digital Titanium Ceramic Hair Curler Wand 1" barrel 5 Year Warranty | ISA Professional

Beauty and self care can be so much fun, especially when you're ready to learn something new. While there is nothing wrong with keeping your regular routine, sometimes trying a new look is exactly what your mood needed. Let's be honest here: we've all gone through the internet, trying to find inspiration in countless beautiful pictures. How many times have you researched the proper way to imitate a certain gorgeous look, like flawless curls? Seeing those oh-so-touchable curls on IG has convinced you that it's your turn but going to the salon is not always an option. It's during those times that we have to buckle down and make it work with our own two hands, responsibly, of course. Feeling intimidated? Don't be; we got your back! Below are several tips to help you make the best of your ISA Professional curling iron. Remember, practice makes perfect and we can't wait to see the looks you'll create with it!

Use Heat Protection Before Styling

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High quality hair tools have materials like titanium and ceramic to ensure your hair's integrity but it never hurts to go that extra mile by using a heat protecting spray. Just make sure you use it in sections as you curl; this helps you avoid over using product and reminds you to comb through any tangles you may still have. No hair styling tool should touch uncombed hair; after all, the smoother the canvas, the better the results. A perfect example of this being the lovely creation above by @skylerrae.hair. Her skilled hands show us how beneficial a hair curler is and how the results can make us fall in love.

Extra Brownie Points For Hand Protection

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Behold, another stunning hairstyle by @skylerrae.hair but this time, on her own head. Isn't it gorgeous? She loved using ISA Professional's hair curler on her client so much, she had to create a look on herself afterwards and we are obsessed! What about you? Are you nervous about trying that new look with a styling tool that you're unfamiliar with? Or have you been using curlers for a long time and just wanted a quick refresher after all these years? Either way, you know what both have in common? The need for hair styling gloves, a sometimes forgotten accessory that exist to make our lives that much easier. After all, who wouldn't want to be 100% certain that their hands won't suffer any burns? Trust us on this one.

The Right Temperature For The Right Hair Type

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Just take a moment to look at @brookesbeautydiary fabulous curled creation with our styling tool. Do you love it as much as we do? When it comes to curling irons and flat irons, temperature control is key. By controlling the temperature on your hair styling tools, you control the results. The correct temperature is determined by your hair type, along with your hair's history with colored dyes. If you have color treated hair or thin hair, you should stay in the 150°F-250°F range. If you have coarse or thick hair, you should stick within the 250°F-350°F area.

Longer Does Not Equal Better

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Now that you know the proper temperature for your hair style, the next step is to remember that longer styling time, does not equal better. Do NOT hold the curling iron on your hair for longer than 5 seconds, especially if you have thin hair. If you do, you are putting your hair in jeopardy and may end up harming it badly. The rainbow inspired curls by @hairbydianadoodle were not created by taking this fact lightly. She made sure she followed the right steps and ended up showing us why #hairgoals exists.

Practice Makes Perfect

Beautiful Wedding Curls Hairstyle by @emilyandersonstyling Created With Our ISA Professional Digital Titanium Ceramic Hair Curler Wand 1" barrel 5 Year Warranty

Don't get overwhelmed and remember the simple advice: stay focused and keep practicing. You will see the beautiful results that you can achieve with the proper temperature and the correct curling iron! Just take this final inspo from @emilyandersonstyling and the beautiful bride. She used our curling iron to make this bride glow even more on her special day and we are in love!

Are you feeling confident with the power of styling knowledge? Then go on and show us what you can do! Share your new, stunning curls by tagging us on FB or IG!

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