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ISA Professional has the styling tool to help you achieve silky smooth hair - in half the time of other hair straighteners! There is a selection of hair styling tools out there, but ISA Professional makes it easy for you to find and select the best flat iron or hair straightener for your hair needs. Our salon quality digital titanium flat iron is a breakthrough in hair straightener technology, while our Victorya hair straightener can get you ready and out the door quickly! We also have a number of other hair straightener tools to fit your needs. We carefully engineer all of our products and ensure they are made to the highest standards - our flat irons incorporate either a titanium or tourmaline ceramic plate for a fast, even heating experience and a styling tool that smooths away frizzy hair. Your Loved Ones Will Notice!


Meet the premiere flat iron you can’t wait to get your hands on: our Digital Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener is a marvel at straightening hair and works great on normal to thick, coarse hair. Outfitted with extra long titanium plates, this flat iron straightens more hair with each pass and cuts down on styling time - especially since titanium heats so quickly! It’s also our best tool for curling, and it’s quite popular on Instagram - just search the #ISAProfessional tag! We’ve heard our titanium hair straightener described as “the flat iron that’s all over Instagram” and we couldn’t be more proud to see it used and admired by so many hair stylists and hair enthusiasts. This product comes with a 360 degree no tangle cord, heats from 265 to 450 Fahrenheit (130 to 230 Celsius), features a neon background LCD display, and has a 1 hour shutoff for safety.


If you’re just learning to style hair, or you're afraid you’ll get the temperature wrong on your hair straightener - we’ve got a flat iron for that! The Victorya hair straightener takes the guesswork out of achieving salon-quality hair at home - just turn it on and let it go to work. It features SMART automatic temperature controls that change the heat level to suit your hair’s thickness and texture. The Victorya will even shift its heat higher or lower depending on whether you’re doing thick pieces or focusing on your bangs. This product is outfitted with tourmaline ceramic plates: the ceramic heats evenly and requires fewer passes to straighten your hair, while the tourmaline seals in moisture and leaves you with smooth, shiny hair. And since it works with universal voltage and has a 360 degree no tangle cord, you can take this flat iron with you for styling any time, anywhere.


This model of our ceramic digital flat iron features 1” tourmaline ceramic plates, which translates into an easy and even heating experience for you with plates that won’t snag on your hair but glide smoothly through. The tourmaline ensures your hair stays moisturized and can remove frizz, making this one of the best hair straighteners for those with color-treated hair. Let us help you look like you just walked out of the salon! With precise temperature control and an LCD display, you can set the temperature from 175 to 450 Fahrenheit (80 to 230 Celsius); with the buttons on top of the hair straightener, this is a great choice for left-handers! This product also comes standard with the 360 degree no tangle cord, along with a 45-minute safety auto shut-off.


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All of our high quality styling tools come with a five year warranty, and we’re sure they’ll last you many years beyond! We manufacture to the highest standards and build to last. If you have any problem with your hair straightener or flat iron, simply contact us with proof of purchase. We’ll take care of you.


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