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28 Feb '21

5 Undercut Designs To Fall In Love With

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Get Creative With These Five Undercuts

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Every once in a while, we want to change our hairstyle to make ourselves feel and look wonderful. This may be something small, like adding several layers to bring more volume to our hair or something a little more noticeable, like getting bangs. Some people like to change it up with a fantasy or pink hairstyle and others, want to take it to another level, outside of their comfort zone. Where is that, you ask? Say hello to the undercut and sidecut! These designs allow us to get that coveted new hairdo, as long as we're willing to let ourselves go and jump right into our stylists' chair! You can ask your stylist to give you any sort of design you want, as long as there's enough space on the nape of your neck or on your side. Let us show you various designs that makes us swoon and tell us in the comments if you ever plan on getting one for yourself!

Orange Lotus

A post shared by Аскарова Алия 🦄COLORPORN mom (@aliyousha)

Undercuts paired with fantasy hair colors are a wonderful way to get double the hair makeover during one salon visit! Just look at this orange lotus design by @aliyousha; it's so unique and looks like a lot of fun to show off. She styled this silver and bright orange hued look in a modern, straight hairstyle perfectly and we are in love!

I Heart Sidecuts

A post shared by BX PFEIFFER • HAIR (@bxpfeiffer)

If you want an undercut but want it placed in a different area, then the sidecut is the right choice for you. This sidecut by @bxpfeiffer shows off how you can get a lovely design, like this multiple hearts one, while keeping it on the side of your head. This way, you don't have to think about your design being hidden under your hair; you can show it off 24/7!

Pink Swirl

A post shared by Savanna Ford |PULP RIOT| LA (@savvyheartshair)

Do you love the color pink enough to choose it for your new hair transformation? Then, let @savvyheartshair lead you to this stunning pink swirled look. Styling this dual hair colored with a candy caned undercut was such an awesome idea and shows what a talented hairstylist can do when you put your trust in their techniques.

City Lights

A post shared by Kelli Gasaway | Hairstylist (@kelzbeauty)

Here we have another of our favorite sidecuts, colored in several complimentary hues. The great stylist @kelzbeauty knows how to give her clients what they're looking for and isn't that what we're all looking for? Inspired by the city skyscrapers and lights, this purple hairdo can be styled to the side and when you're feeling shy, can be used to cover up the sidecut. Placing the beautiful asymmetrical haircut on the center stage is the best move for this type of haircut but the longer hairstyle allow you some wiggle room.

Rainbow Obsessed

A post shared by Angela's 🌼Hair SKULLPTURES🌼 (@angela_skullptures)

Neon hair colors are a lot of fun but aren't for the faint of heart, as stylist @angela_skullptures has proven with this colorful masterpiece. Her client wanted colors so bright, they would shine under UV light and she delivered and then some. Neon rainbow hairstyles can be seen a mile away and when you add an extremely detailed sidecut and undercut, you should be ready to be the center of attention in every room. Own it!

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