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26 Oct '20

Five Silver Hairstyles To Brighten Your Day

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Shine On With These Platinum Hairdos

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When you are considering a big beauty change, many options will pop into your head. Should you buy that bold lipstick? Or finally try out that trendy print you've been eyeing? Maybe you've considered a new color palette but aren't completely convinced yet? While making a change in your beauty routine is fun, it can also be a bit overwhelming and that's where this list comes in. For anyone that's considered getting a fantasy hair color but aren't completely comfortable with showing up to school or work with pink hair, we have some good news. Platinum or silver hairstyles will make you look like a new person but most importantly, make you feel like you're ready to take on whatever comes your way. Let these five talented hairstylists show you how silver hair can make you go from 0 to 100 with the swipe of a brush.

Silver Bob

A post shared by PULPRIOT HAIR SOUTH CAROLINA (@hairbyduhsavannah) on

This makeover by @hairbyduhsavannah is one of our favorites and it's not hard to see why; just look at this stunning silver beauty! She paired this silver hairdo with a cute bob cut and we are in love. By making it shorter on the back and longer to the sides, she gave this look structure and made her client very happy with the end result.

Silver Waves

A post shared by Blonde & Balayage Specialist (@jonnynoblemckelvey) on

For those who have long hair and plan to keep it that way, this look by @jonnynoblemckelvey is the one for you. By keeping the locks long, he was able to style this platinum hair transformation into soft, mermaid waves that just makes us want to run our fingers through it.

Asymmetrical Twist

A post shared by Huntington Beach Salon Owner (@hairbyfranco) on

So you've decided to get a platinum hair color but feel a little bummed because you won't get that neon hue you've secretly wanted since you were young? Allow the awesome @hairbyfranco to show you how it's done! He joined his client's love for platinum and purple hair and made them into this gorgeous hairstyle. Just tell your stylist to add a pop of color to your roots and let the selfie marathon begin!

Platinum Ponytail

A post shared by Zunny Suderman | PULP RIOT (@zunnyhair) on

This hair inspiration look created by @zunnyhair would make any room shine brighter. We especially love how this was styled in a tight ponytail, using the client's hair as the hair tie to bring it all together. By using a curling wand, you can also get these flawless curls that elevate this style that's just perfect for a busy day out and about.

Rainbow Pop

A post shared by Kimberly Ibbotson (@kimberlytayhair) on

Rainbow hair fans will absolutely love this hair makeover by @kimberlytayhair, thanks to her colorful placement on the front strands surrounding her client's face. She then allowed the silver color to shine and blend with the rainbow strands, making this look pop more than ever before. Neon pink and blue hues combine nicely with the platinum base, showing us why hairstylists should be the ones in charge when it comes to fantasy hair transformations.

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