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22 Apr '20

Five Purple Hairdos To Make Your Head Look Its Best

Posted by ISA Professional

Embrace These 5 Purple Haired Makeovers

A post shared by Hair by Suzanne (@hairbysuzanne_) on

If you're feeling the need for a makeover or a hairstyle that will make you feel more confident than ever, look no more; we've compiled some of our favorite fantasy colored hairstyles. Here, at ISA Professional, we love bright and pastel colors alike and today's color of choice is: purple! Purple hairdos are a lot of fun and are also very popular at the moment. Whatever your reason for being intrigued by purple hairstyles doesn't really matter though; all that matters is how this hair color has become more widely accepted and it is now your moment to jump on this fun hued train. Luckily for the adventurous, there are many different ways to rock purple hair and these hair styling gurus want to show us a few different options to get our creative juices going!

Which of these purple hued looks would you get your inspiration from? Let us know in the comments!


Eggplant Roots

A post shared by JessicaPowersPaints | PULPRIOT (@jessicapowerspaints) on

Admit it; the more you look at these purple colored waves, the more it pulls your eyes in. This hair makeover by @jessicapowerspaints is gorgeous and we can't stop looking at the purple hued placements. The natural roots stayed dark on purpose, which then help cut back on salon visits and blends perfectly with the dark, purple color used. The waves this look was styled in remind us of the ocean with soft ripples in the sand and we are immediately transported to the beach; we're relaxed already.


Rainbow Ambush

A post shared by Меня зовут Нана и я цветоголик (@nanameuw) on

Want something brighter? Something that will make your hair glow under the sun? Check out this purple creation by @nanameuw and bask in its neon overload wonder, then. Not only did she make sure the purple was one of the brightest hues available, she also gave us an additional rainbow colored surprise on the bottom layer of the client's hair! This rainbow peek a boo look is just gorgeous and keeps you on your toes; just imagine the styling possibilities with these color combinations!


Pastel Lilac Bob

A post shared by Lisa Salgado🎃 (@lisadoeshair) on

Pastel hair colors are also very popular right now and we can completely understand why: they are pretty to look at and give the bearer a soft and calming appearance. It's a relaxing hue to go for in the salon chair and stylist @lisadoeshair makes a strong case for it in the look here. This lilac bob really shows us why pastel hairs are here to stay; we're especially in love with the blue details framing her face. Bobs also look amazing styled in soft curls and she styled them so perfectly.


Grape Boho Braids

A post shared by 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓼𝓸𝓷 🇺🇿🇺🇸 (@samirasjewelry) on

We love seeing a well done braid but when there are several of them in one hairstyle and they're done with so much love to detail, we already know we're looking at a @samirasjewelry creation. The grape soda hue is amazingly gorgeous and it's not quite bright, not quite pastel but definitely stunningly pretty. When you add nature inspired accessories, it makes the fantasy hair color pop even more and just makes it picture perfect!


Neon Buzzed Undercut

A post shared by @alien_hair_magic on

This hair inspiration is for those who are feeling bolder than usual and aren't afraid to show off their creativity through their hair (and with the help of a professional hairstylist, of course). The talented @alien_hair_magic made it happen with this adventurous purple undercut and then took it to eleven with the rainbow color placement on her design. Purple hair is bold enough on its own but adding an undercut is a rock star move and we support it! Rock on, purple beauty!

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