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31 Mar '20

Shine On With These 5 Silver Hairstyles

Posted by ISA Professional

Brighten Up Your Day With These Bright, Platinum Locks

Platinum Bridal Hairstyle- ISA Professional

Hair colors and hairstyles are two things I love to experiment with. There's just something about changing up my hair color every couple of years or asking a friend to practice a new updo on me, that makes me very happy. It's also very interesting to see how well the image you had in your mind matches up to the real thing, on your appointment day. It takes a lot of trust in your hairstylist but you just know that the end result will be worth all the planning. Personally, I've been obsessed with silver hairdos lately and wanted to share my soon to be look with you all. Silver hues are not quite traditional or fantasy, but they are all around gorgeous!

What do you think of silver hairstyles? Would you try this hair color out?

Icy Bangs

A post shared by Danii (@milksodabeauty) on

This hairstyle by @milksodabeauty is a sight to behold! It is a silver beauty and the bangs just make this look more modern than ever. The silver hue is bright but not blinding and I can completely see myself choosing this as my new hairdo. Can I also point out that it's the perfect style for those wanting to avoid many salon touch up visits? The shadow roots give us the ideal opening, allowing us grow out our hair a tad bit more before that next beauty appointment.

Wild Card Silver

A post shared by 🌸СОНЯ АПРЕЛЬ🌸 (@_aprilhair_) on

If you have been thinking of several different hair colors for your next hair appointment, I have your back. Just look at this hair makeover by @_aprilhair_ and tell me you don't love it! She gave her client exactly what she wanted, by bestowing the gift of silver hair on her, with a green twist. Just go with whatever fantasy color of your choosing and ask your stylist to subtly incorporate it in the bottom layers of you hair! You can thank me later; you'll love it!

Platinum Flower Braid

A post shared by Braids By Brianna💕 (@thegoodhairday) on

Sometimes, silver hair just isn't enough to reach your yearly transformation. Sometimes, you need to change it up even more to make your makeover feel 100% complete. Luckily for you, @thegoodhairday knows all of this and created this stunning flower braided, silver hairstyle! The attention to detail is appreciated and it's just awesome to see a hairstylist in their element. I also love how the silver hue also has a slight purple tone; it really makes this long hairstyle unique!

Aqua Undertones

A post shared by Ciara sikes (@ciarasikes) on

Hair colors have come such a long way, we have so many products and types to choose from. You don't have to settle with box dyes anymore; hair care should be higher up on your self care list, after all. This hairdo by @ciarasikes is a wonderful example of what hair skills and care look like: it's a silver transformation but it also has a slight, blue hue undertone! I am not a stylist but who can't appreciate this gorgeous work? Hair color is so much fun, isn't it?

Trimmed White Punk

A post shared by Denver Hair Colorist🌹Isabelle (@isabellerosehair) on

Now, if you are really feeling adventurous, I have the perfect hairstyle and color for your newest look, right here. This white hued and bold, side cut hairstyle by @isabellerosehair is so awesome; it really gives off a confidence vibe that I'm digging. Not everyone's bone structure can pull off this look but just ask your stylist and they'll lead you in the right direction. Either way, I think we can all agree that this chic, white look is hair goals.

Now that you've seen my recent hair inspirations, which one would you go with and why?

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