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31 Dec '19

Five Looks To Boost Your Confidence This 2020

Posted by ISA Professional

New Year, New Beauty Looks For You

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The new year is almost here and with it, come endless possibilities for all of us. Making New Year Resolutions is nothing new, we all have things we want to strive for and giving ourselves a goal to move towards is empowering. Sometimes, we also need to remember to make our goals attainable within the year period; we don't want to chastise ourselves for dreaming too big, too fast. Smaller goals is a way to help us get on our way, while also giving us a confidence boost; trying new looks in our beauty routine is a good way to start.

Braided Up

A post shared by Braids For You (@braidzilla_nz) on

One of the fastest ways to make yourself feel different in your beauty routine, is to do something different with your hair. @braidzilla_nz decided to braid up her client and upped the ante with 2 extra braids on the sides. We love a high ponytail and braiding it up gives it texture; this hair makeover is gorgeous!

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

A post shared by Artist -Sara-kheder سارة الخضر (@artist_sara_kheder) on

Eye makeup can really elevate your new 2020 look; after all, there are so many ways to change up your usual routine and it's fun to try new techniques! This makeup look by @artist_sara_kheder is wonderfully dramatic and full of details. We especially love those gray contact lenses paired with that dramatic lip color; just remember to consult your ophthalmologist before getting any colored contact lenses for this new year.

Messy Buns

A post shared by Jose Makeup & Hairstyle (@josefa_caballeria) on

Do you love the flawless looks that most models seem to have in their pictures and want to give it a go yourself? Try a monochromatic makeup look like @josefa_caballeria created in this picture. Keeping the makeup tones to one color is bold, especially when you pair it with this messy bun. Just let some loose strands fall through (don't overdo it) and enjoy!

Tulled Fashionista

A post shared by Faizah | Blogger & Influencer (@blushingmauve) on

When was the last time you remember wearing a tulle skirt? Maybe you used to have one as a kid or maybe you've never wore one before? Let 2020 and @blushingmauve show you how an adult tulle can change up your whole wardrobe then! You can dress it up with a shiny top or tone it down with a cotton crop top. Either way, tulle skirts are so much fun to wear and will definitely make you feel different this new year!

Lit Up Eye Shadow Colors

A post shared by Nicole Jarzobski💋 (@nicolemariemua) on

2020 is a great time to try new beauty looks and bright, neon eye shadows are a perfect way to master you blending skills. This look by @nicolemariemua has some of the brightest colors of the rainbow and we are obsessed with how lovely it looks! Remember, practice makes perfect; don't let yourself feel intimidated, just start with softer hues and work your way up every time. You can rock this makeup look and make it your own with whatever color palette you choose to go with.

Let this New Year be filled with new goals, experiences and beauty looks!

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