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11 Mar '20

Green Hairstyles For An Adventurous Change

Posted by ISA Professional

5 Forest Inspired Hairdos For Your Next Makeover

Taking The Leap To A New Adventure | ISA Professional

There are some colors that are bolder than others and that is clearly evident in fantasy color hairstyles. Dying your hair a fun color is not necessarily a new technique but it has grown to become more mainstream in the last couple of years. Having a neon or anime inspired hair color has become easier than ever; with more and more salons stocking up on these bold dyes. Now is a great time to let your nature loving self make a statement and have an adventurous hair appointment. Let the professionals show you how fantasy color can change your confidence levels and check out these five green hair transformations to get inspired. Which one would you pick and why? Let us know in the comments!

Asymmetrical Mint Bob

A post shared by PULP RIOT 🌈 KANSAS CITY HAIR (@katkolors) on

Anyone that loves neon will love this look by @katkolors and @buzzedandfaded They mixed different hues of bright green to create this modern hairstyle. Blending different colors is no easy feat but their skilled hands were ready for the task. The chic hair bob just adds to this beautiful look, don't you think?

Rainbow Sherbet

A post shared by Lizbeth Vargas | SALON OWNER (@lizzvargashair) on

Want a green hairdo but also want other colors in your makeover? Then look no further, this hairstyle by @lizzvargashair has you covered. Pastels is the main theme in this look and the mix of unicorn colors make this a look that will stand out wherever it goes. This is not a look for the shy hearted but it seems to be worth the effort!

Emerald Mohawk

A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe) on

Do you want to take it up to eleven with your new forest inspired hairstyle? Look at this stunning emerald mohawk by @presleypoe and tell me you don't want this modern hairstyle for yourself! She is a master of blends and by keeping the undercut dark, she allows the green hair to take center stage. Just imagine the outfit possibilities with this hairstyle; they're endless!

Shadow Olive Ombre

A post shared by 🌸СОНЯ АПРЕЛЬ🌸 (@_aprilhair_) on

Worried about your roots growing out too quickly and ruining your beautiful and new green style? It's been taken care of, just ask @_aprilhair_ and this lovely shadow root transformation. Keeping the roots dark allows the growth to be less noticeable and you know what that means: savings in the bank. The green tones she went with are gorgeous and keeping it straight and sleek really show off the color placement accuracy.

Frosty Green


A post shared by Kimberly Ibbotson (@kimberlytayhair) on

Loving these green looks but you had your eye on those bright, white hairstyles that are popping up in your Instagram feed, as well? Just combine the two and the result is this awesome look by @kimberlytayhair The color melt technique is necessary in this style; this means making sure there's no visible divide between the silver and green hues. You can also do this dual tone technique with whatever other color you fancy; just make sure you love your new look as you jump into the fantasy colored world!

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