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30 Apr '21

Purple Hairstyles To Show Off To The World

Posted by ISA Professional Blog

Five Purple Hairstyles That Will Up Your Accessories Game

Woman Wearing Beautiful Necklace | ISA Professional

Choosing the accessories that go best with our outfits can be a lot of fun but daunting, at times. Should you wear that bracelet with those shoes or would they look better paired with that statement necklace that's been hanging  in your closet for the last couple of months? Sometimes, we overthink our fashion choices and should just follow our guts from the get-go. My grandma would always tell me that it was okay to be nervous and scared of new choices but to always face them head on. Ironically, this didn't just fit into mayor life decisions; it also included my beauty ideas. Whenever I'd try on new outfits, makeup or accessories, my grandma would be there to cheer me on and as soon as we left the store, would encourage me to show off my new item as quickly as possible to the world. I've never forgotten that bold spirit and I believe we all should do the same: staying true to ourselves. Later on, this spilled over into my hair color choices: I wanted a fun and bold fantasy hair color to go with my new accessories and my grandma suggested I try purple hair. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship between myself and my varied fantasy hair colors. I'm now here to pass on my grandma's beliefs and help you be true to your beauty choices, which can include gorgeous purple hair! Check out these lovely hairstyles and let me know if you also feel the need to change up your accessory game with a new hair color!

Soft Purple

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt)

Anyone that has ever loved pastels will adore this soft purple hairstyle by @kayla.blkhrt Subdued tones like this one will make you feel like a princess from your childhood stories and who wouldn't want to live that once in their life? This style will pair well with any other pastel outfit you want to show off with it; it's almost to sweet to be true!

Purple Ombre

A post shared by JO🕷🧿 (@josmariie)

Are you still wondering if a purple tone is right for your accessory game changer? Why don't you blending it with another color of your choice and have it all in one look? That's exactly what @josmariie did with this stunning hairstyle by mixing a dark purple color with a bright silver hue on her lucky client that day.

Twisted Purple

A post shared by Creative Colorist (@tiffanymhair)

A stunning hair look is just as important as the clothes you choose to wear; this is especially true when there's a special occasion that you've been looking forward to. This pink and purple twisted hair transformation by @tiffanymhair is one to keep an eye on for your next bold beauty move: it's sure to make you feel like you won the jackpot!

Braided Lilac

A post shared by Sarah Slays (@sarahslaysallday)

Braids are a wonderful way to upgrade an already awesome hair color and stylist @sarahslaysallday knows just how to make them both work in complete harmony. By using two purple tones and styling them into a braided halo, she made her client become the center of attention of every room she walked in.

Rainbow Queen

A post shared by 💎Samantha Smith-Daly (@bottleblonde76)

Looking for a purple look that will not only amaze those around you but will also make you want to take a million photos of yourself? Not many stylists can pull off such a feat but @bottleblonde76 is one of them. She chose to combine purple, silver and blue hues in her creation, trimming them into a smooth chic bob and finishing the look off with a royal crown headband. Who wouldn't swoon at such a sight?

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