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21 Jan '21

5 Green Hairstyles To Focus On

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Channel Your Love of Nature With These Five Green Hair Transformations

Green Flower Crown Hairstyle | ISA Professional

It's difficult to find some time for ourselves when we have so many responsibilities and commitments to check off our list every day. While there's nothing wrong with staying busy and active, sometimes you just need to do something for yourself. That can be taking up a new or past hobby, spending some alone time or changing up your look. While makeup and clothing options are plentiful, there's another way to make your 'me' time more permanent and fun: fantasy hair color! You've probably seen many wild colored hairstyles on your news feed and thought "What if?". Well, why wonder when you can just take the plunge and see for yourself! Today, we will focus on the lovely color green and all it has to offer us; just let these 5 stylists show you how it's done:

Forest Shag

A post shared by PULPRIOT HAIR SOUTH CAROLINA (@hairbyduhsavannah)


When you think of the color green, you would expect to see an emerald tone and with good reason, it makes everything look better and makes us feel closer to nature. This hairstyle by @hairbyduhsavannah takes us to the forest and those waves remind us of gorgeous vines. She finished this look off with symmetrical bangs and perfectly placed layers!


Green Lightning


A post shared by JO🕷 (@josmariie)


A fantasy hair color is not something to be taken lightly; after all, it takes a long time to get done in the salon and requires some TLC at home to keep the color looking fresh and bright. Stylist @josmariie knows this and has come up with a quicker solution: a lightning strike through the middle of the hair. We love the green tones she chose to incorporate into this mostly blonde hairstyle.



Tropical Green


A post shared by Blonde & Balayage Specialist (@jonnynoblemckelvey)


For those who are ready to jump into the green fantasy hair pool and aren't shy of bold colors, this neon tropical green style by @jonnynoblemckelvey will please you immensely! Keeping it as bright as he could, he created a straight and smooth hairstyle that allows everyone to appreciate the fantasy fad for what it really is- fabulous!



Rooted Green

A post shared by Marissa//Vivid hair specialist (@mermaidhairmarissa)


Sometimes, we find ourselves questioning our beauty choices and while can be humbling and completely normal, some looks are just too awesome to ever regret. Cue this stunning shadow root look by @mermaidhairmarissa! She gave her client the bold green hair color that she wanted, while allowing her natural dark roots to share the center stage. The color melt technique between the green and black works wonders with this look.



Toxic Green


A post shared by Angela's 🌼Hair SKULLPTURES🌼 (@angela_skullptures)


We all have a little punk rocker inside of us and sometimes, it's best to let it out! This hairstyle not only allows the gorgeous green tones to stand out, it also allows our artistic side to show off through an intricate side hair tattoo! You can also look confident and unique if you're willing to let @angela_skullptures work her hair magic on you!

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