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18 Dec '20

Pastel Hairstyles For Brides To Be

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Five Soft Pastel Hairdos To Fall In Love With

Gorgeously Feminine Bride To Be | ISA Professional

For any bride to be, the list of decisions can be miles long and the pressure that comes with it are all too real. From the guest list, flowers, caterers, locale and beyond; a bride to be's to-do list can seem never ending. Even though there is a lot of pressure with getting married, one has to believe that everything will fall into place and not sweat the small stuff too much. This means letting friends and family help with whatever they can and making realistic goals for yourself beforehand. Even with all of this knowledge, there are two main goals that a bride's mind usually goes to when she gets engaged and those are: the dress and the hair. The way you look on your wedding day will be immortalized in your mind and the guests' pictures and you want to make sure you look your best. A modern bride to be may want to choose a dress and hairstyle that matches her fun personality and what better way to do so, than with a gorgeous pastel hair color? Below, some of our favorite pastel hairstyles for all those modern bride to be's:

Pastel Purple Updo

A post shared by Creative Colorist (@tiffanymhair)

For the bride that wants to rock two different pastel tones at the same time, this look by @tiffanymhair is the one for you. The color melt technique is popular for a reason, after all; just look at how flawlessly the pink joins the purple tones. We especially love how the crystal accessories were added to the neat updo, so perfect for a bride!

Pastel Pink Rose

A post shared by Алиюша 🦄COLORPORN mom (@aliyousha)

Sometimes, you just love a color and you immediately know that's the one for you and your special day. And sometimes, that perfect color is pastel pink! Allow @aliyousha to lead the way to your perfect pretty in pink look and feel like a rose princess on your wedding day.

Pastel Rainbow Waves

A post shared by San Diego ☀️ Hair 🎨 PULPRIOT 🌈 (@hannahdisconnected)

Are you still struggling with finding "the" look for your special day? Why not take inspiration from the talented @hannahdisconnected and let the rainbow do the talking? With the right blending and curling technique, you too can achieve a unique pastel hairdo you'll be sure to remember fondly. Bonus points for this pastel color pairing nicely with whatever makeup or shoe choice you may be leaning towards!

Pastel Ocean Taffy

A post shared by Winnipeg, Canada Pulp Riot (@hairbymisskellyo)

This pastel hair makeover is for those brides that love the sea and the color palette that goes with it. Delicious blue ocean taffy hair by @hairbymisskellyo is elevated, literally and figuratively, with a teasing technique that gives her client a voluminous 'do. Mermaid bride with ocean waves rippling on her hair, anyone?

Pastel Green Pixie

A post shared by Kelli Gasaway | Hairstylist (@kelzbeauty)

Have you decided to go with a pastel hair color for your special day but feel like it's not quite enough? @kelzbeauty is here to save the day with her pastel green pixie look, ideal for the bride that wants her hair color and cut to stand out! By styling it short on the top and designing an undercut on the bottom, the bride that rocks this look will forever be remembered!

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