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23 Apr '15

Unboxing Beauty does a review of our Argan Oil

Unboxing Beauty recently wrote a very thorough blog post and review of two of our products. The EVAO Extra Virgin Argan Oil, and the Xanadu 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum. The organic Argan Oil review even includes a recipe for a wonderful Argan Chamomile Lip Scrub.

Yum, delicious!

We always love it when bloggers and our customers alike tell us about their own personal experiences with our products. We love helping you be your most beautiful. :-)

Read the full blog here.


06 Mar '15

It Pays To Use Tourmaline Hair Styling Tools – ISA Professional

Why It Pays To Use Solid Tourmaline Hair Styling Tools



Flat irons have always been my go-to tool for hair styling because they're so easy to use. After years of trying different models, I learned that not all flat irons are made the same. The cheaper models that I found in the drugstore always left me with frizz and a slight wave. I then decided it was time to look for a good flat iron, but honestly, I didn’t know what it was that made a good flat iron. After some research, I found out that solid Tourmaline ceramic plates were worth investing in for a variety of reasons.
Tourmaline is a semi precious stone that is crushed and then joined together again to create coatings or solid plates, usually in conjunction with ceramic. The combination of ceramic and tourmaline is the best in the beauty tool market and a true sign of a quality flat iron. It's worth investing in it, rather than keep buying cheap tools and causing damage to your hair.
Solid Tourmaline gives you a huge negative ion boost and that's a good thing. Damaged hair is positively charged, the negative ions in solid Tourmaline cancel out that positive charge and close the open hair cuticles, leaving your hair shinier and healthier. Negative ions are activated by heat, this helps the flat iron heal and repair your hair as you style it, even at high temperatures.
The cheaper models of flat irons have no tourmaline, or say they do, but in reality it's just cheap metal with a ceramic dip. These usually lose their coating with use, leaving you with a harmful flat iron. Tourmaline's smoothness minimizes friction and that reduces painful tugging, breakage and frizz, making hair straightening faster than ever and nearly effortless. My hair reaches about halfway down my back and it only takes 20 minutes to style it completely using a solid tourmaline flat iron, my arms and husband are most thankful for this. I also noticed that the cheaper models had “hot spots”, leaving parts of my hair wavy. With solid Tourmaline, my hair looked shinier and there wasn't a wave mark to be seen. It looked like I had just gone to the salon, I loved how my hair looked!
The benefits of solid Tourmaline hold true for other beauty products as well, like hair dryers, hair curlers and hair brushes. Make sure you research the product before you purchase, don't be fooled by brands that only use coatings. If the styling tool is truly 100%, they'll advertise it, trust me. The best part is that it works on all kinds of hair, especially highly damaged and dry hair. I use it almost everyday, and the plates always heat quickly and evenly.
Now that we're all informed on the benefits of solid Tourmaline ceramic styling tools, let's do ourselves a favor, and make sure we always have shiny, beautiful hair with less time styling and more time for everything else.
19 Jan '15

Happy Monday!

It's a new day and a new week. :-) You know that song, I'm Every Woman? This week, you can do anything. You can be anything! Be brave. Be smart. Be beautiful. Be you.

14 Jan '15

Wednesday Hair Inspiration

Here's some straight hair inspiration for your Wednesday morning. Whether long or short, straight or curly, I offer this wish that today your hair behaves! :-)


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