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16 Dec '15

Trying to Perfect Your Technique and Contour like Kim Kardashian? Try These DIY Tips by Wayne Goss

Posted by ISA Professional in contouring, wayne goss

Contour like Kim Kardashian

Wayne Goss is one of our favorite beauty vloggers. He has a way of explaining things that really click and thanks to him, many of us have improved our beauty game by leaps and bounds.

His tutorial skills have given him such a loyal following; his fans have propelled him to be one of the most followed beauty vloggers. His popularity and straightforward videos have earned him the award of Must-Watch Vlogger by Refinery 29.

One of our favorite tutorials by Wayne (may we call you Wayne? Good!), is his classic "How To Contour And Highlight like Kim Kardashian". We are the first to admit, our contouring skills were not amazing ... but with plenty of practice, as well as the reassuring guidance of Wayne, we have definitely improved! Our favorite tip by Wayne is to always use a moisturizing primer.

So for those of you who also need to make it work, let's pay attention to the video below:



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