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28 Oct '15

How To Make Perfect Curls with A Curling Iron Or Hair Straightener

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How To Make Perfect Curls

Curling irons (or hair straighteners shaped for making curls) can give you so many versatile looks, it's a staple in many people's beauty tool arsenal. Whether you have pin straight or naturally wavy hair, curling tools can give you the look you want. While this may sound easy, there are many common mistakes that some people make when using curling tools that can lead to serious heat damage and hair breakage (a perfect example being to NEVER curl wet/damp hair!). We want to help you get the most out of your curling tool methods, leaving you with your desired curls! Remember that we all have to go through the process of learning the basics, so don't go crazy if the curling tool doesn't do what you want right away; this frustration is completely normal and will disappear as you continue practicing, don't give up!

Invest In A High Quality Curling Iron Or Straightener That Can Be Used For Curling

ISA Professional Mirror Titanium Straightener

I've said this before but I have to repeat it again since it's so crucial to start on the right foot when using any hot styling tool: you must invest in a high quality curling tool to protect your hair from breakage and uneven heat damage. A well made curling tool will not only cut your styling time but will last for many years. Instead of using a brand that has metal plates with a small amount of ceramic coating that chips off with use, invest in one that boasts pure ceramic/titanium plates instead. While these may be a bit pricey, they heat up quickly and evenly, protecting your hair from frizz and dryness, which is worth every penny. I love using my ISA Professional's Mirror Titanium Straightener; it works for straightening but its shape makes it great to create curls as well! It leaves me with beautifully defined curls all day long and it's made of mirror titanium. It's such a great multi use styling tool.

Choose The Right Barrel Size And Temperature For The Curl You Want

Woman With Beautiful Brown Curly Hair ISA Professional

Before investing in your curling tool, you need to know which size is right for the curl you want to make. If you want tight, defined curls or have short hair, go with a .75”-1” curler. If you want looser, beachy wave curls, go with a 1”-2” barrel. Remember, the bigger the barrel, the looser the curl! While some like to have both barrel sizes, I find my 1” is versatile enough to do either styles; if I want looser curls, I just comb through them with my fingers to loosen and break them up a bit.

Those with fine, color treated hair should set it from 150-250°F. Those with thicker, coarse hair should set it from 250-350°F. Only use the temperatures above 400°F with extreme caution, or you risk seriously burning your hair. Hair styling tools should be used according to your hair type. Another important tip is to not hold the curling iron against your hair for too long. Don't hold it longer than 5 seconds or you can burn your hair off, those with coarser hair can hold it for a little longer but don't go over 10 seconds.

Prep Hair With Heat Protection Spray For Before And Holding Spray For After

Stylist Applying Hair Spray To Client's Hair ISA Professional

Heat protection is so important when using heat styling tools, you can't skip this step or your hair will suffer the consequences. Instead of applying it all over before curling, you should apply it section by section as you curl. This way the product is evenly applied, just brush out any tangles in between spraying and curling to make sure the curling tool doesn't tug your hair. When you're done, use a light formula hair spray to mist over your curls to keep them in place and fight humidity.

Always Curl Your Hair Facing Away From Your Face

Red Haired Woman Combing Hair Away From Face ISA Professional

When curling your right side, twist the curling iron clockwise away from your face and counter-clockwise when working on your left side. This will ensure your curls frame your face, giving you a flawless and natural look. Although I do this with the front part of my hair, I like to mix up the directions towards the side and back of my hair to give it more body. After I'm done curling my hair, I use a wide tooth comb to lightly comb through my curls. Although this may sound crazy, it gives me the look I want and makes my curls stay in all day!Save

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