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24 Jan '16

Abbey Stojanovic's Inspiring Makeup Looks

Posted by ISA Professional in beauty, lipstick, makeup

Abbey Stojanovic's Makeup Looks

We are so glad to feature another supremely talented makeup artist on our blog. Abbey Stojanovic's Instagram feed is and endless source of flawless inspiration. You can always count on finding something to use for impressing on a night out or daytime look perfection. So whether you are looking for the perfect MOTD to admire or really need a perfect look, check out some of our picks of the greatest looks by this artist.



First off is this gorgeous look, a great balance between natural and dramatic, it makes the perfect statement without being too intense. Her skin looks so smooth and perfectly moisturized, it's pretty impressive!


This look is all about eye drama! The eye liner is just perfection, and when its combined with the eye shadow it creates perfect nighttime dramatic eyes. The lipstick provides a perfect glossy contrast to the rest of the look.


This look brings the perfect pop of red color on the lips and is one of our favorite Holiday looks out there. That combined with this winged liner and the perfect gradient eye shadow make this look an instant classic.



Here we have a look that beautifully showcases a dark and intense yet sparkly blue eye and compliments it with matte lip perfection!



The final look in this post shows a beautiful shade of pink lipstick which pops against a light green eye shadow with perfectly textured lashes. As you can see for your self, Abbey has heaps of talent and we are glad we get to see her looks and gorgeous hair on Instagram every day. Don't forget to come back for more posts like this as well as all the best tips for beauty and hair-care.

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