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09 Jun '16

Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin Doesn't Have To Be Intimidating

The Right Foundation for Your Skin Type


For those who are new to wearing foundation, going to the store to find the right fit for you may seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be! Researching the facts before going to the store is the best way to prepare yourself and be certain that you know how to pick the right foundation for your skin type.


Even if you don't have skin issues to hide, the right foundation will make you look more polished and airbrushed, and honestly, who doesn't want that? Whether it's for daily use or special occasions, a great foundation will make you feel beautiful and will last all day.


Always moisturize and use a Makeup Primer


A good tip to follow is to always moisturize and apply a makeup primer before applying your foundation; this will ensure your skin is hydrated and will make foundation application much easier. A great makeup primer and moisturizer will also help you use less foundation, helping you save money in the long run. I highly recommend ISA Professional's XANADU 24K Gold Foundation Primer, it gives me a beautiful glow and leaves my skin smooth, making foundation application fool-proof. It also holds my foundation in all day long, no more touch ups needed during the day! It's definitely the HG of makeup primers; it aids your makeup routine, while simultaneously making your skin healthier and smoother. After you apply your primer, it's time for your foundation; just follow these tips to look flawless!

Choose Formula According To Your Skin Type

Foundation Shades ISA Professional


Everyone's skin has specific needs and recognizing your skin type will make your skin care and makeup routine SO much easier. Whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin, don't worry; there's a perfect foundation out there for you. Dry skin needs a boost of hydration, so liquid foundations are best, especially if they provide a dewy finish. Sensitive skin types should stay away from fragrances, making mineral makeup ideal for avoiding any irritation. Oily skin types are usually acne prone, so they should stick with an oil free foundation to avoid breakouts and shine. Combination skin types should use a water based and oil free foundation for best results.


Choose Shade According To Your Jawline (NOT Your Hand!)


Girl Pointing at Jaw ISA Professional


The best way to find the right foundation is to try it in the store before buying it. If there is one makeup item you shouldn't buy without seeing and trying first, it's foundation. First and most important, DO NOT test the foundation on your hand; instead, test it on your jawline to find the shade closest to your skin color. Your perfect shade should be almost invisible on your skin (a hard feat, but trust me, you will find it!). Another option would be to ask a beauty representative in the store to help you find your shade; just make sure you look at yourself in different lightning, including daylight, before purchasing!


Get To Know Your Foundation Tools And Use The One That Suits Your Needs


Makeup Brush Collection ISA Professional


There are several makeup tools that can be used to apply your foundation, it's just a matter of finding one that suits your personal needs. First, there's the ever popular makeup sponge, used mainly to get a streak free look by lightly moistening it, before patting your foundation down smoothly. Another makeup tool that's popular with liquid foundation users is the classic foundation brush. This brush is usually slightly tapered and is used in downwards strokes to get even foundation coverage. Lastly, you can also use the tips of your fingers to apply foundation, the warmth from your fingers helps you apply your product evenly. This technique is best used for BB creams or tinted moisturizers, since these low coverage foundations are lightweight and are easily blended into the skin.


Always Look For Foundation With SPF


Face in The Sun ISA Professional


One of the main things you should look for in a foundation is SPF protection. Lucky for us, there's a wide range of SPF loaded foundation options out there, just do your research before buying. Remember, the higher the sun protection, the better for your skin! Makeup should help protect your skin as well as enhance your features, so go out there and find the foundation that makes you and your skin feel best!

29 Mar '16

Gorgeous Makeup Looks from the Supremely Talented Shayla

Makeup Looks by Shayla

We definitely struck gold when we found Shayla's profile on Instagram.  Her profile is a veritable treasure trove of makeup inspiration for the DIY makeup artist in all of us. Her skill with the brush is impressive and best of all she is a great teacher and communicates her technique flawlessly. Be sure to keep up with her blog and social media and check out her extremely helpful classes.


A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on


This first look is gorgeously girly without being over the top. The look is very soft yet bright and colorful in the most perfect way. Her skin tone looks so even and smooth, she definitely uses a quality makeup primer.


A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on


This look defines fierce, it is a great tropical look with it's lively colors and perfectly smooth foundation. Don't we wish we looked this nice on vacation?




A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on


OMG her cat eye and matte lips are a perfect match! This look definitely works to perfection and can be used for day and night for a flawless and easy transition.


A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on


This is an amazing night time look for when you want to look formal but at the same time keep it light and not overly dramatic. Let's not forget how shiny and voluminous her hair looks as well. The loose waves take this look to another level.


A photo posted by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on


And finally we have a light makeup look, almost a no makeup look. It looks very natural and almost effortless, which makes it a perfect look for daytime and work.

There are so many talented people on Instagram that we can't wait to share them all with you!


11 Mar '16

Truly Amazing Makeup by Silvia Quiros

Makeup by Silvia Quiros

Some makeup artist stand out from the pack. Silvia Quiros is one of these artists, her skill make even the most simple look take on a whole new life. Check out some of our favorite all time looks by Silvia.


A photo posted by Silvia Quirós (@silviaquiros) on


Silvia says this is a great date night look and we totally agree. We admit we are a bit jealous of what healthy skin she has. It's gorgeous!


A photo posted by Silvia Quirós (@silviaquiros) on


This look is perfect for a weekend out, just dramatic enough to call attention but not weigh you down. With makeup like this you'll definitely turn some heads.


A photo posted by Silvia Quirós (@silviaquiros) on


This look is definitely an attention grabber, full of drama and style. The predominant bronze tint makes this unique and presents a very strong and confident style. Combining this with simple and worry free nails is essential.


A photo posted by Silvia Quirós (@silviaquiros) on


Silvia calls this look the Gothic Rainbow and it truly describes this look perfectly. This look is all about attitude and confidence, which you will definitely need in order to pull it off!


A photo posted by Silvia Quirós (@silviaquiros) on


This last looks further shows off the artist's talent. Even though it's very simple, it is perfectly balanced. Perfect for that extra touch of color during the day, this could be a great choice for the office. Don't forget to check back periodically as we share our latest makeup crushes!

24 Jan '16

Abbey Stojanovic's Inspiring Makeup Looks

Abbey Stojanovic's Makeup Looks

We are so glad to feature another supremely talented makeup artist on our blog. Abbey Stojanovic's Instagram feed is and endless source of flawless inspiration. You can always count on finding something to use for impressing on a night out or daytime look perfection. So whether you are looking for the perfect MOTD to admire or really need a perfect look, check out some of our picks of the greatest looks by this artist.



First off is this gorgeous look, a great balance between natural and dramatic, it makes the perfect statement without being too intense. Her skin looks so smooth and perfectly moisturized, it's pretty impressive!


This look is all about eye drama! The eye liner is just perfection, and when its combined with the eye shadow it creates perfect nighttime dramatic eyes. The lipstick provides a perfect glossy contrast to the rest of the look.

A post shared by Abbey Stojanovic (@abbeystojmua) on


This look brings the perfect pop of red color on the lips and is one of our favorite Holiday looks out there. That combined with this winged liner and the perfect gradient eye shadow make this look an instant classic.


A post shared by Abbey Stojanovic (@abbeystojmua) on


Here we have a look that beautifully showcases a dark and intense yet sparkly blue eye and compliments it with matte lip perfection!


The final look in this post shows a beautiful shade of pink lipstick which pops against a light gold eye shadow with perfectly textured lashes. As you can see for your self, Abbey has heaps of talent and we are glad we get to see her looks and gorgeous hair on Instagram every day. Don't forget to come back for more posts like this as well as all the best tips for beauty and hair-care.

29 Nov '15

Nicol Concilio is our Latest Makeup Crush

Nicol Concilio Makeup Looks

With so many new makeup bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers it's a little hard to keep track of those looks you love so much but it's also tons of fun! We see gorgeous looks that come from such talented individuals that we just had to create a space where we could share all these looks with you. This week we want to share some of our favorite looks from the always gorgeous Nicol Concilio. Her Instagram profile is a trove for any beauty lover and her YouTube tutorials are wonderfully inspiring.


A photo posted by NICOL CONCILIO (@nicolconcilio) on

Let's start with this gorgeous Thanksgiving look, the golden touches add the right amount of luminance. The colors are truly fall perfection and compliment each other beautifully.


This one speaks for its self but we still made a caption : "Don't mind me, just driving around doing doing some chores looking FABULOUS"


We're amazed, and totally jealous, of her eyeliner skill. This black and white look is an instant classic.


 And lastly we couldn't end this post without acknowledging that she is the Queen of purple!


We hope you loved these looks too, be sure to come back and check out more of our faves! Leave a comment and let us know who inspires your beauty game.





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