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07 Oct '15

4 Facial Oils To Add To Your Daily Beauty Routine

Posted by ISA Professional in acne, hydrating, natural skin care, oils, treatments

4 Daily Moisturizing Oils


Natural Oils Isa Professional


Chances are, you already have a beauty product that has a beauty oil mixed into it to maximize the effectiveness of the skin product. While these products are helpful because they're easily accessible and ready to use, why not try to use the oil in its pure form for your beauty routine instead? By using pure oils, you not only save money, but also get the most benefits for your skin's health. Oils boasts serious hydration, anti aging benefits, and can even help you fight acne. You may feel a bit intimidated applying a pure oil on your face, especially if you're already acne prone but I have good news; an oil will not make you break out, but it will make your skin healthier!


You just need to figure out which oil is the best fit with your skin type, it's that simple. Below are 4 of the best natural oils you can incorporate into your beauty regimen. Trust me, 100% pure oil will completely up your skin game and you will never look back. I suggest you apply any of these oils at the end of the day, after removing any makeup with a cleanser. This is because your skin is thirstiest at the end of the day, and by applying it before going to bed, it maximizes the absorbency without any makeup to get in the way. These oils are an essential part of any natural skin care routine.


EVAO Extra Virgin Argan Oil ISA Professional #1 Argan Oil (Anti-Aging)

Let's start with my personal favorite and one of the most well known oils out there (for a good reason), Argan Oil. This is my HG of oils, it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, has a nice, nutty scent and since it's so lightweight, it absorbsquickly. Argan Oil has anti-aging benefits, thanks to its high fatty acids (like Omega 6) and Vitamin E content. With a few drops, you can completely apply it on your face and neck, and can even apply makeup once it has dried (I sometimes use it this way, during the day). Argan Oil also helps reduce inflammation, restores elasticity and protects against free radical damage; there's a reason they call it 'liquid gold'. Make sure it's 100% pure oil. Some companies mix their argan oil with other ingredients. I always recommend ISA Professional's EVAO (Extra Virgin Argan Oil), it's USDA Organic Cold Pressed, Not Tested On Animals and Fair Trade, what more could you ask for? I can't get enough of this oil and best of all, it works amazingly well on both young and mature skin. It's never too early to use anti aging skin products, so I use Argan Oil daily for more than just skin.


Tea Tree ISA Professional

#2 Tea Tree Oil (Acne Fighter)

This oil is perfect for those with acne prone skin because it isn't as harsh as medicated and over-the-counter acne products. Tea Tree Oil has anti fungal and anti viral benefits, so it also works on minor wounds and helps prevent infections, as well. You can apply it by using a Q-tip and spot treating any pimples or blemishes on your face. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it into some carrier oil beforehand. Safflower oil makes a good carrier oil and does not stain cloth like grapeseed oil or avocado oil. Tea Tree Oil feels more like an astringent than an oil, it dries quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky.


Woman Hiding Face Behind Flowers ISA Professional

#3 Jojoba Oil (Oily Skin Fighter)

For those who have to constantly deal with oily skin and don't want hide behind whatever is on hand anymore, Jojoba Oil is the right oil for you. This is because Jojoba Oil is very similar to human sebum, making it ideal to help regulate your skin's natural oil production. This oil actually tricks your skin into thinking it has already produced enough oil, leaving your skin looking and feeling less oily (how cool is that?). Jojoba Oil is also antibacterial and anti inflammatory, so it helps your skin's health as it gradually lowers your natural oil production. Just remember to make sure it's 100% pure! Apply it in the morning after washing your face, it works best on a clean surface.


Almonds Isa Professional

#4 Almond Oil (Evens Out Skin Tone)

Those with nut allergies need to stay away from Almond Oil. If you aren't allergic, almond oil helps even out skin tone by clearing dead skin cells. This oil is great for anyone dealing with dark spots on their face and just want their skin to look toned and healthy. It's especially helpful for under eye circles! This oil is best applied before going to bed to let it work its magic. Massage it into your face and neck gently and love how beautiful, smooth and hydrated your face looks the next morning!



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