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19 Oct '18

Halloween 2018 Makeup Looks from Weird to Wonderful

Posted by ISA Professional

Get Creative With These Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup | ISA Professional

Are you a big fan of Halloween? Then tis the season for thrills and chills - and there’s no reason your makeup can’t get in on the action. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party (and you may not want to don a full costume) or you just want some appropriately festive looks to get in the mood throughout October, we’ve got 15 spectacular looks for your nails, lips, and eyes below!

Spooky Nails



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When your Halloween feels aren't playing around, ask for the severely pointed nails next time you're at the nail salon. Then break out the matte black nail polish that makes your inner Wednesday Addams ALMOST break a smile. Leave the base third of several nails bare while painting the rest of the nail black. Use your black nail polish to paint some spider webs in the bare space. On the all-black nails, use white nail polish to paint finger bones. Altogether, you’ll be sporting a classy macabre look.

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For a classic Halloween look, choose a bright orange nail polish - not a neon color, but a pumpkin shade. And not a realistic pumpkin, but jack'o'lantern-made-of-construction-paper pumpkin. Get a nice, bright, even coat across your nail. Then follow that with thin stripes of black nail polish from nail base to nail tip. Crisp lines aren't required here - it's a playfully free-handed polish job that declares "this is Halloween!"

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Another easy look is to decorate each fingernail as if it were a jack-o-lantern - again, you'll need to establish a smooth base of unblemished, bright pumpkin orange. Follow it up with your black nail polish - glittery is festive - and draw a different jack-o-lantern face for each finger. Smirking, gasping, howling, or with a skeleton grin!

A post shared by TALISHA L SHEPHERD (@talishasnailart) on

If you're looking for a manicure straight out of Halloweentown, break out your black and white nail polishes again. This time, vary your nails with all-black polish, white polish with black stripes, and white polish with a Jack Skellington face painted in black. Do both hands to match, or on the other hand, create nail polish patterns in purple, gold, blue-green and black to mimic the fabric of your favorite ragdoll's dress.

Thrilling Lips


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Great fake fangs are hard to come by, so what's a wannabe vampire to do? Get creative, of course! When you don't feel like eating around plastic all night - or gluing fangs over your canines - get artistic and paint those vampire fangs on your lips! Go dramatic with a black outer lip with red in the middle and two pearly white fangs painted on either side of your lower lip.

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Share your love of the pumpkin patch with a creative orange and black lip! Apply a clean, well-defined layer of matte orange lipstick to your upper lip, layered with black as your lip curves under - you want that black to be on the upper curve of your lower lip as well. Using lip liner, draw the outlines of jack-o-lanterns in two rows on your bottom lip. Then use a pale yellow or gold lipstick for the jack-o-lantern eyes and grins!

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If you can find some tiny bat shapes to use for lip art - or if you have a very steady hand - try this lip look of slick black night disintegrating into a spooky flight of bats across your lower lip! This calls for your favorite black lipstick with a precise and severe upper lip over ragged-edged black on the top of your lower lip and those key bat shapes flapping away.

A post shared by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

Are you a total artist when it comes to your lips? If you want to go all-out, try a recreation of one of Jazmina Daniel's lip creations - like the iconic shot of four witches strutting their spooky stuff in that Halloween classic film The Craft. I can't even begin to tell you how to tackle this lip art - take a look at the master's work and give it a go yourself!

Nightmare Eyes


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Show your love for Halloween candy with candy corn eyes! You will need orange, yellow, and white shadows - and something with glitter is great as well. Lay down orange on your eyelid with white smudged closest to your nose and yellow sweeping into a sharp wing on the other side. You can throw some glitter in your eye crease, with a strong line of orange eye shadow fading to yellow just under your brow. Smudge a line of orange under your eye, fading to yellow, and then draw a small piece of candy corn below the right corner of your eye.

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Love Beetlejuice? It's classic Burton and great Halloween fare. Get into your best Burtonesque suit and trick your eyes out to match. Draw a black and white curling Beetlejuice snake’s tail curling to the left over your eyelid, and smudged purple fading into a thin streak of green shadow just under your eyebrow. Repeat the green more deeply under your eye. Finish it up with writing "Never Trust" just over your eyebrow in eyeliner, and "the Living" below your eye.

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Ditch your usual winged eye look for more dramatic batwinged eyes this season! Create a heavy line across your upper eyelid that sweeps into a that pointed classic batwing shape with it's three lower points. Use a thinner line across your lower lid to close it off.

A post shared by Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg) on

If you're super artistic with a steady hand, your eyelid can become a canvas this fantastically creepy season! Just look at this The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired bit of eye art created by Tal Peleg. In addition to traditional eye makeup, you’ll need watercolor makeup in various colors along with fine-tipped paint brushes for application.

I hope these Halloween looks we’ve shared today have inspired you to embrace weird and wonderful makeup this season! If you do, be sure to share your photo with us in the comments or tag us on Instagram at @isa.professional.

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