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12 Oct '18

Lip Art Designs That Will Make You Look Twice

Posted by ISA Professional

Five Lip Artists That You'll Want To Follow Immediately

 Woman Applying Lipstick | ISA Professional

Lipstick is a classic staple in most women's makeup arsenal; even women that don't like wearing a full face of makeup, usually have a lipstick (or balm) handy for any occasion. Whether you like wearing a simple gloss, balm, liquid or the more daring matte's that are so popular right now, lipstick is just fun to experiment with. I love going into department stores and trying on different lipsticks that are out of my comfort zone to see if it would look good on me. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised and actually walk out with a full sized tube and sometimes I gasp in horror at what I see in the reflection. Even though picking the perfect lipstick can be a challenge, you usually find a shade that suits you. Some makeup artists that are all too familiar with what colors work with whatever look they're going for, take it many steps further with their artistic abilities. If you haven't seen detailed lip art on IG, then you're in for a treat. These are just a few of the creations out there, which one would you try out on a bold night out?

Glossy Rainbow Lips


A post shared by Jill Foran (@jilltakesphotos) on

This lip art is so awesome, I love how @jilltakesphtos made the rainbow colors melt together to look so put together. It's great for anyone who can't decide which color to try out, when in doubt, just go with the whole rainbow! The glossy finish is also a nice touch.

Leopard Lips


A post shared by Molly Bee (@beautsoup) on

For anyone that wants a wilder look to really wow the crowd, this lip art by @beautsoup is the right way to go. Leopard spots are the main highlight of this look, and the neutral background really helps it pop. This is a wonderful look for anyone that wants to release their wild side!

Neon Splatter Lips


A post shared by Chastity Dimitra Leos (@chassydimitra) on

I think a music festival is a perfect place to sport this lip art by @chassydimitra, don't you? The black base with the brightly colored, perfectly placed liner designs is fascinating to look at. I can't even imagine how she managed to create this but I know I always go back to look at it when I need my makeup inspo.

Detailed Dali Lips


A post shared by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

I'm still in shock over this lip art; it seems almost impossible to fit Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory' onto such a small canvas but @missjazminad did just that and beautifully. His melting pocket watches in the sun are one of his most well known pieces and seeing them recreated with makeup products is awesome. It took her seven and a half hours to create but I think it was well worth it, don't you?

Pastel Mosaic Lips


A post shared by Mina 💀 (@theminaficent) on

Pastel colors are a lot of fun on hair or nails but did you ever think of a pastel colored mosaic design on your lips? We can thank @theminaficent for thinking of such a unique idea, just look at those perfectly detailed black outlines! I have a hard enough time using lip liner and seeing her work makes me want to practice more than ever. Bonus points for the matching manicure to go with her lip work, she really is a MUA to follow.

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