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16 Aug '18

Sharpen Your Eyeliner Skills With These Five Looks

Posted by ISA Professional

5 Eyeliner Looks So Sharp, They Cut!

Woman Gets Eyeliner Applied | ISA Professional

If you're anything like me, you spent a ridiculously long amount of time researching eyeliners and which kind was best for you. Not only did we have to figure out the difference between liquid, pencil, gel and the different brushes that came with them, we also had to see the pros in action. Nothing helps you learn more than watching tutorials and seeing the MUAs work their magic. After the educational part was covered, we needed to put it into action. I remember the frustration of trying to perfect that cat-eye look I was so obsessed with; it was brutal. Many, many, many makeup remover wipes later, I finally felt comfortable creating my winged eyeliner. I felt a real moment of accomplishment: being confident in styling my hair into beautiful curls and still have time to rock a cat-eye was something I always wanted to have in my beauty skill arsenal! Even though I finally mastered my perfect cat-eye, I still felt I could upgrade it by, once again, following my favorite MUAs. These artists show us how the cat-eye can be elevated and I know that with enough practice, we can create these looks too! Which one will you perfect first?

Cut Crease Cat-Eye

A post shared by Chelsea Tresidder (@chelseasmakeup) on

If you're a lover of earth tones, then this eye look by @chelseasmakeup is perfect for you. The copper and brown tones go so nicely with that black cat-eye and the hint of glitter on the inner lid makes the eyes seem bigger and brighter! You would have to practice the cut crease she created, but it would be so worth it.

Liquid Liner + Jumbo Lashes

A post shared by JoannaH (@_joanh) on

A classic smokey eye is a must if you're tuning your eyeliner skills and @_joanh really raises the bar for you to reach. This smokey eye has everything you could ever want: flawlessly blended eyeshadows, large falsies and liquid eyeliner skills that can be seen a mile away.

Stay In The Lines

A post shared by E L L A G R A Y (@el_makeupxx) on

My aunt taught me to love art by showing me how to paint and draw. I remember how she would always stay inside the lines when we painted in my childhood coloring books together and this eyeliner look by @el_makeupxx demands cleanliness, just like my old art books. I love how she created thick lines to create her cat-eye and the pink ombre effect inside is so much fun!

Jeweled Eyeliner

A post shared by Maria Victoria (@angelicbeautyxo) on

Are you feeling extra creative or looking for an eyeliner look that would be perfect for your next music festival? Look no further, this jeweled eye look by @angelicbeautyxo is here! Using a combination of glitter and skin friendly jewel stickers, she created a faux cat-eye that I can't get enough of. The glitter eyeliner highlighting the crease really ties it all together, don't you think?

Bold Rainbow

A post shared by Mariz_GMua💋👑🌙 (@mariz_garcia1) on

This look is purely for those who are bold enough to wear a full rainbow on their eyes, making a bright fashion statement in the process. The skillful way @makeuponpoint was able to blend those neon hues is somehow shadowed by that gorgeous, glittery cat-eye! This kind of eyeliner look requires glitter glue to be able to apply the glitter correctly but with enough practice, you can also rock this unique look.

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