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14 Dec '18

Five Festive Red Lipstick Looks That Are Ideal For The Holidays

Posted by ISA Professional

Stop Them In Their Tracks With These Red Lips

Woman Applying Red Lipstick | ISA Professional

I don’t know about you, but Christmas really sneaked up on me this year. I still feel like Halloween just passed by, while my neighbors are already putting up their lights and cheerful ornaments. December can be a month for self reflection and goodwill (even though we should strive for those things all year long but somehow Christmas reminds us to do so, more than any other month of the year). While gift giving (and receiving) can be extremely fun this time of the year, we shouldn’t lose focus of what the holidays are about: spending time with friends and family. What does this mean? A whole lot of parties and get togethers all month long, bringing people closer together with beautiful, twinkling lights in the background. It allows families and old friends to reunite for a while, making it especially important for those who live far away the rest of the year. With all of these holiday invitations comes the usual question: what should I wear? You know the cameras will be out all night and since you treasure these memories, you want to look good while making them. It makes it a bit more special when you dress up (even though you’re just staying in with everyone), and let’s face it, photos are to be cherished and looked back on with a smile. You don’t want to look disheveled and what better way to look gorgeous and festive than with a statement red lipstick? Red lips looks good on everyone, it just takes a bit of courage and a steady hand. If you’re looking to really stand out at your next party, then these 5 red lipped looks are for you. Which one would you rock this month?

Dewy Red Lips


A post shared by Martha Butterworth (@marthamakeupartist)) on

Gloss over the lipstick is an old trick we’ve all used before, it gives you the staying power of lipstick and the beautiful shine of gloss. Well, @marthamakeupartist knows this well and has knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous dewy red lip. A tip if you decide to rock this look: wear your hair up in a braid or ponytail, no one wants their hair to get stuck to their lip gloss!

Green Wreath Lips


A post shared by Chloe Young (@chloeybeauty) on

If you want something that screams the holidays, then this look by @chloeybeauty is perfect for you! Maybe you’re known by everyone as the Christmas lover that will always look the part for their parties and why disappoint them this year? Drawing those red and white stripes and giving the green wreath some texture will take time but will completely worth it!

Candy Cane Lips


A post shared by Chastity Dimitra Leos (@chassydimitra) on


Looking for something that isn’t completely red these holidays? By creating an ombre effect with your reds and blues, you can create a lovely look like this one by @chassydimitra. The candy cane stripes are so cute and those lining skills are out of this world!

Metallic Mosaic Lips


A post shared by Vlada Haggerty (@vladamua) on


For anyone that follows makeup artists on Instagram, @vladmua is one of the most talented and well known. She creates lip art like no other and her skill and determination show clearly in her work. This holiday look will leave anyone that looks at you a bit dizzy thanks to the red metallic details, making it impossible to look away. Definitely drink through a straw with this look, though!


Golden Red Lips


A post shared by megbaldini (@megbaldini) on


Do you love gold? I love how it’s a color that pairs well with anything and joining it with these coral red lips is a genius move by @megbaldini. The detail work she put into it is stunning and that coral red hue is perfect for your next party (or lets be honest, any other time of the year). Just imagine having this art on your lips paired with a sleek black dress these holidays!

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