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22 Aug '18

Brighten Up Your Day With These Five Braided Hairstyles

Posted by ISA Professional

Find The Perfect Braid For Your Next Event

 Crown Braid Hairstyle | ISA Professional

I can't count the amount of times I've wanted to create beautiful and detailed braided hairstyles but for some reason, I was barely able to learn the basic braid. Back then, it was because I was tired of my hair always getting in the way and I was bored with the basic ponytail I always turned to. I felt intimidated by the difficulty and decided to focus my attention to other things. But throughout the last couple of years, I've actually gotten the hang of several braid styles. Now, instead of just wanting to keep my hair out of my face, I wanted to learn to feel more confident and pretty. Since I have decided to embrace my newfound motivation to create beautiful hairstyles, I've decided to share the five braids I hope to perfect in the future. While these are obviously made by extremely talented professionals, that doesn't mean we can't learn too. Like you've always heard, practice makes perfect; let's admire the gorgeous results these stylists have earned with their hard work and go for it! Which one would you perfect and why?

Half Up Dutch Lace Braids


A post shared by 💞Anna Sofia💞 (@hairstyles_by_anna_sofia) on

This braided hair look by @hairstyles_by_anna_sofia is perfect for anyone that wants a detailed braid in the back and still leave some straight hair loose on the sides. This allows you to keep the front part of you hair out of your face, while still wow-ing others as you pass them by.

Mermaid Braids


A post shared by Shayla 🇺🇿🇺🇸FL (@samirasjewelry) on

It's no secret I used to be obsessed with mermaids and it has now spilled over to hairstyles that give off that beachy vibe. When I saw this heart braid look by @samirasjewelry, I was hooked. That pastel blue color is perfect all on its own, but pairing it with that braid style makes this mermaid hairstyle pure genius.

Knotted Infinity Braids


A post shared by Katie DeLuca🔸Braids🔸Foilayage (@hairbykatied) on

The black leather hair piece that @hairbykatied used for this polished braid look is awesome; I think it really adds to the style she was going for. I'm still stunned at how she was able to take the loose sides of the hair and join them to the braids to create that lovely waterfall effect. I need to up braiding my game, for sure.

Accessorized Fohwawk Braids


A post shared by Sarajane Maples-Buttner (@blushandmane) on

Remember those cheap neon colored plastic bracelets you wore as a kid? How you would learn to braid and join them together in an attempt to look the coolest in your school? Well, I'm pretty sure @blushandmane took inspiration from that childhood creativity to make this beautiful braided look. This updo is perfect for anyone who wants a mowhwak for a day, without the commitment. By braiding the hair upwards, and tucking it together on the sides, she was able to make a look that I seriously want to perfect!

Double Braided Space Buns


A post shared by Brittnie Dawn (@hairbybrittniie) on

Trying to find a look that screams music festival? Look no further than this electric neon hairstyle by @hairbybrittniie! This has everything you could hope for in a bold look: bright hair colors, glitter roots, hair buns and two braids tying the whole look together. I love how the braids and bangs look together, why have one braid when you can have two?

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