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26 Jul '18

Mermaid Hairstyles To Copy

Posted by ISA Professional

Stunning Blue Hair Makeovers For Your Next Session

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I've become obsessed with following hairstylists that do magic with their hands. They are able to create beautiful hair color combinations and I really want to try something new with my hair. Can you relate? I have been known to change up my hair color every once in a while and even though I've had green hair in the past, I am gravitating towards blue tones right now. Hairstylists have really embraced the fantasy hair trend and have been able to put their own spin on their mane creations. It's really fun to see what new look they've posted on IG recently, you never know what kind of client will walk through their doors, asking for their help. I've also read of stylists that work with their clients creatively to achieve a look that is both beautiful and isn't harmful to the hair follicles. It's been difficult to choose but these mermaid hairstyles are the ones I'm leaning towards, which one would you choose?

Dark Roots


A post shared by nellieduclos⚡️(@nellieduclos) on


I love it when a hairstylist chooses to create a color melt effect with fantasy colors. This makeover by @nellieduclos is a great example of this technique; she decided to leave the roots dark and have the blue melt off into perfect curls. I think it looks awesome and it's a great choice if you leave the roots your natural color; that way, you can last longer between salon appointments!

Soft Blues


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Even though I used to love bright, neon colors when I was younger (my neon green hair is proof of this), I have really been loving the pastel hair trend that's been all over my feed. It's a way to show off your love of fantasy hair color but not blind them with your color choice. I've noticed a lot of brides going with pastel haired looks, like this one by @amandajeank and I can see why. Pair a soft blue with this messy braid and you have a very happy client.

Rainbow Surprise


A post shared by CHICAGO Hair|VIVIDS|Balayage (@electric.locks) on


One of the fun things about fantasy hair are the options, there are so many to go with, so many combinations you can choose from. If you're feeling like blue locks are not enough for you, then this transformation by @electric.locks will help you find your new hairdo. Placing streaks of various bright colors on the underside of the hair is a genius idea because it gives you a pop of extra color in your blue mermaid look.

Ocean Green


A post shared by Stateville Pulp Riot & Blondes (@themaneologist) on

Another option I was considering was a combination of blue and green because they just go so well together. This style by @themaneologist takes my two favorite colors and transforms them into this lovely messy updo. I'm sure her client was very happy with the hairpiece the chose to finish the look, she looks ready for any occasion!

Blue Side Braids


A post shared by Arizona Hairstylist (@emilyandersonstyling) on

I'm so used to having long hair, it had never occurred to me to get a haircut with my new mermaid makeover. This cute hairdo by @emilyandersonstyling has made me actually want to go under the scissors and that's a huge deal, since the last time I got a short haircut, it was a disaster. How could I not want to get a chic cut like hers? In this look, she chose to style it in three side braids and those different tones of blue really make it stand out! She really is the master of the pixie cut (or fohawk) and I want to take a plane to get my mermaid hair done with her this instant.

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