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16 Sep '20

5 Creative Hair Cuts For Your Next Makeover

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Five Undercuts For Your Next Hair Appointment

Creative Photo Shoot For Beautiful Hair | ISA Professional

Once in a while, it's nice to think outside the box and to do something that will make you happy. Have you been trying to find a new way to make yourself feel confident, without the need of a new wardrobe? A new hairstyle is always a classic way to go but what if there was another way to achieve your goal? The undercut design is the destination to your makeover journey and it's no wonder why! These bold hair cuts focus on the back or side of the head and we have to say, we are loving every one of them. Which of these 5 undercuts are you obsessed with? Would you dare take the undercut jump? Let us know in the comments below!

Silver Undercut

A post shared by Hair Artist✨PulpRiot Educator (@shell.vega) on

First on our list is this silver undercut that will give you chills, in a good way! Just look at how @shell.vega used her talented hands to create an asymmetrical undercut design; we're obsessed. Silver hair colors are also very popular at the moment and are a great choice, whether you're embracing your gray strands or just want to try out a new color.

Lotus Undercut

A post shared by TΉEӨDӨRΛ RΛPƬIS📍Stratford ON🇨🇦 (@theodoraraptis) on

Next, is the unique stylist @theodoraraptis and her well known lotus undercut designs, like the one above! It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to create an undercut that is this gorgeous and detailed, it must be so much fun to watch her work her magic! We also love how she styled this haircut in a messy updo; it just makes it even better!

Unicorn Undercut

A post shared by PULP RIOT HAIR 🌈 KANSAS CITY (@katkolors) on

This hairstyle is reserved for those who really want to go outside of their comfort zone and just jump into the modern hair world, bold feet first. The lovely @katkolors made sure that her client stood out everywhere she went by letting a unicorn be her color inspiration. The haircut was then extended to the sides of the head, making this hairdo edgier than we could imagine.

Rainbow Undercut

A post shared by Kayla Deics | YQR Hairstylist (@kayla.blkhrt) on

When you have clients that trust your judgement and skills, you let your creativity go free, like @kayla.blkhrt did here! Using her client's 'MOM' tattoo, she chose to continue the pre existing color palette and allowed the tones to flow upwards, towards her rainbow undercut design. The final touch came with that fabulous blue hue, applied to the rest of the hair perfectly.

Diamond Undercut

A post shared by Angela's 🌼Hair SKULLPTURES🌼 (@angela_skullptures) on

Just imagine using all of your concentration to make this diamond undercut a reality; it looks so intimidating. Luckily, the talented @angela_skullptures knows what she's doing and shows us why it's best to leave this sort of process to the professionals. We always fall in love with her creations but this blue undercut is pure perfection; we'd be tying our hair up and showing it off every day!

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