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10 Sep '15

How To Keep Your Makeup Gorgeous During The Summer Heat


Gorgeous Summer Makeup

Girl Wearing Makeup In Pool | ISA Professional

Summer brings so many great ideas to mind: the beach, outdoor picnics, bikini paired with short shorts, pool parties, family and friends gathered for a BBQ. It also brings to mind some dreaded ones: constant shaving to sport those short dresses, keeping your hair straightened in the humidity without losing your mind, constantly checking to make sure your makeup doesn't run off your face because of sweat. While summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and look cute in those outfits you bought earlier in the year in anticipation of catching some rays, it can also be tricky to make your look last all day long. Humidity is not only sticky, it is also makeup's worst nightmare. Luckily for us, there are some tips we can all follow to make our summers full of fun, without the hassle of worrying over our makeup status.


Apply Moisturizer, Primer and Loose Powder FIRST

Loose Powder With Makeup Brush ISA Professional

I mean it, you need to apply moisturizer before applying any makeup, every single time! This tip is especially true for those with dry skin, since they need some extra hydration to make sure makeup stays in place. After applying your moisturizer (and making sure it's completely absorbed), apply a makeup primer to ensure your makeup lasts all day long. My HG of makeup primers is ISA Professional's XANADU 24K Gold Serum; it gives me a beautiful glow and makes my face smooth and makeup ready. After your primer has dried, apply a LOOSE translucent or skin colored powder to help your foundation and concealer stay put, even in the hottest temperatures. This may sound weird but it works wonderfully; this way you don't have to worry about re-applying halfway through the day, try it out, you'll love it! You then have a setting canvas for any foundation, concealer, corrector, BB cream or CC cream you may want to apply. Those with oily or combination skin can benefit from an additional swipe of loose powder afterwards to help control oil and shine.


Pick A Denser Formula

Girl Wearing Different Colored Concealers ISA Professional

The summer heat means humidity, which is a nightmare when using foundation. This is why it's suggested you stick to a denser formula as a base to hide your blemishes or imperfections. Instead of covering your whole face in foundation, stick to a stick type concealer to evenly smooth out your skin. If the thought of leaving some of your face makeup-free freaks you out, try a tinted moisturizer, BB, CC or DD cream, instead. Or if you still insist on using a foundation, go with an oil free formula because it has the benefit of sticking close to the skin, without running off.


Use Creams, Liquids and Gels Instead Of Powders

Girl Wearing Cream Eyeshadow ISA Professional

Cream based products like eyeshadows, gel or liquid eyeliners, blushes or bronzers are more resistant to heat and sweat, making them ideal for the summertime. Powders and sweat do not mix well, your makeup could end up looking cakey at the end of the day, which forces you to reapply more than once a day (and no one wants that). If you insist on using powder eyeshadows anyway, use an eyeshadow primer beforehand to ensure it doesn't fade away. Cream, liquid and gel products are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way!


Always Choose Waterproof Mascara

Girl Applying Mascara To Her Lashes- ISA Professional

Waterproof mascara is an absolute necessity during the hot, humid days of summer. Sweating and humidity are mascaras enemy, always wear a waterproof one to ensure no more embarrassing color running.


Apply A Makeup Setting Spray

Girl With Full Makeup- ISA Professional

Makeup setting sprays are a necessity for your beauty bag in the summertime. They help lock your makeup and moisturizer in place, so your hard work can stay put, all day long. Some brands even help control your oil production, so there's a setting spray for all skin types available. I used to think setting sprays were unnecessary, until I finally tried it out and I've never looked back. It's amazingly efficient and I barely have to check the mirror during the day, thanks to this little makeup saver.


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