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05 Jul '16

Travel Essentials For Your Next Summer Getaway

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4 Must-Have Summer Travel Items

Woman Enjoying Caribbean Summer View- ISA Professional

Summer has officially arrived and many of us are excited for what the season brings with it. For the next couple of months, you won't have to worry about bulky coats or jackets. Now is the time to bring out that mini skirt you bought earlier in the year, looking forward to how great you would look when the weather got warmer. Another amazing perk to the summertime is getting to wear more stylish and colorful outfits to reflect the sunny weather: pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue... the possibilities are endless! Patterns are also great for summer, giving you plenty of fun prints to choose from.

Summer is the time to become bolder when choosing your look; after all, summer is a time to have fun in the sun and look fabulous doing it. Many of us choose to vacation or go on a getaway during this season; whether it's because your kids are on their school break or because you just want to lounge on the beach or pool during your time off, summertime is the perfect time to take a break from your routine and go off on an adventure!

After choosing where you want to enjoy your summer getaway (my personal favorite is Puerto Rico, it has gorgeous beaches and no passport is needed to travel if you're a US citizen), then comes the not so fun part of packing for your trip. Packing may seem daunting and a hassle but it doesn't have to be. Thinking ahead will help your packing go by much faster, and better yet, you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way. Making sure you have these travel essentials will ensure you have the best summer getaway possible, all you need to add are some rays of sunshine!

Sun Protection

Blonde Woman with Sunglasses Applying Sunscreen - ISA Professional

While the importance of sun protection is well known, you'd be surprised how many people forget to include this necessity before leaving home. Making sure to pack SPF (for both the body and the face) for the whole family will not only save you money, but will protect your skin form the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays (SPF products in tourist destinations love to inflate the price for consumers that didn't plan ahead).

Don't forget to apply on your hair line and ears, these parts are usually forgotten and can burn very easily. If you planned on getting a tan on your getaway, try to do so responsibly. Don't stay in the sun for too long, and more importantly, don't go out in the sun without SPF, or even worse, with baby oil! These methods may give you a tan quicker but are not worth the risks of skin cancer and horrible sunburn. The last thing you need on your summer getaway is to have inflamed, red skin and barely be able to move for the rest of your trip. Other essential items to protect you from the sun include sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection and chic, large hats. Remember, there's nothing sexier than healthy skin!

Hair Straighteners and Products

Woman With Sleek, Healthy, Long Hair Using Hair Straighteners- ISA Professional

With hot weather comes the inevitable humidity and we all know that humidity is hair's worse nightmare. Thinking ahead for your trip will make your hair look amazing all day long. All you need is a hair straightener, a frizz fighting product, some mousse and hair ties. Flat ironing your hair with a quality hair straightener will make all the difference; that's because the high quality mirror titanium flat iron plates glide smoothly without harming you hair in the process and will make your sleek look last longer. Don't feel like straightening your hair and prefer a wavy look? You could take advantage of this straightener's rounded edge, tapered tip and no-tangle cord to create a variety of looks!

After you're done styling your hair, apply some frizz fighting product like argan oil to ensure that the humidity stays away. What if there's a day you don't feel like using a flat iron? Easy, just apply some hair styling mousse or gel to get the look you want. And lastly, if you ever feel like the heat is too much at any point, just tie your hair up in a ponytail and add a cute headband or bandanna to elevate your look!

Versatile Outfits

Woman Wearing Stylish Summer Outfit- ISA Professional

You may feel overwhelmed with choosing the right clothes for your summer getaway; so many choices, so little time! The trick is to think of the most versatile clothes you have that can be styled with different pieces and still look unique.

An orange colored mini skirt would go great with a white, yellow or printed top. If you're wearing a two piece bathing suit, switch up your tops and bottoms so it looks different every time. A great way to look fashionable without a lot of effort is a reversible bathing suit or skirt. Two looks in one piece of clothing is a thing of beauty! When packing your clothes, a good tip is to roll your clothes up so they don't take as much space in your bag. Folding them may seem like a good idea but trust me, once you roll, you'll never look back. To avoid your shoes dirtying your clothing, wrap them up in plastic bags and do the same when it's time to come back home.

To ensure you don't forget anything, think from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and pack by body parts. Writing down what you need will make the process go by quicker, just check off your items as you pack. Also, short dresses are a great idea for your summertime getaway because they don't take up too much space, look chic and are made for this time of the year!

Games and Snacks For The Kids (And Adults!)

 Coloring Book Flat Lay - ISA Professional

Keeping your kids entertained on a long flight or drive can sometimes be difficult, but by packing some games for your summer getaway trip, you will make all of your lives easier. Playing cards, dominoes, travel sized board games, books and coloring books are some great choices to keep them entertained and you happy.

Don't have children? No problem, you can still enjoy these activities to pass the time; after all, you're never to old to play! Coloring books are my personal favorite for kids and adults alike because it's so calming and fun to do. Games are also a great way to spend time with your family during your summer getaway.

Another great way to be prepared for anything is to bring snacks. You never know if your flight will be delayed or when hunger will strike; keeping some sandwiches, trail mix or cookies nearby can be extremely helpful. The summer heat shouldn't be underestimated, so make sure you stay hydrated at all times or you run the risk of getting heat stroke. Drinking plenty of water and enjoying the sunny sky go hand in hand, so get to packing those bags and take advantage of the summer weather while it lasts!

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ISA Professional Heat resistant curling glove for hair curler flat iron hair straightener
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ISA Professional Heat resistant curling glove for hair curler flat iron hair straightener
ISA Professional Heat resistant curling glove for hair curler flat iron hair straightener
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