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06 Jun '16

Our Top Fashion Blogs for Summer 2016 - Part 1

Top Fashion Blogs Summer 2016

Summer is  time for heat and fun in the sun but it's also a time to introduce all those lively colors into our fashion arsenal. Some of our favorite bloggers for the summer months have all mastered the use of color without going overboard. This delicate balance brings about an effortless, bright and breezy style which truly defines summer.

While it's true that summer is barely gearing up, we wanted to share some of the bloggers that have already set the trends for this summer's looks. These early summer hits are more than just ladies showing off their wardrobe, these bloggers have a clear and sharp eye for fashion that would inspire anyone to take their summer fashion to the next level. Let's start with a blogger who constantly impresses during summer and whose love for color, just like ours, carries throughout the year:

Dress To Impress Ibiza



Anita Moreno's blog is a summer must-visit. Her eye for color, cut and summer vibe is uncanny. Sure, living in Ibiza forces you to think summer almost year round, but her outfits are impeccable none the less. She also has the best taste in swimwear; she's never worn a bikini we haven't wanted urgently!



 Be it colorful or monochromatic, she always seems to pick just the right outfit for warm and stylish occasions.




Janni Delér

A photo posted by Janni Delér (@jannid) on



Janni Delér is a true summer queen. Seemingly never too far from a gorgeous beach, Janni delivers spot-on outfits and swimwear as well as scenery. She exudes relaxed summer fun all while never failing to look super chic and put together. Even her non fashion related photos give off a chill lifestyle vibe which sometimes make us want to leave it all behind, grab a Piña Colada and go laze about in the sun!


A post shared by Janni Delér (@jannid) on


A photo posted by Janni Delér (@jannid) on


Janni's blog is worth checking out all year round but during summer it has a special kind of effortless magic that makes it a must-see.


A photo posted by Janni Delér (@jannid) on


Feeling the warmth of summer yet? Keep coming back and checking out our blog all summer long to get your inspiration from the best summer bloggers out there!

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