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31 Oct '17

5 Amazing Halloween Looks To Try This Year

Having Trouble With Your Costume? Get Inspired With These 5 Looks!

     What's your favorite holiday? Well, believe it or not, mine is Halloween! It's so much fun to plan your costume and makeup and spending time looking at all the fun parties popping up in your neighborhood. My mom would always go all out, making sure to decorate every room of the house (and never forgetting the gravestones in the front yard) with scary and fun props. I loved thinking of all the costume and makeup ideas for that year, sometimes even coordinating group outfits with my friends (Sailor Scouts, anyone?). Even though I can't trick or treat anymore (gotta get my own candy now), I still love coming up with my Halloween look and I thought I should share some of my favorite ones for inspiration this year! Which one is your favorite? Are you going solo or with a group theme with friends?

Galaxy Skull

 Halloween Fashion Skull Makeup

     This holographic galaxy skull look is by the talented @missjazminad! Painted skulls are a great way to show off your creativity and give it your own flavor. This one makes you think of the night sky and looks gorgeous, so win-win!

Glam Undead

 Dia de los Muertos Skull Sisters

     These glam skulls are beautiful and the flowers in their hair take it to another level. These makeup looks by @lilylove213 are perfect for a group of friends or sisters; each one can be customized to their own taste. Accessories are the perfect way to make your style shine, so have fun with it and go crazy!

Wood Fairy

 Wood Fairy Halloween Makeup

     If you prefer a softer look for your Halloween inspiration, this fairy costume is perfect for you! This style by @georgiarosex reminds me of a wood fairy and is a great choice for glitter lovers everywhere. Add some pointed ear add-ons and you're set!

Sailor Moon

 Sailor Moon Cosplay


You didn't think I would end this post without Sailor Moon, did you? This Usagi costume is so on point, I'm obsessed with @mishkali attention to detail! Wearing this outfit will empower anyone that wears it; now use your Moon Prism Power and have fun!

Happy Halloween!

08 Aug '17

Favorite Braids of 2017

Fave Braids 2017

The year 2017 might not be over, but the gorgeous work we've seen from stylists all year round has made it impossible to pick the best so we jumped the gun a little and we're naming our favorites early! No worries though. Many more to come! I know you are as excited as we are about this, because honestly we're kind of obsessed too. So let's check out these gorgeous styles by master stylists.

Big Hair with Clean Braid


This look is a perfect juxtaposition of wild and controlled. While the hair is big and makes a bold statement the braid is clean and compliments it perfectly. Check out this and so many other styles and colors by the impressive Tiffany Jo. We certainly can't get enough!

Colorful Crown


This queen's crown is built-in! This style is bold and beautiful in equal measure, bringing tons of attitude to the table. This style pretty much tells the world "I know exactly what I want and how to get it". It is confidence made hairstyle! And who wouldn't be confident in their hair when it was styled by the Queen of Color herself: Iris. Her Instagram show the work  of a true pro who is satisfied with nothing but the best and doesn't rest until that is achieved. Just take a looks at her flawless body of work and you'll be convinced.

The Bigger The Better


This look is almost effortless, it's almost like a rough sketch of a braid, in the best possible way. The way this braid is outlined gives it a fresh and loose feel, while being very structured and purposeful at the same time. The color matches this large braid perfectly. They both feel like you've seen them in a dream before and when you wake up all you know is you need to have it! If that need for gorgeous hair ever becomes overwhelming then you know Alexandra Lee can make it come true.

Accessories all around

A post shared by Hair (@maggiemh) on


If you read our blog often then you know that we are into hair accessories, hard. That makes the reason why we picked this look pretty obvious. But can you blame us? No, you can't, because it looks so good! Make sure you follow Maggie and drop her a comment telling her how awesome her braids are. If you're getting married in Arizona or know someone who is, now you know where to send them for a timeless hairstyle !

We hope you enjoyed checking out these looks, heck we know you did because great minds think alike. Leave us a comment and tell us what else you'd would like us to cover!

06 Jul '17

Beautiful Hairstyles For Your Next Music Festival

4 Gorgeous Festival Hairstyles

Music festivals are a great way to get together with friends, meet new ones and enjoy the fun of listening to live music with a large crowd of people. Everyone is in the venue, equally excited to see their favorite band or DJ play, which makes for an unforgettable time. In addition to hearing your favorite music, these festivals bring another kind of entertainment: festival fashion that shows off the crowd’s imagination. Other than Halloween, it’s a perfect occasion for adults to show off their personality and style. It’s so much fun to watch the different looks; whether it’s a hairstyle, a bold hair color or a unique outfit, they make for great photos! Below, we show you some of our favorite hairstyles that would be perfect for your next music festival inspiration!  

Which one of these would you try out? 

Tied Back


A post shared by Katrin Berndt (@katrinberndt) on


Have you ever been frustrated with having your long hair all over your face as you try to dance away? We’ve also been there, which is why we love @katrinberndt double braid style. This look is cute and perfect to keep that hair in place all night long, so it’s a win-win! 

Colorful Ombre 


A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe) on


If you’re looking for something more permanent to match your music festival attitude everyday, this gorgeous silver and teal look by @presleypoe is perfect. We especially love how she placed the colors layered on top of each other!

Peek a Boo


A post shared by Aliya Askarova (@aliyousha) on


Interested in something you can show off at the festival but keep hidden for work or school the next day? This detailed and colorful undercut by @aliyousha is what you were looking for. If jellyfishes aren’t your thing, you can always choose another design but we love the bright colors to this marine inspired cut!

Romantic Chic 



If you’re looking for a more romantic look, this hairstyle by @loveisinthehair_byjanet is the one for you. This has so many details that make it ideal for a music festival, like the large space buns, the colorful mermaid hair and the glitter roots!

20 Jun '17

Trendy Hair Accessories for Spring/Summer 2017

Hair Accessories for 2017

I gotta admit: one of the best parts of having hair is getting to play with it. You can dye it, shape it, cut it, decorate it, or anything else you imagine - and just wait for it to grow to change it all over again. It’s like Cersei Lannister said - and this is about the only time you’ll hear me complimenting something Cersei said, so listen up - “And hair grows back.” If it doesn’t? Have you seen the fabulous wigs they make these days? You can still play.  

 I’m always on the look-out for new and fantastic hair accessories to add to my hair game. Where most people immediately zero in on red carpet clothes, I’m often looking at red carpet hairstyles. (I’m equal opportunity hair and clothes with runway looks.) And, let’s be honest - I’ll experiment with braiding or twisting anything into my hair. I can’t be the only one that’s woven fresh flowers or stuck pencils with dangling decorations into their tresses. (Okay, that last one might be because I’m a writer and women’s clothing doesn’t have enough pockets.)

We’re excited about the on-trend hair accessories that are cropping up everywhere this early spring. Check them out, and level up your own hair accessorizing game!  

Hair Piercing 



A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on


Hair piercing’s been around for a while, but it’s continuing to rock out as an edgy addition to wild, partially braided, and fully braided hairdos. Don’t let the name fool you - there’s no actual piercing involved! Mainly, this style refers to adding a row of rings (plain or with beads or charms) to your braids or twists. One of the great things about hair piercing is that you can be as creative as you like, and include spikes or paper clips or safety pins or whatever you can make stick. The only limit is how long you want to spend attaching rings and other decorations to your hair.  

Flower Crowns 



A post shared by Dolce & Gabbana (@dolcegabbana) on


Flower crowns! They’re not just for fresh-faced princesses anymore - any modern woman can rock out with a beautiful floral arrangement on her head! From over-sized flower barrettes and elastics to genuine crowns, this is one highly customizable trend, and perfect for DIYers. You’ll find flower-adorned accessories in many fashionable shops this season, or you can make your own from silk flowers and basic bands or headwraps. Flowers can be ultra-realistic or charmingly fake or elegantly metallic.  

Big Bows and Bands 


A post shared by mel (@melspassionforfashion) on


Big bows are in, particularly when sitting perched atop the head, preferably off center - the crowning touch on soft or satiny headbands. You can find some killer examples of this look on the S/S runways, particularly accenting the models for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Many retailers are helpfully selling soft headbands or cloth-wrapped hard headbands with bows already affixed. Paired with floral or geometric textile patterns, this look can be charmingly rustic or capture chic modernity.  

Dramatic headbands are also leading the way this season, from tiara-like affairs to back-heavy halos to those confining their decorative flourishes mostly to the sides of your head. And then there’s my favorite: headbands with ears! You’ll find headbands adorned with ears at many of those fashionable shops mentioned above, delicately constructed of wire filigree or a fine crochet pattern, or pastel fabrics and sequins, or wire and sparkly gems. Most ears seem to be cat-like, but I’ve seen a few bunny ears as well. 

Dazzling Pins and Barrettes 

This last trend in hair accessories is one of the easiest to pull off - jeweled hairpins and barrettes are in, so get them in your hair! You’ll find that opulent pieces are everywhere right now, medium or large clusters of sparkling gemstones catching the light and weaving enchantment through your tresses.

Besides these sumptuous jeweled pieces, you’ll see those spelling out words with glittering moxie. Simple words like “girls,” “magic,” or “dance” are popular along with sentiments like “xoxo.” If neither words nor lavishness are your style, there are also plenty of cartoony, kitschy pins out there right now to add a playful vibe to your ‘do.

Or triangles! If geometric is your thing, get some solid or outlined triangles to adorn your hair - particularly with your hair swept back into a messy or partial updo, with the triangle pointing up at an angle.

Which style is your favorite, and which one can you not wait to try out? Hit the comments, and if you have any selfies - we’d love to see them! You can even tag us on Instagram @isa.professional or #isaprofessional.  

26 Apr '17

Hairstyles in Ancient Egypt, Rome, & China

Hairstyles Are Ancient History

Hairstyling is one of humankind’s most personal and creative methods of self-expression, and one of our most basic methods of communication. Our hair can tell the world we’re reserved and professional, edgy and on trend, carefree and down to earth, or anything else we want to be. Glamorous. Wild. Innocent. You name it, and there’s a hairstyle for it.  

In fact, hairstyling is tens of thousands of years old. Even combs have been around for about five thousand years. And every time human ingenuity has leapt forward, we’ve created new versions of combs and hairbrushes and scented oils and barrettes and more to level up our hairstyles. The use of heat-based styling tools is just as old combs, starting as metal rods or tongs that were heated in flame! From the Babylonians to the Persians, the Greeks to the Egyptians, mankind are old school creators when it comes to our hair and how we wear it.




The Egyptians celebrated cats, great intellects, and really fantastic hairstyles. If their own hair didn’t suit, they would employ hair extensions or wigs made from sheep’s wool or human hair. In fact, wigs were favored not just because someone could slip on the ideal hair at a moment’s notice, but because they meant the wearer could keep their heads shaved. A shaven head can be a great thing in a hot climate, and it also prevented nuisances such as lice.  

Of course, only wealthy women could boast of wigs and elaborate hairstyles. Among women in the older Egyptian era, short hair was favored, often shoulder-length or just under. In the New Kingdom, fashion favored longer hair that was elaborately braided or curled or bound (or a combination!), heavy with adornments. Curling was achieved with metal tongs, and fat applied as a styling gel. The rich boasted ivory hair pins or combs, weighted gold beads, and headbands that evolved into splendid diadems. Those who lacked wealth did not lack imagination, and many poorer Egyptians would use flowers and berries to decorate their hair.

Greece & Rome


In Greece, women typically wore their hair long and when they didn’t, it was often due to class. Only wealthy women could afford to play with their hair, which is thankfully not true today. Many soft, elegant hairstyles we might think of as “classic” come from ancient Greece - like the chignon with stylish curls pulled forward over the ears. Besides curling, the Greeks would also put waves in their hair, and favored braids and buns and braided buns. They might weave brightly-colored cloths through their hair, or place jeweled combs, or use a diadem of precious metal to impress - and keep their hair out of their faces.  

Romans took the Greek practices to another level. While they classically enjoyed the chignon and bun and diadem as much as their neighbors, Emperor Augustus and the Empire changed all that. Hairstyles became opulent and elaborate, festooned with tall tiers of curls or intricate curled layers or a dizzying complexity of twists and jewels and precious metals. When it came to hairstyles, imperial Romans didn’t play around!  


Ancient Chinese women perhaps boasted of the longest hair around - since hair was seen as a gift from one’s parents, haircuts were largely avoided. While girls tended to wear their hair in braids, eligible young maidens showed off their tresses in loose ponytails with center parts or partial buns and twists adorned with hair pins and sticks. These accessories could be simple ivory, elegantly carved, or elaborate and jeweled confections of precious materials. Sumptuous headdresses could be seen as well, but these are particular to specific ethnic groups.  


A married woman mainly kept her hair bound - in hairdos either simple or elaborate, depending on everything from her occupation to her social status. Simple hairstyles included a high bun or a low knot, and elaborate hairstyles might be lavishly decked out in ornate combs, flowers, headdresses, or buyao (those hair sticks with dangling elements that “shakes as you go” - the literal translation of buyao).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small taste of the wide and wondrous history of humans and hairstyling! There’s still so much to tell, but you can already see that our hairdo history rests on a few notable columns - such as braids and twists, accessories, and heat styling. Here at ISA Professional, it’s heat styling that fascinates us the most - and drives us toward innovation!

The first modern curling iron (heated with hot air) is generally credited to Marcel Grateau, from which we get the chic Marcel Wave, so evocative of the 1920’s. Curling irons went electric in 1959 thanks to Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, much to the relief of singed scalps across the world. Since then, we’ve only gotten better, developing professional styling tools with more precise temperature control and quality heating plates to more easily style hair. Would you love to know more? Just click over to our History of the Flat Iron. And don’t forget to drop us your thoughts on ancient hairstyles below!





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