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31 Oct '17

5 Amazing Halloween Looks To Try This Year

Posted by ISA Professional in hair styles, halloween

Having Trouble With Your Costume? Get Inspired With These 5 Looks!

     What's your favorite holiday? Well, believe it or not, mine is Halloween! It's so much fun to plan your costume and makeup and spending time looking at all the fun parties popping up in your neighborhood. My mom would always go all out, making sure to decorate every room of the house (and never forgetting the gravestones in the front yard) with scary and fun props. I loved thinking of all the costume and makeup ideas for that year, sometimes even coordinating group outfits with my friends (Sailor Scouts, anyone?). Even though I can't trick or treat anymore (gotta get my own candy now), I still love coming up with my Halloween look and I thought I should share some of my favorite ones for inspiration this year! Which one is your favorite? Are you going solo or with a group theme with friends?

Galaxy Skull

 Halloween Fashion Skull Makeup

     This holographic galaxy skull look is by the talented @missjazminad! Painted skulls are a great way to show off your creativity and give it your own flavor. This one makes you think of the night sky and looks gorgeous, so win-win!

Glam Undead

 Dia de los Muertos Skull Sisters

     These glam skulls are beautiful and the flowers in their hair take it to another level. These makeup looks by @lilylove213 are perfect for a group of friends or sisters; each one can be customized to their own taste. Accessories are the perfect way to make your style shine, so have fun with it and go crazy!

Wood Fairy

 Wood Fairy Halloween Makeup

     If you prefer a softer look for your Halloween inspiration, this fairy costume is perfect for you! This style by @georgiarosex reminds me of a wood fairy and is a great choice for glitter lovers everywhere. Add some pointed ear add-ons and you're set!

Sailor Moon

 Sailor Moon Cosplay


You didn't think I would end this post without Sailor Moon, did you? This Usagi costume is so on point, I'm obsessed with @mishkali attention to detail! Wearing this outfit will empower anyone that wears it; now use your Moon Prism Power and have fun!

Happy Halloween!

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