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15 Aug '16

Summer Hair Colors (to Dye for)

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Top Hair Colors for Summer

So it’s late summer, and you’re looking for something new to do with your hair color. Many of us can understand that - rocking the same shade for an entire season just doesn’t always work, y’know? Well, friends, allow me to give you some ideas for how to revitalize your look, and send these dog days of summer howling into fall.


Make The Sun Set


Bright Red Hair Lady ISA Professional

I’m not a fan of the term “sunset red,” but I cannot deny that the description fits my go-to hair color. Sunset red is a vibrant red that pops, full-on copper red with an edge of magenta. This is one of those hair colors that’ll turn heads anywhere, even walking through Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku scene - I should know. It scored me more than a few personal band gig invites.


It also scored my salon at the time more than a few recommendations - and that’s sunset red’s dirty little secret. You can absolutely find some great red dyes on the retail market, but when you want it done so it perfectly pops, a custom-mixed sunset red and a salon dye job are your best bet. It’s worth it.


Deep Blue See



Blue may not be a color you can strut in any office setting, but it’s celebrity-approved and seeping into mainstream trends. Especially those deep, dark blues that you’ve seen on ladies from Kim Kardashian to Maisie Williams - almost a blue-tinted black, the color of the warm and velvety sky on a summer’s evening. It’s a color I covet, especially since you can make it work without having to completely bleach your hair.


One of the most exciting things about having midnight blue hair are the accessory options - work in a little silver hair glitter and you’re crowned with a starry night. Hold your hair back with the right comb, and you can have either the Milky Way or the Aurora Borealis or a constellation bound in your locks. Or what about a clip-in trailing orange synthetic hair? Instant comet. Any of these is guaranteed to add a touch of flirtatious whimsy to your look.


Classic Beach Blonde


Blonde with Waves ISA Professional

A classic never goes out of style, and that is certainly true for a head full of blonde hair. It’s the quintessential summer shade, shouting about all those fun in the sun beach outings you’re having. Or wish you were having. With fruity cocktails brought by attractive waitstaff as the waves crash on some golden shore…


I’m sorry, where were we? Right. A creamy white blonde looks amazing on a variety of skin tones, and updates the classic beach blonde for a modern look. This color can be tricky to achieve, so it may be best to leave it to professionals - ask for a color with some depth, so they layer in just a touch of warmer blondes to make the whole look three-dimensional.


Go For A Dip

 Purple Blonde Haired Woman ISA Professional

Dying the ends of your hair is a trendy way to dip your toe into the wide pool of fantastical hair colors - without fully committing. It’s also a great way for anyone to revitalize a faded look if they’re not ready for new all-over color. It’s also just a whole new world of fun.


The most exciting part of this color style is the sheer variety of looks you can achieve with a dip dye. You can dye the ends of your hair any color. You can apply the dye at any length, so maybe it’s just the last couple inches of your tresses that are dyed. Maybe you’ve dyed over six inches, so more of your hair is colored than not. Go for it! If you don’t like it, it won’t take as long to grow out.


Here a few exciting ideas for a late summer dip dye: pink ends on your pale blonde hair. Teal or aqua dip dye on black hair. Hot pink on dark hair. The full spectrum of sunset colors on any hair color, dark or light. Get creative, but again: let a professional help you with this look for best results.

Sea Witch's Opal


Blue Bob ISA Professional

A sea witch’s opal is also a great way to close out the summer, boldly stating wicked confidence over the summer sea and the autumn waves to come. I’ve given this color a whimsical name, but bear with me - a “sea witch’s opal” is that color a real-life Ursula (yeah, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid) would wear. It’s a faded white-grey, overlaid with pale violet or even paler pink tones.


It’s a more commanding look than the brighter, more innocent opal trend you might have seen this year. Ginnifer Goodwin is rocking a sea witch’s opal right now, and I can’t get enough of it. This is definitely an advanced look, though, and may require hours in the salon chair - still, for that look, who can complain?


What color do you plan on seeing the summer out with? Hit the comments and let us know!





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