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17 Sep '19

Rainbow Hairstyles To Brighten Your Look

Posted by ISA Professional

Feel Bold And Beautiful With These Five Rainbow Hair Makeovers

Woman Wearing Colorful Rainbow Dress | ISA Professional

Rainbow hairstyles are extremely fun to look at but have you wondered what you would look like with such a bold look? It takes a lot of money and commitment to achieve your rainbow haired goals but thanks to fantasy hair booming in popularity all around the world, the products being used now are less harsh than the box dyes of your youth. Some hairstylists are well known for their colorful creations and clients flock to them; this is thanks to their work being displayed on social media. Your best bet is to find a stylist that has experience with fantasy colors and if your dream is rainbow hair, book a consultation to make sure your locks can reach your desired colors. Lastly, remember to have fun when your appointment day finally arrives: this rainbow makeover will make you feel confident and ready to take on anything that comes your way and should be a memorable experience. Don't be shy and ask your stylist the thousands of questions you have about the upkeep; they're there to help you and proper maintenance will make their job easier when you come in for a touch up. Now, shine on and let these gorgeous unicorn hairstyles bring some inspiration to your new hair goals.

Green Prism

A post shared by JessicaPowersPaints | PULPRIOT (@jessicapowerspaints) on

First on our list is for the green lovers out there that want rainbow hair but also want their favorite emerald color to stand out. This makeover by @jessicapowerspaints makes that dream a reality; she laid a base of neon green to the underpart of the hair and applied the other colors on the top layer of the hair. This allows the green to be the main attraction and remember, this can be done with any color of your choosing.

Rainbow Sidecut

A post shared by Mr.Hb (@haritobarber) on

This rainbow transformation is for the boldest of the bold: the fantasy sidecut by @haritobarber This haircut requires a steady and experienced hand but once you find the right stylist, I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to have such an adventurous client they can show their full creativity off on.

Pastel Ombre

A post shared by Skyler Rae Hair (@skylerae.hair) on

All the pastel colored lovers raise their hands; this rainbow look by @skylerae.hair is the one for you! Find three colors that speak to you (and that match, preferably) and let your stylist work their magic. I'm in love with the purple, blue and pink hues coming together in this perfect example of color melt (aka an ombre effect).

Meet Me Halfway

A post shared by PULP RIOT 🎨 | ARIZONA 🌵 (@kristidaybeauty) on

Do you want the excitement of rainbow hair but aren't sure how long you're willing to rock it for? Then check out @kristidaybeauty work and learn her ways! By applying the fantasy color to the lower part of her clients' hair, she gave her the option of returning to her natural hair color whenever she wants; with a haircut. Plus, the color split between the rainbow hues is just an amazing bonus in this lovely hairstyle.

Rainbow Burst

A post shared by Angela's 🌼Hair SKULLPTURES🌼 (@angela_skullptures) on

Blind everyone in your path with this ultimate rainbow hair makeover by @angela_skullptures No color was left behind in this stunning, bright hairstyle and her color placement is on point! As if this awesome style wasn't enough, she also used glow in UV light dye; imagine how great it would be to get this done before a music festival? Sold!

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