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20 Jul '18

5 Green Hairstyles That Will Leave You Breathless

Posted by ISA Professional

Get Green With Envy With These Hair Transformations

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Fantasy hair colors have been gaining in popularity the last couple of years and if you've ever seen someone rocking this look, you would understand why. A quick internet search will leave you with so many beautiful makeovers that you never even knew were possible to create on hair! There are many talented hairstylists to choose from, all of which have their unique style and techniques to admire. While this is obviously, awesome news, it also makes it harder to choose a fantasy look to go with. There are all kinds of hairstyles and colors, but for this post, I've decided to focus on green hairdos. If you love the color green enough to let an artist use it on your head, then these looks will definitely make you green with envy. Which one is your favorite?

Dual Toned Green

A post shared by New Hampshire Hairstylist (@scizzorgal) on

This beautiful dual toned green hairstyle by @scizzorgal is amazing! Those curls she styled just makes this makeover even more perfect. She went with two different green tones, giving the look more depth and structure. This hairdo would look equally nice on long or short hair and will definitely turn some heads as you walk past!

Mint Green

A post shared by PULP RIOT /Grand Valley, Ont (@thehairsa) on

There's no doubt that fantasy hair is making waves around the fashion world but you know what else is, too? Pastels! It makes sense to go with a more subdued tone of color when dipping your feet in the fantasy hair world, or maybe you just prefer how it looks? Either way, this mint green hair makeover by @thehairsa is a great choice to go with. Her technique includes applying a pastel green dye to the client's highlights and with these results, I can see why she loves doing it!

Electric Green

A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe) on

Pastel colors not what you're looking for? Maybe you're a huge fan of everything bright and colorful and want your hair to reflect it? Were you a fan of everything Lisa Frank because you loved neon colors? This electric green bob by @presleypoe is the one for you. The neon tone she went with goes perfectly with that modern asymmetrical bob haircut and I am 100% here for it!

Green Mermaid

A post shared by Mermaid Hair Stylist (@kittylahairstylist) on

Still haven't found the right green hairstyle for you? You like the dual-toned look but want to add another color into you makeover? How about this ombre mermaid look by @kittylahairstylist? The various photos show the whole process to achieve this lovely hairdo. She merged gorgeous green tones with a hint of pink at the roots, making this a very unique and outstanding hair transformation!

Green Leaf Undercut

A post shared by 🦄Aliya Askarova (@aliyousha) on

This green undercut by @aliyousha exists for the purely fearless, who not only want to show off their emerald locks but also want to rock an undercut! Nature lovers will be especially happy with the leaf designs she chose to complete this look, they're so pretty. It's also a convenient haircut because you can choose to let the undercut shine by styling your hair in a loose bun or go more conservative by covering it up.

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