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06 Sep '16

Pro Tips for the Great Hairstylist Quest

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Finding The Right Hairstylist

Woman Cutting Own Hair - ISA Professional

So you need a great hairstylist.

Did those six words make you break out into a cold sweat? I don’t blame you. Whether you’ve moved to a new area or had to fire your old stylist, looking for a great one is no easy or laughing matter. After all, a bad haircut is its own special kind of hell. No one’s got time for that, so it’s essential to find a good hairstylist on the first try. Luckily, we have a few solid tips to help you choose well.

It Never Hurts to Ask

See someone with fantastic hair? Especially a similar or related style to what you want? You know what to do.

The difficulty level on this technique depends on how much you go out and how outgoing you are. With friends, it’s easy: if you love the new ‘do your friend is rocking, ask her where she got that awesome style and score a referral to her stylist. With acquaintances or strangers, this may be more challenging, but go for it if you’re comfortable: ask for their stylist’s info and follow up. To break the ice, just make sure to compliment their style first before confessing “Help me, your stylist is my only hope!” Unless that’s too Princess Leia for you, then just casually ask for the stylist and salon. (Let’s face it, very few people can pull off braid-buns over the ears, anyway.)

Research Salons In Your Area

Hair Stylist Cutting Damaged Tips - ISA Professional

This one may be a no-brainer, but we’ve got some tips to make it a more fruitful search. First, consider what area to research - are you only willing to consider stylists within your city limits, or are you willing to travel for a great cut? Decide how far you’re willing to travel - for example, my current stylist lives 3 hours away, but for her inspired styling skills, that’s not too far for me to go. (I also have a low maintenance style and don’t require frequent cuts. But seriously, I would probably walk to Mordor for my stylist.)

Once you’ve answered that question, get a feel for what salons are in that area. Visit their websites, look at any photographs and stylist profiles they feature, and let your gut instinct guide you. Does it look like someplace you’d like to spend time? Do the stylists sound experienced and promising? Are the prices for their services within your ideal range?

If they don’t have a website, don’t despair! Round out your research by checking review sites - Google and Yelp can help guide you on the relative quality of the salon and their stylists.

Stylist Working with Client in Salon - ISA Professional

Sift Their Social Media

 This tactic builds on the previous suggestion - once you’ve identified a salon or stylist you’re interested in, you can get more information on their work by checking any available social media feeds. Facebook is an excellent resource with visitor reviews clearly distinguished, and Instagram is a popular place for stylists to showcase their work. Twitter can also be helpful when searching for shout-outs or microreviews from customers after their salon visit. This tactic may also give you a feel for how busy they are, which is generally a great indicator of how popular their stylists are. Their social media streams are also useful places to keep an eye out and score any promotions they’re offering. Think of it as going Sherlock Holmes to locate the best stylist, and you don’t even have to wear a deerstalker cap. Which is best, because they’re not in style.

When In Doubt, Check It Out

Hair Stylist Washing Hair - ISA Professional

 If you’ve found a potential salon or stylist but you’re still not sure, why not go and have a look in person? You could just walk in to make an appointment - it’s not like you’ll get one right there, but you’d have a chance to look around while arranging one. Some salons may feature professional photos of their stylist’s work in-house as well. And if you don’t want to commit to a full cut quite yet, you could start with a blow-out to get your feet wet. If they offer a professional wash with a scalp massage as well? Honey, as Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation put it, “Treat yo self.”

With these tips in your skillset, you should have a leg up on finding a great hairstylist. I know it can seem terrifying, but just take a deep breath. Let it out. Be brave. And follow our list.

Got foolproof tips of your own for scoring the perfect stylist? Share them with us in the comments!


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