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22 Jul '16

Our Top Fashion Blogs for Summer 2016 - Part 2

Posted by ISA Professional in 2016, blogs, fashion, gabifresh.com, instagram

Top Fashion Blogs Summer 2016

Summer is still going strong and summer fashion is still looking bold and perfect for the seemingly endless heat. While we can't get enough of the colors, prints and patterns that emerge during the summer months, there is also the appeal of simplicity. In order to beat the heat, summer fashion makes people approach style in a simple and sometimes minimalist way. These talented bloggers are well on they're way to perfecting the balance of statement and comfort that summer fashionistas demand



A photo posted by @gabifresh on


Gabi's style and carefully curated blog is constantly delivering some of the best looks out there. For example, this look is all about color balance, comfort and simplicity without sacrificing an ounce of chic. The shades, heels and watch add the perfect touch of class to this breezy look and the print brings all the fun/attitude.


A photo posted by @gabifresh on


Nothing says summer like a cool, effortless and flowing all white look. The look is perfectly accessorized but it's the way the dress falls and fits that make it the star of the show. The pleats add an extra touch that make this look truly special.

A photo posted by @gabifresh on


White crop top and short shorts? Yes, please! This quintessential summer look is right for so many occasions it just can't be ignored. Gabi pulls this look off flawlessly, especially with those hoop earrings and gorgeous sunglasses. Too chic.


A photo posted by @gabifresh on


This swimsuit is just too beautiful, it really hits every point you could want a swimsuit to hit. You can tell it's top quality, the hues are perfection and the style is definitely spot-on. There is so much right with this that it may be the perfect summer swimsuit!

Erica Tironi



We've been following Erica for a while now and she never fails to deliver beautiful looks and so much more. Her Italian roots and extensive travels make for an incredibly interesting and well rounded blog, while also giving her a unique and sharp eye for fashion. Just look at that red dress !


This look is summer in the city to perfection! A clean and simple top with a complex metallic neck paired with that glorious print skirt and shoes make this a total winner. Doesn't it look like she's going to the most fashionable brunch ever?


Brimming with confidence and attitude, this is possibly the coolest look of the summer. This combination will get anyone looks, as it should, because it screams: "that's right, I'm awesome."


This gorgeous print was most definitely designed with summer in mind. It perfectly encapsulates summer chic and at the same time evokes a longing for sunset tapas and wine in Spain.

We really hope you enjoyed seeing our summer fashion picks as much as we enjoyed picking them and above all we hope they inspire you to explore summer fashion. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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