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13 Nov '19

Makeup Trends For Fall 2019

Posted by ISA Professional

Try Something New With These Fall 2019 Makeup Trends

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Fall is here and that means it's the perfect time to try out some bold makeup looks to stand out in the crowd. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips we can incorporate into our beauty routine that will allow us to look gorgeous and confident. Makeup should be fun and creative and we have listed the best looks to use for Fall 2019. Pick one or mix and match to make your new look your own. Don't be scared to try a new makeup look; you'll never know if it looks great on you, until you try it out yourself! Which one will you try out first?


Beautiful Blushes

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Embrace the light, wind-kissed flush you get when walking to work this fall! Or if that doesn't happen naturally (and you don't want it to), create the look with makeup. Add a subtly rosy blush to your cheekbones, blending up and back.


Dewy Skin

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Let your skin glow and radiate health as we head into the dryer months. As always, keep your skin well-moisturized and make sure youโ€™re staying well-hydrated. Pair the sheer healthiness of your skin with light and neutral makeup looks.


Glittering Eyes

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Indulge your love for glitter this fall and use glittery makeup for your eyes! If you want to go big, paint your entire eyelid in metallic, glittering pops of color. If youโ€™d like a more subtly playful look, use a glittery eyeliner to add a little sparkle to your eye shadow.


Get Smudged

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You may have thought grunge died a couple of decades ago, but what is old can be new again in the fashion world. Smudged eye makeup reminiscent of those Nirvana-blessed days is back. Enjoy the relaxed look and lean into the messy smudge with evocative dark eye makeup.


Red Rules

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Okay, red lips are a classic that pretty much never goes out of style! Find your inner starlet in the shade of red that works for you and rock that rouge! Many of the looks coming out of the fashion world right now involve matte shades, so start there when trying to establish your fall look.

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