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31 May '19

5 Eye Shadow Looks For Adventurous Souls

Posted by ISA Professional

Stuck In a Makeup Rut? Try These 5 Bold Eye Shadow Looks

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I believe we all have our go-to makeup look that we gravitate towards when we don't want to think too much before going out. I know I have my everyday look down perfectly: I confess that neutral shades in my eye shadow inventory are necessity but what if I felt like I wanted to see myself look different? I see so many video makeup tutorials where these extremely talented girls transform themselves with makeup, making my everyday style look good, yes, but safe. I would admire their skills but feel intimidated to try them out on myself, after all, like most people, I'm completely self taught. Then, I realized that I don't need makeup classes if I just put my mind to it and follow these lovely makeup gurus' advice. They record themselves to help girls like us get a clue of where the dark shades go and where to never, ever apply glitter. I got inspired and decided to choose five different makeup artists whose eye shadow looks I could imitate. Even though I'm no pro, I know that practice is the only way to elevate my bolder looks, and try I will! Are you also feeling like you're in a makeup rut? Which of these adventurous looks will you practice perfecting?

Textured Tricolor Eye Look


A post shared by Alexya Mayoral 🌙 (@alexyamayoral) on

Glitter in eye looks are best when they're applied on the lids, blending it into the crease to help it look flawless. This tricolored look by @alexyamayoral is bold thanks to her perfect blending work and I just think it's genius how she used textured glitter exclusively in the middle of the lid; it really gives this look depth.

Pop Of Neon Eye Look


A post shared by Mariz_GMua💋👑🌙 (@mariz_garcia1) on

Bright colors can feel a little scary to try out; you've probably seen other girls with colorful eye looks and loved how it looked but trying it on yourself is another matter. I say, forget your fears and just jump into the bold, neon eye trend already; you'll look amazing, too! @mariz_garcia1 used a beautiful neon green on the lids and blended a peacock blue hue on the creases, making this an eye look perfect for stopping others in their tracks!

Soft Sunset Eye Look


A post shared by Lindsey Vonsur (@shadowplay_mua) on

So you've decided to go with a bold eye shadow look but can't make up your mind on your color palette choice? No worries, @shadowplay_mua has you covered with this beautiful sunset inspired look. It will take practice to get that blending down but just look at it, it will be worth every second.

Colorful Smokey Eye Look


A post shared by Joanna Hejnat Makeup 💫💕 (@_joanh) on

If you're feeling like rocking a cat eye without the need of eyeliner, then this look by @_joanh is perfect! The eye shadow placement and shimmer are completely on point and those lovely, long lashes can only be rocked by the boldest.

Minimalist Rainbow Eye Look


A post shared by E L L A G R A Y (@el_makeupxx) on

Are you more of a minimalist kind of girl that wants an eye look that's different but doesn't require large amounts of time blending? This eye look by @el_makeupxx doesn't require eye shadow but does require some skill with eyeliner. It's awesome how the rainbow colors come together into a winged effect and using the same technique on the brows is a fun touch

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