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29 Aug '16

Back to School Hairstyles

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Top Hairstyles for Back to School

A change of hairstyle can be an adventure, a new beginning, or simply a must have for the new school year. Whether you're looking to change it up or just trying something for fun, a haircut or hair coloring can be one of the fastest ways to reinvent yourself through your style. Let's face it, the new school year is nerve wracking for both students and parents. Trying a new hairstyle might just give a much needed boost of confidence and a quick, interesting talking point for catching up with friends old and new. There are so many awesome hairstyles and colors! We decided to pick some of our favorite back to school hairstyles for 2016. So whether you're a student looking for a fresh start or a parent looking for a fun yet practical hairdo for the new school year, you have to check out these gorgeous looks.


Braids are almost magical, from school to a casual hang out or a fancy occasion, the right braid or up-do can take your hair game to another level. Braids are fun, easy and best of all not permanent! Let's check out some gorgeous braid-work :

Mindy McKight


This braided double bun is playful and intriguing all at once. The look is youthful but has enough complexity to make it appealing to every age and occasion.


This side-swept triple zipper braid is wonderfully pulled off. While this look is a bit time consuming to create, once finished it is a gorgeous look.

Waves and Curls

Everyone is loving the beach waves look at the moment, it's been a while since it came back in style but has continued to grow strong because of it's relaxed yet polished look. For certain hair types, keeping the waves in place can be a challenge but with the assistance of some quality hair products you can rock this look as well. Let's check out some of our fave soft wave looks :

G Micheal Salon

Whitney Elizabeth

While not complex and time consuming looks, these soft waves will call the right amount of attention while looking effortlessly chic. When done right this look can give you that Hollywood feel without spending an arm and a leg to get it. So what are you waiting for? Try it out!


Colors can be a tricky but also extremely effective way to change up your entire look and embody a whole new vibe. Sure going from brunette to blonde can be tons of fun, but with so many colors out there, why limit ourselves? As long as the school allows the use of bright and colorful hair-dye, dying your hair a bright and shiny color is not only in style but can be such fun!

Esther Kitty



This color combo is one of our favorites, it's bright and colorful while still being deep and complex. It's perfect for injecting color into your life but not in a super bright and distracting way. The darkness of the colors themselves give the look the perfect amount of gravitas while still being fun and adventurous.

Kasey Oh


When you can't decide on a single color; why not use all of them? Sure, this look can be considered a bit crazy and over the top but if you are allowed, go for it! If there is ever a time try new things and go a bit crazy then surely there is no time like the present when you're young. So let's make back to school fun and exciting, try something new and keep motivated throughout the school year. Whether you're a parent or a student, we could all use a little boost of fun and confidence on a daily basis.

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