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03 Aug '19

6 Fast Fixes For Bad Hair Days

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Don't Sweat Bad Hair Days With These Tips

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Bad hair days are the worst. How many times have you rolled out of bed in the morning, only to deflate once you looked in the mirror? Especially those days when you hit the snooze button too many times and now you’re running late, late, late! It’s hard to feel like a master of your own destiny with bedhead that won’t budge or a thousand flyaway hairs. Or the dreaded frizzy curls.

You know what, though? It’s okay, because we’ve got your back. Read on for six fast fixes for bad hair days!

Refresh Your Hair

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No time for a shower, but your hair is definitely NOT fresh? Don’t sweat it. Simply make sure you keep dry shampoo on hand for just such an occasion. If you don’t have any purchased dry shampoo, you can even MacGyver it—use a small amount of baby powder, or mix up your own with baking soda, a little corn starch, and some natural cocoa powder (chocolate just rescues so many things—holidays, heartbreak, hair).

To use your dry shampoo, you’ll either spray it into your hair or rub some of the homemade dry shampoo on your hands—then work it into the roots. If you still see any of the powder in your hair, brush it out. The dry shampoo should absorb excess oil and leave your hair looking refreshed.

Lean into Old Standbys

Woman With Hairbun Hairstyle | ISA Professional
There’s nothing wrong with turning to an old standby ‘do when you’re facing a bad hair day. The messy ponytail or messy bun are looks you can really lean into as well—if your hair is oily, go for a wet look with a slicked back ponytail. If you have too much frizz that can’t be tamed, don’t try too hard when twisting your hair up into a bun—you might just discover a fashionably disheveled chignon when you’re done.

Braid It Back

Woman Braiding Long Hair | ISA Professional
You know what’s perfect for limp and lifeless hair you just don’t have the time or tools to deal with? Braids. (They’re also perfect for frizzy hair or oily hair… or even good hair days!) We love a good braid here, and it’s a hairstyle that can be fast or fancy, depending on how much time and energy you have.

A tight French braid can be quickly done for an elegant and office-ready look. If you’re not doing anything professional, rock your inner country girl with a pair of pigtails. You can also braid only part of your hair and incorporate it into a number of half-up styles, from partial buns to half-braided crowns. You could shoot for a sophisticated rumpled look, or embrace beach hair (it’s still summer, it works!).

If you’re working with natural hair, there’s so much you can do with braids, though dozens and dozens of small braids is no fast fix. That takes practice and planning. For a quick ‘do, try a braided bun.

Style It Fast

Woman With Beautiful Long Hairstyle | ISA Professional
There are several tried-and-true, quick styling hacks that’ll perk up a bad hair day—starting with simply changing your part. That’s right: by parting your hair differently, you can instantly add volume to lackluster hair. Try parting it on the opposite side from your usual, or going for a deeper part to one side than you normally do. You might discover a new look you love!

If you don’t have time for a full shower, you could try washing just part of your hair. Quickly shampoo and dry your bangs or the forward-most sections of your hair, which should take you from looking unkempt to kempt pretty quickly.

And, of course, never underestimate the utility of your flat iron—use it with a small amount of styling product to smooth away out-of-control frizz or curls.

Distract with Hair Accessories

Woman With Gorgeous Hair Accessory | ISA Professional
So, what if you’ve done one of the above but you’re still frowning at your reflection? It’s time to bring out distracting hair accessories. Use ribbons or scarves to dress up ponytails or half-up ‘dos, drawing attention away from the state of your hair with brightly-colored satin and silk and other textiles.

You could also use any statement barrettes you might have lying around, from large fake flowers to elaborate metal swirls. Do you have headbands? Dig them out and slide them on! Whatever is gorgeous and distinctive, dare to wear.

Cover It Up

Woman Wearing Sun Hat | ISA Professional
If all of these tips have failed—or you just feel like it—break out your favorite headwraps, bandanas, or hats. There’s nothing wrong with covering your hair, and you can look quite fashionable while doing it. Beanies for winter, wide-brimmed hats for summer, and Rosie the Riveter bandana wraps when there’s work to be done. And if you’re ready to rock a head wrap but need help getting started, learn from Paola Mathé’s quick tutorials.

Overcoming a bad hair day is 70% confidence, and 30% having a few tested styles to fall back on. We’ve helped you with the groundwork—now dig deep and remember you bow to no one. Certainly not a bad hair day! Get out there and slay.

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