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27 Jun '18

5 Bridal Updos Perfect For Your Special Day

Posted by ISA Professional

Get Perfect Pictures With One Of These Bridal Updos


Bride With Bouquet- ISA Professional


Your wedding day is a special occasion that you deserve to enjoy and plan according to your preferences. While many of us have had to endure a pushy friend, mother, mother-in-law or anyone opinionated in their circle, doesn't mean you have to. Even though your loved ones are important to you, that doesn't mean you should feel pressured to make everyone happy (because let's be honest, that never happens). Understand that this is your big day and if you want to wear those boots or rock that purple lipstick, you have every right to! Your wedding day should be filled with happy memories and small details of your relationship together, not whatever magazine says is the new trend. Now that you can be guilt free in your big day planning, what's next on the agenda? Your bridal makeup and hair, of course! You know that not only the bridal photographer will be there, but that your guests will be taking snaps all night, too! You want to look into that mirror and see that perfect hairstyle that will be permanently recorded. After all, you'll be looking at these pictures in the future and you want to be able to say that your hair has never looked better! These bridal updos will make any bride look back at her pictures with pride. Which one is your favorite?


Voluminous Crown


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For those brides that want a hairstyle that adds volume to their look, this updo by @hairandmakeupbysteph is a wonderful option to go with. By teasing the top of the hairstyle, she created a crown effect that goes great with those delicate curls pinned inward at the nape of the neck.


Classic Bun


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This updo is ideal for any bride that wants a classic look on her big day. You can never go wrong with a perfectly pinned bun and @jayteehair knows it. It needs to be tightly wrapped and secured, so the bride can enjoy her day without worrying about her hair coming loose. By placing that lovely hairpiece next to it, it adds more structure (not to mention beauty) to the whole look!


Pink Accent Braid


A post shared by HAIR ARTIST CHICAGO(@annette_updo_artist) on


Fantasy hair lovers will adore this soft pink hairstyle by @annette_updo_artist and can you blame us? Pastel pink is a great compliment to your white or off-white dress and this updo even has an extra cute detail: an accent braid! Add some loose strands to frame the face and you have a gorgeous updo for your wedding day.


Messy Perfection



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It's fun to paint outside the lines once in a while and a bridal updo doesn't always have to be super streamlined. This hairdo by @chicbeauty.gr is great because even though it looks messy, it's actually very detailed and planned out. The placement of those loose curls and hair accessories is nicely done. She also decided to finish this look off with loose strands to make it feel more romantic.


Floral Goddess



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Another factor a bride has to take into consideration for her wedding are the flowers for the centerpieces and bouquets, but what if you take it a step further? How about adding some flowers to your updo? This hairstyle by @headturninghair is amazing and I love the large roses she chose. I can definitely see this updo in a country or outdoor wedding!

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