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08 Jun '18

Get Inspired With These Bridal Makeup Makeovers

Posted by ISA Professional

Out Of This World Bridal Makeup Looks To Consider For Your Special Day

Beautiful Bride- ISA Professional

Every bride wants her wedding day to be special; some of us even start planning out our special day without meeting our groom yet! It's normal to look forward to the day you decide to declare your love to your significant other in front of friends and family. There's so much planning involved, but I think we can all agree that most future brides worry about their dress the most. Obviously, you want to feel gorgeous in your dress but other brides have other priorities: their makeup! Picking out your perfect dress may be important and a bit stressful but in the end, you just have to pick it out and rock it on your day. Makeup is different; it allows you to let a professional take over and give you a makeover like no other. It's not often you have a MUA tailoring everything to your facial features and knowing you're in capable hands definitely takes a huge weight off your shoulders. If you're the kind of bride that wants the true definition of a makeup makeover, then check out these looks to get you started:

Bronze Princess


A post shared by Imel Vilentcia (@imelvilentcia) on

This gorgeous bridal makeup by @imelvilentcia is paired perfectly with that sparkly tiara. She chose a darker lip color to go with the bronze smokey eye and I am in love. The bride was so happy with her makeover, she chose to pin up her hair and let the makeup be the central focus of her look.

Highlight To The Sky


A post shared by AngelWeddingGallery (@angelweddinggallery) on

Most of us love a well placed highlight but don't always know where to place it and let's face it, it can go wrong very quickly. That's not a problem when you have @angelweddinggallery on your side! I love how the highlight is so perfectly applied, it can be seen from space. This bride will definitely shine on her wedding day.

Soft Barbie


A post shared by Make Up Artist (@byclauds_) on

Barbie is a true icon that everyone knows and most, absolutely love. Let your love of everything pink and feminine take over with this makeup look by @byclauds_. Soft, pastel pink is the primary color in this look, from the blush to the dewy lipstick and it looks so lovely.

Sharp Cateye


A post shared by Athalia amelia soputra (@amell_s_mua) on

This bridal makeup look is perfect for anyone who has tried to get a perfect cateye for their whole life, gave up and decided to let the pro do it, instead. I can't stop looking at how perfect those lines are and those brows are also on point (note to self: must keep practicing my eyeliner skills)! She paired the look with a pink matte lipstick that will stay put all night long.

White Queen


A post shared by fadhilahally_makeup (@fadhilahally) on

For the bride that wants to truly stand out on her day, this makeover by @fadhilahally is the one for you. Extra voluminous eyelashes, rose smokey eyeshadow, thick brows and white eyeliner are just some techinques used for this outstanding bridal look. This bride also went with extremely detailed white nail art and she's glowing from happiness. There's nothing quite like a bride who is 100% happy with her look, it just makes the day more special than it already is!

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