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20 Feb '17

4 Undercut Hair Inspirations

Posted by ISA Professional in hair inspiration, hairstyle

Do You Dare? Undercut Inspo 

If you’re constantly glued to Instagram then you know that more and more stylists are gravitating to creating daring looks. Whether it’s rainbow hair or intricate braids, you can always count on these artists to share their work and give you serious hair goals. The current trend we’re loving is the undercut movement and it’s not hard to see why. This is a hair cut that doesn’t follow the rules and allows the client to get creative with a design of their own. This style is surprisingly practical if you’re worried about work because you can simply hide it by letting your hair down. It’s also a hairstyle where only the bold need apply and to be honest, we’re considering getting under the trimmer ourselves! Below are some of our favorite hair tattoo work by amazing stylists:

Undercut Top Bun 



One of the benefits of an undercut style is the ability to tie your hair up and really let the work stand out. This look by @agadondzik does just that by incorporating a top bun with this detailed cut! We also love the blonde color contrasted against the brown hair tattoo, don’t you?  

Fantasy Undercut 


A photo posted by Razor Dolls Team (@razordolls) on


What’s bolder than getting a unique undercut? Try adding a fantasy color of your choice and you’ve got two beautiful trends in one look! We’re obsessed with @razordolls work here, the purple pop of color is perfection and you can also add some purple strands to the rest of the hair to tie it all together.

Personalized Undercut 


A photo posted by B.K Style (@b.k_bescene) on


Are you considering getting an undercut but don’t know how to personalize it? Take an example from @b.k_scene work and let your astrological sign do the talking! We love how clean these lines came out and the lotus flower is the icing on the cake!  

Glittery Undercut 



Another way to take your under cut to the next level is adding some glitter details and @gitty_und_goeff has created one of our favorite looks to date! Just apply some chunky and colored glitter of your choice and you’ve got a perfect look for your next music festival.

Would you dare take the plunge and get an undercut? Which style would you go for?

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