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17 Feb '16

Winter Essentials For Beautiful Hair and Skin

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Woman Worrying About Dull, Damaged Hair- ISA Professional

Winter Hair and Skin


Is Jack Frost sabotaging your look? Winter can be so stressful on your skin and hair and sometimes it may just be easier to stay under the sheets all day and forget the whole hassle to begin with. It may be beautiful to stare at freshly fallen snow during these chilly months, but the drying effects it leaves on your hair and skin are significant. How many times have you gone outside only to find your hair dull and lips cracked from the weather? Luckily for us, there are ways to combat these problems by using the right products that are perfectly suited for this time of the year. Instead of staying in all day, just keep on reading to find different ways to beat that Winter dry feeling.




Woman Applying Tinted Lip Balm- ISA Professional


Lip balms are used by women and men everyday to hydrate their lips and prevent chapping and cracking during the cold months. Cold wind can be especially bad for your mouth and that's when you definitely need this winter essential for beautiful and healthy looking lips. I suggest applying a lip balm before applying your lipstick to give lips that extra moisture they need. If you don't feel like wearing lipstick, there are so many tinted lip balms you can choose from that give your lips a light sweep of color without the heaviness. Just remember, try to get your lip balm with SPF included; just because it's winter doesn't mean you can give up your sun protection routine.




Woman Applying Liquid Foundation- ISA Professional


Everything can look so dull and colorless during the winter months, making us change up the makeup colors we use for this chilly season. Deep berries, reds and browns start making their appearance and while it's fun to create makeup looks around outfits, there are still ways to ensure your makeup withstands the cold conditions. That's where cream based makeup comes to our rescue; liquid foundations, cream blushes and eye shadows are an part of winter beauty because they adds hydration as you apply your makeup. Also stick to waterproof mascara and only apply eyeliner to the top lids to avoid any running on the bottom lash lines. When you're done applying everything, set it all in with a translucent powder; this ensures that your foundation doesn't smudge on your clothes, giving you the confidence to brave those dehydrating winds.




Woman Applying SPF- ISA Professional


Like I said earlier about your lips, just because winter is here doesn't mean you should be skipping your sun protection routine. Continue wearing makeup with a good SPF, or better yet apply a high SPF before applying your makeup every day. Just because a day is overcast and the sun seems nowhere to be seen doesn't mean it's not affecting your skin. Snow has sun reflecting properties, so take care of your skin all year round. You will definitely see the difference.




ISA Professional EVAO Argan Oil- ISA Professional


Now that you have a better idea of how to upgrade your beauty routine during winter, I'll now explain how my personal holy grail of beauty care, 100% Argan oil, will make all your winter problems disappear! While my other winter essentials are all important, Argan oil is what immediately soothes my dry skin and makes my hair look and feel amazing! Argan oil works great on both oily and dry skin types and it's the only product that gives my hair that shine and softness I could never seem to get during the cold months. I apply it on my hands, feet, face and hair; it's such a powerful moisturizer and is absorbed quickly with almost no scent. You can apply it to your wet hair after washing it and style it as usual. Stick to using pure Argan oil, not the ones that mix it with other ingredients. I highly recommend using ISA Professional's EVAO (Extra Virgin Argan Oil), it's 100% pure oil and has never let me down. After applying a few drops, I feel ready to face the cold day and look fabulous as I do it! Let me know what your winter beauty essentials are and if you also agree with my top choice of pure Argan oil!


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