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15 Jul '16

Who Says You Can’t Wear Makeup in the Gym?

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Makeup and Working Out at the Gym

There’s a time and a place for makeup, and when it comes to the gym, opinions are often split. Celebrity makeup artists and skin care specialists will always tell you that wearing makeup while working up a sweat is never recommended, as foundations and powders can lock in the toxins that you’re trying to release. As the founder of Cosmetique Aesthetics reminds us, “Your skin needs to be able to breathe while you’re heavily perspiring.”

Woman Relaxing Post Excersize in Workout Clothes ISA Professional

To Makeup or Not to Makeup

Blotting a little concealer here and there with a light layer of coverage may seem harmless, but not washing your face before and after your workout does more damage than you might think. As your heart rate elevates, your body temperature increases and signals you to open your pores to release sweat, a natural way for one to detox, but when creams and powders are applied onto your skin, you hinder your ability to sweat out toxins because of the pore-minimizing effects of makeup. The whole point of breaking a sweat is to detox, which is due to clogged pores that build up bacteria, eventually resulting in acne breakouts and a dull complexion. Should you make this into a habit, pores will enlarge over time and increase the presence of blackheads. And for those who suffer from temperature-sensitive conditions, your desire for a flawless face at the gym can exacerbate the effects of rosacea and eczema.

Other than compromising skin health, the aesthetic appeal of makeup will only last for so long, given how flustered most of us get after a 30-minute session on the treadmill. That, along with the sweat and toweling off that wipes away the foundation, renders your gym makeup useless. The unevenness of skin tone and blotchy skin is definitely not a flattering look on anyone.

Despite all the downsides, it hasn’t stopped cosmetics companies trying their hand at sweat-proof makeup. There may be a host of brands out there that claim to be worthy enough for a workout without damaging your skin, but experts see them as nothing more than a marketing ploy not worth risking your health for.

Yet, one line of cosmetics products is showing some promise over the rest.

Makeup for Active Lifestyles

It’s no secret that fitness is now a popular motif for fashion designers. The athleisure trend has been a force to be reckoned with for the last several seasons, as athletic shoe companies have thrived on producing new designs and yoga apparel that have become staples in our everyday wardrobe. Even luxury labels have jumped on the bandwagon, as fashion houses like Chloé showcase their take on athletic gear which is currently being showcased by the international fashion e-store Lyst. With the athleisure craze seemingly growing stronger year after year, the sporty chic fad has finally found its way into the beauty world to offer makeup and skincare safe to wear while working out.

Arrow Makeup by Birchbox
Arrow is a revolutionary makeup line from Birchbox, the beauty subscription service’s second collection in their ongoing venture to develop products in partnership with other cosmetic companies. Because of the hazardous impact of makeup in the gym, Birchbox stuck to lightweight, cleaning products to maintain your “au natural” look. Powders, creams and foundations were not included in the line for obvious reasons, but you can expect a tinted brow gel, a cooling lip and cheek tint, facial mist and deodorant, compact enough to fit into the Arrow makeup bag. Other items, such as the water resistant mascara, cleansing cloths and tinted serum will follow in the next couple of months.

Although skincare experts will tell you that you’re better off working out sans makeup, one of the keys in finding gym appropriate products is by looking out for natural, organic and clean ingredients. What makes Arrow a cut above the rest is its use of vegan, organic substances, cruelty- and paraben-free, perfect for the most sensitive of skins.

Arrow Beauty For Busy by Birchbox Launch

What’s your opinion on wearing makeup to the gym?


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