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02 Jul '16

Wendy Tran's Gorgeous Makeup Looks this Summer

Posted by ISA Professional in hairstyle, lipstick

Wendy Tran's (@berry_wendy) Summer Makeup

We just love going through the Instagram profiles of so many talented makeup artists. It seems like the beautiful makeup looks are infinite and it's become our main source of makeup inspiration. This week we want to showcase a makeup artist who has caught our eye and captured our interest with her clean and chic summer looks. Wendy Tran's talent shines through on every one of her balanced and masterfully finished looks. While you probably won't be wearing these looks to go to the beach, they are spot on for going to the office or attending a nice summer party.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


This look has a deep, almost grape colored lipstick, that pairs nicely with her clean foundation and smoked eyes. Even though it is a darker look, she brings a lightness to it that makes it fit for daytime.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


We just love the eyes in this look, a more serious and sultry style that is applied so cleanly and on point that it looks light and almost effortless. Her foundation work and blending is sublime!


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


This may be one of our favorite makeup looks of the summer and we're actually wearing it right now! The color blending in this look is superb and we don't know about you, but we are suckers for a matte pink lipstick! This look hits all the points you want it to and we just love it.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


For this final look we have drama, color and confidence all packed into a looks that is gorgeously on point. The pop of yellow in the corner adds a perfect contrast to the darkness of the look, lifting it to another level.

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